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41 Maxwell

We used to have a staffie called max but he died, so we thought we would never have another dog so now we have a chance of another dog was thinking of Maxwell for his name. Its got to be better than pup

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42 Eren
43 Geoff
44 Killerboy
45 Basil T-Bone

Basil T-Bone sounds good to me better than number 75

46 Stitch Stitch


47 Dog

So obvious so lame. I love it

This is great - Outcast

48 Brownie

Brownie is a great name for a dog. Just never feed your dog a brownie.

49 Murphy Brown
50 June
51 Kou
52 Fluffy

When I get a dog I will name it fluffy! (*my cute pomerian puppy dog*) what a cute name :D

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53 Ben

I used to have a really cute dog named Ben. He was really compassionate, adorable, and all around just great! He was part Red Heeler, part Airedale Terrier. He was the sweetest thing. This is a great name. - NoEntranceHere


Love the name. Had a golden retriever that suited him perfectly. Was named after Ben rothesiesberger of pgh. Steelers!

54 Ernie
55 Muscles
56 Chocolate
57 Roxi

Nice Name. I Like The Spelling

58 Murphy V 2 Comments
59 Taiga Biome

area of cold north in Canada, we live just acroos border in US, got Taiga from upper Canada, cute loveable puggle who go figure hates the cold,lol

60 Marley

Best name ever!
It's short, sounds sweet, boy and girl dogs can have this name
And, it sounds innocent

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