Top 10 Best Names That Start With R

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1 Ricky

That name is so perfect for a Boy

Ricky from teen top I love hem $_$.. Ricky ricky ri ric rick.. Haifa

2 Robert

The name is awesome

This is my name so it is the best

That's my dad's name and I love him alote because he is always their for me when I need someone. He is my best friend.

3 Rick
4 Ryan

This is my name and it should be number 1 because on the best boy names it was number 5 and there was no name starting with R - ryanfrasermasson

ONE of my absolutely favorite names for boys...especially as a middle name. I often answer questions in the BABY NAME site of YAHOO ANSWERS and this is a name I use FREQUENTLY when asked my fave boys' names... Also TYLER... I like it as a middle name with JASON... RYAN, I mean...

my name

5 Robin
6 Richard

It is also dick

7 Rust
8 Roger

COME ON! I saw names like Ruck, Ramuel, Rickery, and Roar, but no Roger? I'm telling you, most Rogers I've seen were sexy as hell! Always trust somebody named Roger. Use those tips in life and YOU WON'T FAIL.

9 Rodrick
10 Reece

Laugh out loud I have a cousin Reese and I thought he was made up of chocolate and peanut butter. I hope I don't eat anybody named Reese.

The best name I have ever heard in my life. Reece is a very cute name. I love that name.

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11 Ray
12 Rex

T-REX, laugh out loud

13 Rudolph

I like this name because Rudolph is that dear's name

14 Rachel

Awesome my name is Rachel!

Rachel should be number 1! - gumballgal123

I feel that this is the only name that makes sense look at the other names red, rick, Rokina? I like Rebecca though - avarocks101

15 Rhea
16 Rudy

Just like the basketball player Rudy Gay

17 Ranaldo

I like this name because this is my favorite soccer's name

18 Ruby

The best girl name ever!

The most adorable name

19 Ronan
20 Rob
21 Rajon

The dude on the Celtics name is Rajon, that name is priceless and Fabulous

22 Rodney

My Uncle name is Rodney

23 Remy
24 Rukia
25 Rafael
26 Rocky
27 Rebecca

Absolutely my favourite FIRST NAME with R... The wife of ISAAC in the Bible... Always thought it was pretty...and so feminine...

28 Reek
29 Rain

This is my name I hate it. I have no idea why I voted for it. - happyhappyjoyjoy


30 Rin
31 Raymond

I know a boy with that name in my year in high school. It is a very handsome name and the boy is as handsome as the name.

This names great, not bad

32 Renee

Should be number 1 it is my moms name

One of my THREE favorite middle names for girls... The others being NOELLE and APRIL... When I answer questions @ TAHOO ANSWERS in the BABY NAME category... And, of course, there is the song from 1966 by the LEFT BANK called WALK AWAY RENEE, which I always thought was so pretty. My fave name combination for this is JULIANNE RENEE...

33 Rey
34 Rapid
35 Rona
36 Rina
37 Rana
38 Rickery
39 Rachael
40 Rika
41 Regan
42 Raina

This is the best name ever... Sounds too good... If the spelling would be 'Rayna' then it would be awesome... N by the way my name is rayna...!

43 Renate
44 Relf
45 Radark
46 Red
47 Reine
48 Rollin
49 Rupin
50 Rulin
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