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Napalm Death are a Death Metal and Grindcore band formed in Birmingham, England in 1981. Napalm Death are credited with defining the Grindcore genre by incorporating elements of Hardcore Punk and Death Metal, short songs, fast tempos, deep guttural vocals and sociopolitical lyrics.

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Brilliant song! One of the best death/grindcore songs ever. Hail Napalm Death!

This band rocks but they aqree also really repetitive so if you like variety listen to this song it's there best it mixes it up and still has the mind blowing aggression and the BASS UHH

Oh hell yea!

The World Keeps Turning
C.S. (Conservative S***head), Pt. 2
You Suffer

Yeah, this is a pretty cool song and all that, but why does it have to be insanely long? I think that even Tool never made a song this long, and if you know Tool, you know most of their songs are long as hell.

I listen to the intro but by the time the vocals come in I've had enough. It's just so long and so technical.

Id rather listen to an extended opeth or dream theater song. opeth is always so short and to the point

It's a bit long though in my opinion.

Such a great long masterpiece that will take you hours to hear the whole greatness of this song (Sarcasm) LOL

Siege of Power

Hell yes. First 3 records are arguably best and its songs like this why!

It's brutal, it's heavy, it's grind

Metaphorically Screw You

Their new album is probably their best album. This song is insane

Suffer the Children

Best Death Metal Song!
Best Lyrics
Best Guitar Riffs
Besf Bass
Best Drumming
Best Vocal
Best Napalm Death Song!

Perfect Balance between Harmony and Corruption

I Abstain
Instinct of Survival

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Prison Without Walls
The Wolf I Feed

Surprised this song is not on the list. Great and fast song

Not into too much death metal πŸ–πŸΌπŸ–πŸΌBut this song is brutally awesome. Trust me.

Smash a Single Digit

The most brutal grindcore song I have ever heard

How the Years Condemn

This song is great! Great intro!

Nazi Punks F**k Off


Plague Rages
Think Tank Trials
Polluted Minds

It's a classic Napalm Death track it encompasses what the band is all about! Speed aggression and brutal action!

My Own Worst Enemy
From Enslavement to Obliteration
Greed Killing

First Napalm Death song I heard... Blew me away

Breed to Breathe
Multinational Corporations
Smear Campaign
When All is Said and Done

Should be number one. Love it, so powerful, speedy drumming, amazing vocals, easily their best and catchiest song in my opinion.

It's insane love it especially the breaking glass at the end

Unfit Earth

My favorite! Badass track, killer riffs

Harmony Corruption
Atheist Runt
Caught In a Dream
On the Brink of Extinction
Unchallenged Hate

Another masterpiece by Cathedral's Lee Dorian.

Pseudo Youth
Born on Your Knees
Human Garbage
It's a M.A.N.S. World!
Mass Appeal Madness
Point of No Return
Divine Death
As the Machine Rolls On
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