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1 Aslan Aslan

NO one can beat Aslan the great lion. He is the King of the Kings. I even say he is like a God. He can almost do anything. He is EASILY the best Narnia character. - 2234

"So noble and wonderful. Aslan is my FAVORITE. He is a God."

Best character from the series.

He's is so friendly gentle and beautiful

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2 Edmund

Edmund is awesome. I think he is the perfect example of how a traitor can still come back and he a hero. Long live King Edmund The Just!

He was not a perfect character, but his betrayal was forgiven, and from that point on, he was one of the most courageous, just, and kind characters in the books!

It's EDMUND. And he's the top one character in this story.

Although Edmund is a traitor at first, he comes back, takes out the white witch's power, and is like the coolest character!

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3 Prince Caspian

I will kill whoever does not like prince caspian. Though I did like him more in the voyage of the dawn treader

You who hate caspian do not have a life.

(Ahem) Why isn't Lucy here instead

The best

4 Queen Jadis (The White Whitch)

If only Tilda Swinton would return to play Jadis in a hopefully-upcoming film of The Magician's Nephew, then that would be awesome!

She rules narnia in ice and snow for 100 years, has an army of monsters, kills aslan, can turn people to stone, and almost ruins the prophecy. Aslan barely shows his face.

5 Susan

She rejected Aslan and chose to forget Narnia in the end. Still a well written character, but very tragic.

She is brave and kind and willing to die for another person

6 Lucy

She is the most loyal, faithful, trusting and wonderful character of the whole narnia series! LONG LIVE QUEEN LUCY THE VALIANT!

She is just amazing. She has never lost her imagination and curiosity through out the books. If it was not for her Narnia would have never been found

She was the most loyal. She was always faithful. She always believed, even when no one else did. Should be number one.

LUCY! she and Ed are the best!

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7 Peter

I think he should be first in the list

He is a great leader and even though Edmund betrays him he still fights for him when the white which stabs him

Peter was the most likable from the beginning, plus he good-hearted, brave, and a good leader.

He was great from the start.

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8 Reepicheep

Wow... You can't get any better than Reepicheep. He is ADORABLE (even though he would hate me saying that. We all know it's true). He has an amazing sense of honor, but also vanity that Alsan eventually points out. It was the saddest scene of all time to watch him ride over the waves into Alsan's world. I legit cry every single time. He is the best character. Please vote for him, the mouse deserves it.

HaHa, if very good

He is also very noble, and loyal to Lucy, Alsan, Edmund, and the others to he end.

9 Mr. Tumnus

Mr. Tumnus is a sweet and underestimated character. Sure he's got his flaws but not everyone can be as perfect as Aslan. He was the first person Lucy bumped into in The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe and should no longer be overlooked. MR. TUMNUS for the win!

Mr tumnus is awesome he should be second place not ninth

Bright, with a face of Justin Timberlake

He is a good number nine.

10 Shasta and Bree

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? The Tisroc

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11 Digory Kirke

Ummm hello! he witnessed the creation of narnia! how is that not special? oh yeah don't forget how he made that wadrode and how cool he is to the pevensies when he's old?

12 King Miraz
13 Oreius
14 Jill Pole

Amazing character! - superchubbell


15 Eustace

Eustace was the most annoying character in the beginning. (Will Poulter was HILARIOUS) But he changed his ways, much like Edmund, and became a hero.

16 Trumpkin

Should be higher

17 Puddleglum

Puddleglum is the delightful Eyeore of Narnia--but brave in the end. A delight!

Why all this hate for puddeglum

18 Thane
19 Philip (Edmund's Horse)

The scene was really funny when Philip and Edmund met. LOL

20 Polly Plummer

Polly was always my favorite.

Polly was always my favorite when I was little. Probably because she didn't take any crap from Digory.

21 Mr. Beaver
22 Emperor Beyond The Seas

He is Aslans father! Seriously!

23 Aravis
24 Tirian
25 Doctor Cornelius
26 Nikabrik
27 Trufflehunter
28 The Green Witch
29 Tash
30 Maugrim
31 Glenstorm

Aren't centaurs the best?

32 Jewel the Unicorn
33 Shift
34 Puzzle
35 Lasaraleen Tarkheena
36 Hag
37 Hwin
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