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Gaara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is the jinchuuriki of the one-tailed shukaku and can control sand that is stored in his gourd.


I can't describe why I like him I just do. His past is one of the reasons a lot of my female friends started liking Naruto because they said it it on their maternal instincts, and his powers are amazing! When ever he is in the show I love it all the more. Even with his weakness to water he still fights and honestly I like how he felt what naruto and sasuke felt but worse for each of them. He deserves all the love he can get! Down with Madra and Sasuke!

Gaara is stronger than Naruto I bet because he did become the Fifth Kazekage of the sand village also I think he can bet any of the people and really to say the truth, if he wasn't in Naruto it would just be boring and I probably even watch it if he ain't in... VOTE FOR HIM! Get him too top! GAARA RULES love him

Gaara is the best character. He needs his own show. I hate that he isn't in more episodes.

Gaara is the best his awesome scary and so nice in the second series, when I saw him for the first time in the intro about him I littarally said he will be my favorite. And then I saw he was dead but revived I started from the beginning. And was so happy when he was in it.
His past is tragic but his future is brilliant

He is my favourite character out of all series
He will be number 1!

Gaara is so cool, he should be the best. After he changed, he became sweet and kind. He decided that he can be a good person and I just love him! No one is better than gaara! I will protect you anytime Gaara.

Gaara is the most interesting character in Naruto! In the first part he is evil. Later he'll become very very nice to his village! Even in a fight he uses a lot of chakra to save the others. He'll do everything for Naruto and his village. Gaara is also very powerful. He can fight and defense people at the same time.

He's been kicking butt lately, hopefully his popularity rises here in the Western World. Hope he'll be able to take down Madara. Don't want him to lose that fight!

What's the fun of watching Naruto if there's no Gaara in it? His past is way better than Naruto's. He deserves to be the first!

Gaara is a BEAST! He adds to the fact that Sasuke is never coming back to the light, because he proved it was possible. Gaara had such a tragic childhood, but is still able to lead his village, and that's why he's my favorite.

I really love him because of his personality he is damn cool. I love the way he speaks and now he is also very kind I also like him because of his power he got a style which is different from others... GAARA LOVE you

I love his development throughout Naruto how at first it was like 'OH he's the bad guy' to 'yay, I love him. So proud of you Gaara! ' I also like him in himself. He's got awesome powers and becomes a great village leader and commander who has the most moving of speeches! Love you Gaara!

Duh, it's Gaara! He's has overcome his dark past and turned into the kind and wise person he is now, he proves that there is a way out of every kind of misery, you just need someone who helps you with it.

Gaara is awesome all around. His powers and his personality. His childhood is sad but without him the show wouldn't be as interesting.

Gaara is the Kazekage so he should be the strongest and the only reason he lost to Deidara was because he was trying to save the village he wasn't trying to win the battle.

Gaara is just such a strong, influential character. He is incredibly skilled, strong and handsome but the main point is that he had the ability to listen to other people's advice, learn from his mistakes and accept help from other people. Gaara has experienced and endured a lot of pain but he changed himself and became to youngest kazekage and now everyone loves and respects him. This just shows how good his personality and character is and Gaara truly deserves to be number one.

I'll be honest, I'm as much of a sucker for Gaara as I am for Itachi so they should be up there together. Gaara has to have the coolest power in anime TO DATE because while everyone else in Naruto sweats their butts off, Gaara can completely pulverise an army with a hand gesture. You just cannot imagine neruto without him and I'll say I'm far more interested in a Naruto scene with Gaara in it!

Silent and so powerful. But what's better is his change to a softer character building friendships and enhancing his emotions. A true great who brought the series a very slick edge.

gaara is the best hands down ok he will sand tsumai any one and then giant sand burial! *DEAD*

Gaara is amazing I loved him even from the start when he was a little scary, he's my favourite out of the four I like the best, Sasuke, Neji and Itachi included. He's powerful, loving and just plain awesome! I LOVE GAARA! Xxx

I found him more´╗┐ interesting than any other Naruto Character he just seem so different and unique his tragic past and his amazing powers the ways he communicate with other characters just blow my mind away.

Gaars had one of the worst pasts and childhood stories... Yet, thanks to Naruto, he manages to rise above his darkness and he now defends the village that tormented him. He's so noble and selfless. And so cool!

Best character in history, in my opinion.

He was a badass killer at the beginning, but as the story unfolded, you found out why he was like that and then Naruto helped him to be an awesome kage.

He is just awesome and *cough* hot *cough*

Mostly people like him because he turned into this oh-so-good-guy. The reason why I like him though is because of his power. I mean, how many characters do we see daily in shonens who can crush their enemy in a mere 5 or 10 minutes and that also without moving a single damn muscle and doing this little hand expressions and saying "Sand coffin " and "sand burial"? This guy left ROCK LEE struggling for his poor life in a hospital. Not to mention he passed the Chunin exam in a record breaking. Sure, he turned out good but if he hadn't and would've stayed an antagonist, he would've been slightly more interesting - ObscuredBeauty

He is awesome, he's is like all cool and quiet

I felt so bad for Gaara when I first heard his story. Everyone hated him. All he needed was one person who loved him, and he had none. So alone. I just wanted to wrap him in a huge hug and never let go.