Hinata is the best! She's sweet, kind, and gentle, for short an ANGEL! Unlike Sakura, I think she's the opposite of Hinata! Sakura is mean and need anger management, for short DEVIL! No wonder many people love's Hinata more than Sakura!

Hinata! I love her. She's a character close to my heart. She's so much mature and understanding. Her love for Naruto is not driven by any inner motive like for his popularity or his charm but she tries to understand him and accept him for who he really is. Also, she's the only female to not fall for Sasuke's charm. So, that's fresh for me. She may not have significant panel time but somehow to me, she's the actual heroine with her sober and elegant outfit. Plus, her fight with Pein... Now that's what I call a true ninja!

Hinata is one of the prettiest and most likable characters in Naruto. Also, her reasons for loving someone go way deeper than Sakura's and Ino's, considering the fact that they only like Sasuke because of his looks. Hinata actually has a good reason. To be able to say that she loves somebody, unlike most of the characters in Naruto. And, seriously, she is one of the only characters to actually have a good back story about her past.

Hinata is incredible. She is, without a doubt, my favorite Naruto character. Not only is she sweet, strong and a total bad-ass, she's intelligent and caring as well. She's also pair-able with pretty much everyone in the series. She's WAY tougher than her cousin, Neji-teme, and she never gives up. Personally, I think that she should have been the main female instead of Sakura.

At least she has acquired a place in the top tens. Look, she certainly is not my favorite character. Those are Itachi, Sasuke, Naruto, Obito, Madara, Hashirama, Nagato, Neji, Gaara... but then she comes. She is the best female by far guys. She is so good. Kind hearted, with strong willpower. The best female in the series without a doubt. I am glad Sakura gets hate because she deserves it for what she has been proven to be. Oh, and I agree that she should have been the heroine all along, not only in the last arc and the Last Naruto the Movie.

Hinata may not be the strongest character on the show when it comes to combat. She may not be the strongest character period. But she has a good heart and is sincere in her thoughts. She is kind and gentle and honest with herself and others. At the moment though, she's still growing. At the moment she might seem weak, but I have no doubt she has the potential to grow into something so much more.

I'm not going to compare Hime to other kunoichi or even characters. I'm going to compare her to herself because every time I do, I feel pride fill me! Why? Simple; she has come a long way. She's loyal and works as hard as she can. Many people say she's ugly (mostly the haters of course) but that I so untrue it makes me laugh. Seriously. Hime is pur. Her character though shy is strong. She has the ability of changing hearts (Neji's an Hiashi's). Her soul and mentally are just beautiful. Physically speaking, she might not be the most exotic or beautiful girl you've never Serbia but shes gorgeous. Her hime -cute and baggy clothes, however, hide her beauty. If you stop to think about it, she has the biggest leyes, the thicker lashes and the most unique hair color. Her body is more developed than anybody's else. She can rival Temari whose curves are just wow. But I'm not that shallow. I find beauty in her. Hinata. Even her name represents beauty and hope. All in all, she's light. And I ...more - Fher34

Hinata is a person many people can sympathize with. When she was young, her family decided she wasn't stromg enough and was unworthy to belong to the family. Even after getting kicked out of her family, she fought hard and trained endlessly to prove to them that she was indeed a strong person. She remained kind and helpful to everyone and never liked fighting. She is also an understanding person since she realized Naruto's loneliness and sadness. She tried to help him as best as she can without coming on too clingy. She truly is a beautiful, kind, strong and understanding character.

Hinata is an amazing character who starts as a timid, weak girl and becomes a brave and strong ninja, even though the odds were against her since she was thought of as a failure as a child. Hinata grows throughout the series and never backs down on her nindo even when she knows she will most likely die (ex: Pain fight). Hinata is a very inspiring ninja and a super awesome character.

I don't what to say that hasn't been said, but hinata is very graceful, mature physically and emotionally and never gives up. It is one thing to be put down by your friend, but coming from your family is another and can emotionally dis-stabilize someone, but hinata still stuck out there. She is too awesome. Plus she is a cute angel.

Probably one of the best developed characters in the show. She also has such a great impact on Naruto, especially these recent chapters. Hinata demonstrates that, if you believe in yourself, you can do anything, which is a very admirable way of thinking.

Hinata is the cutest character of the series. I hope the most kindest character also. She generally feels shy specially when it comes to talk to Naruto. She looks pretty in her purple attire. One of the best example of character having power and kindness packed together. I always wished if Naruto could see in her in the start.

I love hinata she better than sakura if I was Naruto I would chase after her. Like who in their right mind would want to get hit for the simplest thing plus hinata is a sweet girl. If she had the confidence than she would know how to take Naruto from sakura

Cute and beautiful like angel. One of the fastest in movement speed and response ability even faster than pain, and with normal chakra amount. She has best eyes even better than Neji. She is excellent/i think best scout in anime, with somewhat superior ability to resist physical damage, and also real shinobi. I really like Hinata. I only don't understand why she always try to use only juuken and not learn some think else it's a little stupid...

Beautiful, gentle, kind at the same time strong and breve enough to stop Pein from killing Naruto at the cost of her own life because she loves Naruto. She can probably beat up Sakura. The only phrase for her is "best Naruto character/best and most beautiful female Naruto characters. Well I think Kushina is pretty as well

I would like to have a girlfriend like hinata laugh out loud. She is awesome. I don't know why Naruto do not notices her. I am sure they will be together at the end of anime.

Hinata is simply has the most admirable traits of a woman: passionate, determined, peaceful, loyal, strong-hearted. Although she always faints/overreacts when Naruto is close to her, I really think they could be together. Most of the girls I know are also NaruHina love team fans. - aeromaxx777

Hinata is the best female character in Naruto.. She's so different compared to all the other girls in the Narutoverse, and she's cool that way.

I like her shyness, her nervousness and sweetness. Sure, she might not be physically strong, but in all the other aspects, she sure is.

She's the perfect woman. She's sweet, graceful, and a great cook, but unlike the stereotypes of what a female should be... She can kick some serious butt!

I just feel hinata is the the best female character she had such a terrible childhood it interesting seeing how her life unfolds

I just absolutely love everything about her and she is just so adorable. I would do anything to have a girl like that

Hinata is such an inspiration to me. I love that she also shares Naruto's nindo. Hinata has a heart of gold. She is just so sweet and humble and kind and adorable and determined and that's why I love her. I was rooting for her from the beginning as a kid myself because I also wanted to overcome my shyness and anxiety. She's a really special character

Hinata is strong, couragious, sweet, shy, and kickass ;basically she's everything you could want in a woman.

Hinata is very pretty when big and small. My favorite character is Hinata and Neji. Her personality is like me.

I think the best character of all is hinata because we see hinta into stronger woman now! in naruto world and they are best loveteam "Naruto" jejejeje...