Said to be the greatest genius to ever graduate at the academy (thus surpassing anyone else such as Minato and the Sannins), Itachi is one of if not the most finest shinobi in the serie. His way of like was extremely yet he showed to be able to bear it's weight and learn to walk on that harsh path.

Truly a magnificent shinobi, we have yet to find a flaw in his character... Itachi and Minato truly are in a league of their own.

Beat Kakashi in like 2 seconds, beat Oro twice in about 2 seconds total, beat Naruto multiple times easily, put a crow with MS inside Naruto, gave Sasuke transplanted Ametarasu, only guy Tobi was scared of and stopped him from attacking Konoho, confirmed he could have killed sasuke easily in final fight, was under the possession of the most powerful genjutsu ever (koto)... List can go on

Wise, adaptive, extensive foresight, and his genjutsu abilities fit him well in battle. He is one of the few true shinobi that understands what self sacrifice for a greater good really means. He predetermined Sasuke's life, loved his village, and continued to show a patriotic devotion toward his village even after becoming evil. He can be considered the most intelligent and wise character in the Naruto world.

Itachi you are Inspiring, you did everything depend on reasons and plans, you never give chance for accident and you know the true mean of Love and Sacrifice, you know what you want and you work for it and you don't care how long will it take because you don't rush, you calm and full of passion, words cannot describe you, thank you Uchiha Itachi

Itachi wore the facade of an S-ranked criminal so he could protect his village & the life of his younger brother. He didn't need to show or prove to the world how much of a hero he was like Naruto. Itachi opted to die as a man whom his brother & the rest of the world hated in order to save the brother & the world he loved. Not a truer ninja in the entire Naruto series

Itachi is someone no one expected. Sorta like burying a seed a never expecting it to sprout, much less a beautiful flower. In the beginning, we barley scratched Sasuke's background. But as we did, we were led to hate Itachi. We were shown a monster who murdered Sasuke's family, and left him in the depressing dark and engulfed in loneliness. We were taught about the man who killed his family, scared his brother, betrayed his village, and joined the deadliest organization known to Shinobi. So when we were shown the gentle, dedicated brother, who loved his village enough to submerge himself in the darkness, evil, and hatred, but loved his brother even more, training Sasuke his whole life. Even after Itachi's death did we understand how far Itachi went for Sasuke's sake. His character is beautiful, so well put together, and we didn't even see or understand it until it had to be explained.

Itachi is my favorite character by far. His development truly surprised me, and only in one ...more

His words are what a wise man speaks. He saw his life as a role to guide and help his younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha, live. He sacrificed everything for him and he died as a traitor but was considered a hero. He is honorable, powerful, and a historic hero of the Hidden Leaf.

Itachi never did anything for himself. He threw away the chance to live a happy life and he selflessly sacrificed everything for the sake of his village and his younger brother. He made sasuke get strong with hatred towards him and made sure to get punished by his beloved little brother for his actions. Even after joining an evil organization like akatsuki he looked out the safety of his village and his brother. Heck even after his death when he was reanimated he showed his desire to protect his comrades from the village by breaking loose from the reanimation jutsu and stopping it. He was, a loving brother, an excellent shinobi, definition of unselfishness, inspiring, wise, honourable, insanely strong, skilled, smart, quite, calm, caring, kind, mysterious, strategic, badass everything. That is why Itachi uchiha is by far the best Naruto character ever. He is L

When I was a little girl I used to watch Naruto and I first fell inlove with Itachi but I started to question that character after he wiped out his clan. I don't understand at first. "why Itachi? " But I keep watching Naruto until I grew up and I finally understand Itachi Uchiha. And I still love him to the very end and no end too. Itachi is a shinobi full of love and compassion. His skills are outstanding and he was very wise. He sacrificed everything for his brother and for the konoha. Even his own happiness. Though it is very painful for him to do that but he still did it for peace. In all of the anime heroes who always receive praises, heroes who posses bad- ass abilities, and beautiful leading ladies or love interests. Itachi differs from them. He choice hatred over love, rejection over honor and yet he still possess a true heart of a hero. A loving self-sacrificing heart. He's a hero in the shadow. Itachi Uchiha gains my respect for him. He is the best character for me.

I always loved and liked this character for many reasons. Then when I finally had the chance to read about him it just made me love him even him more. Knowing that you'll risk it all just to save your little brother and your heart for The Hidden Leaf village is truly amazing.

He's also mighty strong and has many tricks up his sleeve. Not to mention his intelligence is highly better and greater like no others as well is truly something.

His story was tragic but heroic just what you want out of a Legendary character he was.

I have many other characters in mind who are cool and amazing in their own way, but by far Itachi is my most favorable one of them all! Love the Naruto anime. Great show!

Everything he did, he did for Sasuke. As stated in the Manga/Anime, he was the definition of self-sacrifice. He destroyed everything he ever cared about to protect the one person he cared about most, and that is both sad and happy. Itachi was a beautiful contradiction.

Itachi adds a unique twist on the entire plot, and the entire storyline behind his character is so deep and well thought out that you can't help but love his character. His calm and strategic battle style, like when he fights kabuto, is just so interesting and fun to watch, instead of characters such as naruto who just throw resengans everywhere willy-nilly. He's a character that you thought was so cool the way he plans his death, and you want him to come back to life (which he did thanks to edo tensi (then died again)). Overall, his badassery and amazing skill and intelligence makes him the best character in the entire naruto storyline in my opinion.

That man... The man of leaf who lived a life surrounded by sacrifice his shadow of his will donated the peace to the shinobi world

Itachi is a great ninja because he was not just concerned about the interests of his clan but instead he cared for the whole village... He never hated the village for the mission he was given. he is a peace loving person and does not get into any useless fights. His thinking skills are awesome and I'm pretty sure that he is way more intelligent than shikamaru. even though he was a powerful shinobi he never underestimated his opponents. and I would like to conclude by saying that itachi is superHOT!

Itachi sacrifice everything to his beloved village although they order him to kill his clan. Itachi complete this mission but a mistake, that was sasuke. He can't kill his brother because he loved him so much.itachi finally end his life after he sealed orochimaru wand free sasuke. When the war started, he manage to free himself from Kabuto and finally end the edo tensei, and his last word to sasuke is so touching

His story is amazing, he told his brother a lie about killing his clan so that sasuke would pursue revenge in the future, for him to plan that far ahead outwits even shikamaru. If only sasuke would understand

He is the most honorable and tragic of all the characters of Naruto. His incredible fighting capabilities are practically unlimited, and when used in combination with his calm, calculative demeanor he is practically unstopable. Not to mention his profound love for his village, his brother, and peace.

Yeah also tobi said"i'm dead if itachi knows about me "andkabuto said also"his on the another level"itachi is the most powerful ninja ever in the whole world yeah rock and roll

Some characters are just worth going insane for. Itachi is an epitome of self sacrifice. He went through emotional trauma his entire life. Had to live with the guilt of killing his parents and couldn't forgive himself. Yet, he obeyed the orders just for the sake of the village. Making someone hate you whom you have loved your whole life isn't something that anyone can do. There is only one person so selfless and that is Itachi Uchiha

Without him the Naruto series would not be where it is today. He had an influence on Naruto, Orochimaru and most of all Sasuke. He is the number 1 genius and has proven that he is capable of changing ninja world. He's tragic, sad, loving, and the most kick-ass Naruto character ever. Best past story ever, belongs to Itachi.

I just love everything about itachi, he's so cool and powerful but at the same time he's kind and caring and doesn't act arrogant and even compliments his opponents. He saved the village, willing to be treated as a rogue ninja and hated, when he should have been praised as a hero. Even in death he saved the village and helped Sasuke during the 4th great war by defeating Kabuto, dying a leaf shinobi with a smile on his face. He's mysterious, quiet, smart, kind-hearted, humble, and super powerful. A true Shinobi.

Itachi is an excellent shinobi possessing Kage-level skills. Moreover, his immense tragedy outlined by his own decision to eliminate his entire clan including his parents, to save a future world war definitely shows he is a person with an unmatched intelligence and wit.

He is the epitome of a genius. Incredibly skilled but never arrogant. Itachi's remarkable foresight was proof of his sharp awareness of what was required to win any challenge in battle. Yet his favorite word is Peace. He is the greatest Uchiha and Konoha shinobi.

Well first of all he is the kindest character. He went through hell for the sake of the village and his brother and yet he died with a smile on his face. on top of that he's got tsukyomi amaterasu and susano'o.

The most tactical, intelligent character in the series, which has been evidenced by his repeatedly consistent analysis of opponents and ability to overcome them, despite not being the most powerful character in the series. He's the only character that's never lost a battle! Also, he operates at the highest level, without any personal ambitions. He protects the village and his younger brother. Completely selfless to the end.