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Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


True badass with 5 elements, met all akatsuke (except conan), all 7 swordsmen, 3 legendary sannin, 3 powrful eyes (sharingan, byakugan, Rinnegan), 5 jinchuriki (naruto, garra, bee, sura, yukimaru), Known in all the great five nations, He read all Jiraya s books, contemporary 3 hokages, both konoha destruction, 2 Great Ninja Wars and he was leader in both, leader of anbu black ops, captain in every mission, Led all teams (7, 8, 9, 10), real genius son of genius student of genius sensei of genius, chunin at 6 jonin at 13. (1000) jutsu, sneak up behind (zabuza, itachi, kakuzo, pain, tobi), never drop not a single tear he, deserve title of Hokage by tsunade jiraya shikaku and the other kages recommendation, really a rare combination and I believe he's the one how can tell the story of naruto... (Algeria)

Kakashi has numerous accomplishments. I have never been disappointed by his fights. Some of them are favorite fights in the whole series. He is unquestionably talented as a shinobi.
However, he is one of my favorite characters in Naruto/anime in general for his character development. The first time I saw him I thought he was just some stereotypic solemn, too-cool-to-care sort of character. He lacked personality. However, throughout both the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series this changes. He is given unique traits, such as always wearing a mask, liking a very interesting book series despite appearing not to have interest in any romantic relationship and spending way too much time at the KIA stone, which is why he is always late. We get to understand his values, such as teamwork is almost its own virtue, comradery before rules, honesty and integrity matter, have compassion for others, respect friends and enemies, and there is no easy answer. We come to understand why he is the way ...more

This is why Kakashi is one of the best characters in Naruto. He went through so much pain and suffering as a child yet he never turned bad or evil. He also represents Naruto and Sasuke in the fact that he represents the goodness in Sasuke and the badness in Naruto. The reason behind this is because his life is similar to Sasuke's in the sense that he lost everyone who is precious to him but still decided to be good. And he represents the bad in Naruto in which he is mostly always the one to finish off the enemy and kill them for Naruto because he is trying to keep Naruto pure and untainted because he understands the pain of killing someone and what it does to you. Anyways that is my opinion on why Kakashi is the best character in Naruto and my personal favorite character

Let's be real here. Without Kakashi Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura would have made it nowhere from the very beginning. He guided them until they no longer needed it and then he continued to be an important character. He's extremely well-rounded, both personality-wise and with his skills as a shinobi. Despite his tragic past, he manages to bring humor and patience. His skills as a ninja are incredible. In my opinion, he doesn't get nearly enough credit (or screen time;) )

Come on why not kakashi first? Itachi and kakashi both has dark past! But kakashi not running away from everyone judgements in the village as 'friend killer' in fact he didn't kill rin based on his ' will' it was accident! And it hurt more than itachi's past that killed all his clan member even his family. Itachi can rejected it. But he still do it. All happened to kakashi wasnt he wanted for. Like his father death, rin death even obito and his sensei death! It all hurts! That's why his personality is quiet and mysterious. He even never tell how he feel to anybody. No tears to show to other too! U think its easy? He shows his strong side,calm, patience and always help Naruto. Just why the hell itachi is first?

Kakashi is an extremely skilled shinobi but in comparison to most of the other big hitters in the manga he is relatively week. He is not nearly as powerful as Naruto or Sasuke and probably not even as strong as the Sennin. But despite this power difference I would still bet him to win any of these fights simply because when it comes to ninja tactics, finding jutsu's weaknesses and simply outsmarting his opponents he is second only to shikamaru.

Kakashi is the most devolped character in the seris. He's not the strongest but he will beat or be a good match against any ninja simply because of his skill and his calm personality. He trained two of the strongest characters in the seris plus he's a better teacher then pervy sage. He is the only real ninja left as far as main characters go the rest are more the dbz characters that use a lot of raw power instead of skill and strategy. He's the only one to battle that many akatski members and live. He's next in line for hokage. The youngest student ever to graduate the acadamy abd rank up as fast as he did and invent a new jutsu at the same time. Oh and just alil observastion but during the pain invasion ninjas were dying left and right by the hundreds and kakashi maneged to hold him back and dyed saving choji and when tsunade heard about him dying she was pissed I mean I'm sure the others dying bothered her but no where near as much as him dying then as soon as he comes back to life ...more

Kakashi Hatake. Became a Genin at age 5, A chunin by age 6. And a jounin at age 13. Kakashi's Sharingan is amazing. He can stop Sasuke's Susano'o, and he has successfully copied 1,000 jutsu's. He also is just EPIC. He fought pain whilst defending the Hidden leaf, yes he did die, BUT he fought like a hero.

Huh? Kakashi is only 4th? He is way better that Itachi even Naruto who should be number 1... So Naruto is 1 and Kakashi is totally and totally number 2 if not 1, just saying Bro!


I'm surprised he's not on top 1 or 2. He's dark and mysterious but at the same time charming and playful. I love how blunt and relax he is that sometimes his opponents would get annoyed by him. He's also hilarious. Remember when he was acting all weird around Naruto while they were training to get control of Kurama. I was laughing my ass off! And when Naruto and Sakura pretended to spoil his favorite book and Naruto was able to do the thousand years of death jutsu on him Lol. This anime would've been boring without him.

Kakashi is the most interesting character in Naruto. A character with both light and dark moments. We learn his history and yet he is still a mystery. He both guides and leads. He has saved or helped almost everyone in the village - a first class Shinobi, who you want in your corner!

Kakashi should be the first hey. He is awesome. Many fans of him are men, well though I know there's a lot of his hardcore female fans too. He is the most mature inthe anime.really a good person who can inspired people. He is kind, loyal, patience, funny, calm and relax most of the time.is rare to find such character and style like this in the anime. He has dark past but shows other he is' fine' in front of his student especially Naruto. We know him from the start of this anime, know his story and personality yet he still a mysterious-person. How can be there such a character like this..

Kakashi looked real evil and mysterious at first. But when you learn about his past and how he is really positive despite his bad experiences you begin to have him as your favorite character. I mean who doesn't like his "jutsu of death"?

Kakashi is the funniest character! He's also smart and insanely powerful! He should be number 1!

Kakashi is the only ninja I know out of all the Naruto character who cn kick your ass while reading an porn book at the same time and 2 make matters worse he some times reads it during battle

Kakashi is the coolest of all characters in Naruto. He is by fare the most mature, and I don't want to hit him hard in the face every time he talks like I do with Sasuke (Do he even talk? ) Naruto and Sakura. For sure Kakashi and Jiryria are my favorites..

Kakashi. LOOK. AT. HIM. He is so epically epic that I go into Sasuke emo rage mode and spam my eyes in every single fight ever. But seriously, Kakashi is actually a ninja. In a manga where being a ninja has changed from being a master strategist and having cool powers to copying Goku's retardedness blatantly. Casually slashing mountains isn't cool. Using a transplanted eye to teleport and banish people to the void id cool.

There's no Naruto without kakashi beside him

The most interesting and beautiful character.. One of the most skilled ninjas and yet he can show some very funny moments with his unique humor

Kakashi is my favorite character because he is cool and mysterious! His story can be a series of its own. Why does he wear a mask? I'm sure everyone wants to know this reason. His parts are always interesting and I look forward to more of him.

KAKASHI SENSEI the best ninja ever!

He is best. When first he debut in this series he just kicks everyone especially Naruto. Is is only character who never changed. If we look at Naruto in first he was funny but in Shippuden he just cry over his nine tail fox powers every time. Kakashi never got spot light except 3 to 20 episodes of first season.

I think Kakashi deserves the top rank... After Naruto.. :D

Kakashi rocks cause sasuke would be no match for kakashi without the sharingan and rinnegan if he vs kakashi without it he would lose because lets face it without those eyes sasuke is nothing.

Kakashi is an amazing fighter. With his sharingan, he has a ENORMOUS variety of moves, which is why he is called "the man who copied over 1000 justu" He can fight sasuke head on and win. He is also a funny character who would do anything to protect his comrades. Kakashi is my favorite Naruto character!