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41 Kaguya

Kaguya the universally agreed on most powerful by all characters... Really she should be 1

She did great job when she killed obito

You are the most powerful one

Ok this is obvious kagya is rikoudos mom SHE HAS THE RINNEGAN BYAKIUGAN AND JUUBI Eye I mean come on!

42 Zetsu Zetsu

He may not the strongest but he's fight more then 75% ninja in ninja's war

Zetsu deserves to be in the top 5, why? Solely because of him popping up during the Five Kage Summit all like "HELLOO! " laugh out loud.

Epic character, any who has a carniverous plant around there head has got to be higher than 23 plus he's been in loads of battles


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43 Kankurou

He is definitely my favorite character by far. He's so different, and he was the first character to introduce puppet mastery as a fighting style. He's cute, cool, and totally awesome.

I think being a puppet master is the coolest

He is strong and little bit mysterious. His style is my favorite next to Haku's ice. I just love him :D

He's so chill and fab that I can't take my eyes off him. I get good vibrations when I see him. -ded-

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44 Anko Mitarashi Anko Mitarashi

Anko is a really crazy character in the Naruto series and is obsessed with dumplings. she was a student of Orochimaru and has he's cursed seal of heaven. Anko uses snake jutsu's like Orochimaru -

Anko is awesome! She is a well-rounded character and was a student of Orochimaru. She's really funny and I've always like her sense of style. She can be crazy and funny at times and serious at others.

I admit, my first impression of her was not good. But after finding out about her history with Orochimaru, she became my favorite of the side characters, and one of my favorite in general.

She's scary

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45 Zabuza

There's one scene with zabuza in it that makes me tear up every time I see it and he is just oh he is by far just my favorite character right next to kakashi and Gara

Come on he can't be below iruka Zabuza was the leader of the seven swords men of the hidden mist. And he is by far one of the bet ninja in the whole of the Naruto series. And where is sakon and ukon because they're my favourite

Zabuza use to be a member of the seven swords men of the hidden mist. he wields a giant sword the size of his body and uses water attributed jutsu. he is the teacher of haku. -


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46 Might Guy Might Guy

When he made his first appearance in part 1 I knew he would become one of my favorite characters.

He is damn awesome!

Uh he is the blue beast dumbass

The best Taijutsu User ever, as well as someone who almost solo killed Madara with all ten beasts.

All of this without gifted powers, just hard work. Is there really any more bad-ass character?

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47 Haku Haku

What's he doing down here? 63? Haku deserves better. For a character that didn't live long into the series, his words and actions really stayed a long time in Naruto's mind. Haku's story was touching, and it was one of the first ones we encountered when we all first started watching Naruto; how can he not make you feel nostalgic?

Haku was a great character. He was the first character I clicked with. When he died I cried for a long time. At first I just couldn't find a character to like I was going to stop watching ig completely. I now have new favorite characters but Haku will always be my favorite.

Nicest guy out there! You know what they say, candle burns twice as bright lasts half as long!

Haku is stronger than anyone why is he down here curse everyone who didn't vote for him

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48 Hidan Hidan

Hidan may not be very popular, but I think he is just plain awesome! He carries around this huge scythe, and for cryin' out loud, he's immortal! He's the only character in Naruto that can get his head chopped off and live. Plus, even with his head chopped off, he's still rude and foul-mouthed. You gotta love the crazy immortal guy.

I find it easy to like such a funny an foul mouthed character, such as Hidan. And pairing him with Kakuzu makes him even more adorable.

Hidan is just the ultimate weapon. Even if he is blown sky high he is still alive. It can't get any better.

No one is ever born a hero. I expect some really bad events have changed him in being a bad boy.
P.S. he is my fave character...

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49 Asuma Sarutobi Asuma Sarutobi

Asuma was the leader of team 10 and team Asuma. He died in a fight vs. Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu. Probably the kindest and underrated characters in the entire series.

He smokes. Hidan didn't kill him cancer did

Why did he have to die so soon? :(

He's awesome - HollowArrow

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50 Yahiko

Yahiko was truly a great character. His personality resembled Naruto's and he was willing to do anything the achieve the peace in his nation. He valued his friends and even ended up sacrificing himself for Konan. I wish we had seen more of his story.

Why is yahiko not top 10 he's like a tragic version of Naruto way better than the losers in front of him

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51 Raikage

He deserves more respect Imean just look how strong he is not to mention he'sspeed all raikaga deserves more respect just look at the3rd the strongest out of all the kagas if u ask me should defenely get a better spot

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52 The Nine Tail Fox

Nine tails fox is the best because it cause a lot of damage

Naruto would be know where without the nine tails MVP kurama

53 Kurenai

When Hinata's father disowns her, she takes Hinata under her wing and helps her to become stronger. And she's a master of genjutsu.

Kurenai is so kind heartened like her kunoichi student. She is the best mother figure for Hinata, but of course, she has her own child too!

54 Juubito
55 Saskua

Who the hell is he

Is this a ship name?

LMAO who in the world is Saskua


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56 Hatake Kakashi

Why is he this low he pretty much thought Naruto a lot and the rest of the gang some moves and what it takes to be a ninja just for that he should be way higher!

Really?! Kakashi is #60 he deserves to be top 5 with all that he's done, kakashi is almost as well know as the toad sage himself, Kakashi was the best in my opinion.

Hatake Kakashi he is the best of fighting, he his father of the big Kakashi.

Okay he's already at the top 4 or 5

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57 Gamakichi

Best of the frogs/toads better than his father

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58 Tayuya Tayuya

Tayuya is arrogant and evil. I hate her so much. She should be much lower on the list. I love how Temari kills her by crushing her under the trees.

Tayuya is my fave female character in Naruto! Better than Hinata also! Her simplicity and tomboyishness is just adorable!

She's a good musician but not a good Naruto character

Your Flute is like Heaven!

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59 Maito Guy
60 Iruka Iruka

Iruka should be in the top 10, he was one of the first people to accept Naruto for himself and not for the kyuubi. At first, he treated Naruto like most of the villagers at that point, but that was because his parents were killed by the kyuubi, so it was "kinda" understandable. He was able to overcome his previous thoughts when he actually got to know Naruto, because Iruka had a somewhat similar past to Naruto, and could understand. Ultimately, if it weren't for Iruka, Naruto might have just become a nobody in the village, or possibly even a rogue ninja. Also, Iruka treats all of his students with respect, and likes to make his classes interesting and enjoyable for the students. He would put himself in harms way for any of his students, because he cares about them. He's funny, extremely kind, selfless and gentle and it makes me sad that he is 60th because he's not the "strongest" or "hottest" or whatever. Iruka plays an important roll in the series, as ...more

He has a scar in his face, but it doesn't make him look scary. In fact, he looks very friendly. No wonder if Naruto loves him.

First one to really open up to Naruto and look past the demon that was sealed inside him. A great role model

He is the best in town look at him he is the Best get good Naruto

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