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61 Tenten Tenten

Good in all ranges. Infinite weapons learns about weapons so easily. Best personality and down to earth compare to other female ninja peers.

I like Tenten she's cute she's awesome and she's strong
Tenten mainly attacks with ninja tools but she also attacks with her bare hands and feet.

Why the heck is she so low. I think she is the best female Naruto character ever. Along with Tsunade.

Why is she so far down she's awesome

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62 Yamato Yamato

Yamato is this down because he's busy building houses somewhere.

Come on he should be ranked higher!

That face he makes...

Why is Yamato 84

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63 Minato Uzumaki

If you ask me he should be the 2nd. I like Itachi : D

Minato is actually on thr top tens and uzumaki isn't his last name its namikaze

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64 The Third Kazekage

Sasori kills him and turns him into one of his puppets. Still, I love Sasori!

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65 Yugito Nii

One of the jinjuriki and she is cool why did hidan have to kill her

66 Akamaru

Kiba's loyalty dog with amazing abilities to protect his master and transfer himself into a clone of kiba every time they do the fang over fang. Also he is very cute and smart with a unique ability to smell the scent of any person or anything. I think about top 20 should do.

I love Akamaru. he is awesome even tough he is a dog

This dog... Is amazing... He grew so much and he's adorable

So cute, should be top 10.

67 Hayate Gekko

He was great but he didn't make it alive to Shippuden

68 Oonoki

Well he may have the best jutsu

69 Shikaku Nara

Shikaku is Shikamaru's father, leader of the Nara clan and a member of Ino-Shika-Cho. Shikaku at the start of the series was portraied as a drunk lol but he is a very wise leader and a good father. he uses shadow possession jutsu. -


70 The Ostrich

I hate filers with Ostrich it was boring. - mirasira

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71 Sarada Uchiha Sarada Uchiha

I hate this monkey in the series she is like her mother and that is why it is said like a mother like a daughter

She the best character in Naruto

I don't like her much, since she took after Sakura rather than Sasuke, sadly. - Goku02

Sasuke is worse than Sakura. Sorry my friend, but Sasuke has the most dismal personality in the series. He's certainly nothing to emulate. - Crwth


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72 The Kyuubi

He funny and awesome. What's not to like?

73 Utakata

This guy was interesting, I enjoyed his arc (even though it's like the thousandth filler arc) He's strong and quite nice. - irismatidia

He had such a cute relationship with Hotaru.. they were the light in each other's lives.

74 Matsuri
75 Kaori Uchiha
76 Choji

Choji is a complete badass. He can eat as much as he wants and still look the same, can use the calories in his food to turn huge and gain tremendous physical strength, and to top it all of he can grow butterfly wings

Hooray for big boned! Choji is the greatest character in all of Naruto because he stands up for all the people that have big bones run in their family. He knows that no matter what he eats people will call him a fatass so he chooses to eat tasty chips because he believes that he is amazing and doesn't care what people think. Plus he can turn into a human boulder and wreck people. He is the most powerful figure in Naruto in my eyes.

I mean come on...Choji is so underrated he should be higher then 72, he could turn enormous and eat tons of food. He Is so strong and a great help to Shikamaru and Ino

He's the voice of stuffy from doc McStuffins (probably spelled it wrong).

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77 Himawari Uzumaki

Yes she is so cute

She is not just cute
She activated byakugan in age of 3or4 out of anger
In future she is going to be super strong like Naruto and Hinata

78 Deva Path Deva Path
79 Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Was this on purpose?

Ichigo has the best moment when he fought Goku in Impel Down

Ichigo is clearly a Naruto character

Indigo is awesome! I remember when he beat charizard by using his Kamehameha and then shre k came and punched him through the mushroom kingdom but then he used his laser eyes to kill shrek

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80 Guren

She is so cool... Because she uses an unique element release (crystal release) and she is really very strong among females...

She has the special jutsu she would be top 10 strongest female character in Naruto shippuden

Should have been cannon character

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