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101 Yūkimaru
102 Darui

Cool as all hell

104th? What in character misrepresentation... The 5th Raikage, with Storm Release, Black Lightning taught to him by his teacher, the 3rd Raikage, a ton of intelligence, and the ability to defeat Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Not to mention General of the 1st Division (Mid-Ranged battle division) in the 4th Ninja War. And he's a decent bloke, standing up for Naruto in the epilogue when he arrives late. Pretty awesome, deserves at least top 20. Pump those numbers people!

103 Zaku Abumi

I think he had the best ninja design in my opinion and its pretty attractive guy, sadly he died he could been developed more and recently I found out that we share the same birthday!

104 Ginkaku

So awesome how the nine tails devours him and he eats his flesh such the baddy I love it

Un...I really don't like Ginkaku or Kinkaku...they have never been mentioned once as legends and then in the war they appear and everyone seems to know about them. It's like Kishimoto just wanted some more overpowered pseudo-jinchūriki so the war would be more interesting and Darui would have a moment to shine. I have nothing against Darui, in fact I quite enjoy most of his appearences, but...we don't need the Gold and Silver brothers. Just please, no.

~Silverfost of RiverClan

105 Gōzu

I love this character's conception. I love how mysterious he is because very little is known about him, and I love the ragged black cloak and camouflage clothing. I am somewhat envious that I didn't come up with this guy, but not too envious. I also like how he looks like his brother Meizu, only with straighter hair. Nice job!

Gouzu and Meizu. They were defeated by kakashi and tem 7 quite easily but they are still cool in my opinion. It stinks that they were only in one episode. I would have liked to have seen more of them. I love you, Demon Brothers!

106 Meizu

Just like with his brother Gouzu, I love just about everything about him, especially his conception. I love his outfit as well as his wild dark hair. I so wish I could have created him. But again, I'm not too envious. It's also cool how he looks like his twin brother, only his hair is bit more wild. Cool!

Gozu's twin brother and partner. I like him a his brother so much. I often wish I could have created them. I love the Demon Brothers so much! They were taken down easily, but they still rock.

107 Double MS Kakashi

Nobody could defeat him with 2ms and Obito's chakra, he's the coolest character and he deserve all that power

Kakashi is already beats plus sharingan bruh can I call him the new Goku ssjgssj90000000

108 Indra Ōtsutsuki

That hair.

Indra. That’s all I have to say.

109 Asura Ōtsutsuki
110 Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki V 1 Comment
111 Genma Shiranui

That's it Genma earn that paycheck

Not mentioned much but he's a special jonin and is the bomb

112 Hotaru

The princess from filer. She has got big boobs. Her Sensei was jinchuuriki of 6 tails demon. - mirasira

113 Gamabunta

This largest and most powerful toad! He rocks!

114 Hiruzen Sarutobi Hiruzen Sarutobi

It makes me a bit sad how he is murdered by Orochimaru. True, he was old anyway, but he had a good nature and killed by his own former student was no way to go. I can see why the leaf village looked up to him.

Sarutobi taught children the importance of the will of fire, the will of fire is what makes the hidden leaf village thrive!

I love Rock Lee, so I placed my money on him but it makes me sad as to the thrid hokage's undeerated state.
Maybe its because the votes only cast either for their favourite, the best or the strongest.

Horuzen is underrated he knows every jutsu (excoet kekkei genkai and kekkei touta)

115 Kakuzu

A member of the Akatsuki and partnered with Hidan. Kakuza and Hidan are referred to as the "zombie brothers" because their jutsu make them seem immortal. Kakuzu uses the five main elements in he's jutsu's and is considered to be very intelligent. -

My favourite character in the whole of the naruto series I like him ore than naruto I hate sasuke he is a brat and deidara should of beat him up-why does the whole story revolve around the uchiha clan it is about NARUTO. either way I don't give a crap about naruto or sakura or sasuke wait I do care about naruto a lot but kakuzu should have stayed alive

One of the toughest characters. His unexpected and lethal ability perfectly complements Hidan's need for sewing him self together. But his death look, and killer vibe is enough to put him in the top ten.

Kakuzu is an Akatsukis and plain GREAT!

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116 Konohamaru Konohamaru

Grandson of the third and the next hokage after Naruto

Coolest little mofo ever.

Sexy harem jutsu!

He is so funny and cute! He is related to asuma and Sarutobi,he has to be the 8th Hokage!

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117 Katsuya
118 Karin Karin

By what most people say about her, she isn't a likeable character, prolly because of her personality and obsession with Sasuke and Suigetsu. People need to realize that it's just how she is, an irritable girl with flaws as well as talents. She's very talented with sensory and is a skilled medic she's not that bad. At least she helps with the series, because without her, Sasuke would have been even closer to death and SPOILERS: him and Naruto wouldn't have had the final battle. As always, Sasuke is Sasuke and Karin is Karin. SPOILERS END RIGHT HERE: I wish I saw her engage in combat a lot more. In my opinion, she's also one of the hottest Naruto females out there 3 - SumRandomSun

She is one of the few people that has kept the comedic part of Naruto Shippuden. That I believe deserves credit. And she's pretty hardcore at that.

Why is she all the way down here? She's in my top ten list of characters. She deserves better than this.

Basically a more useful version of Sakura. - Goku02

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119 Jugo

His transformation is so boss.

120 Lord Mu
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