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If he would only use asuma style knuckle dusters with blades instead of punching he might actually kill someone for once. Instead of just punching gaara he could cut, like sasuke's chidori. Either way, this guy is the fastest son of a bitch ever, kicks ass without needing to breathe fire or clone himself, and can still kick serious ass when he's asleep.

Rock Lee is a very insightful character. He knows how the world works, but he doesn't see it that way. He thinks of the world as a chance to become something he dreamt of being for a long time- a splendid ninja. Rock Lee may be somewhat cheesy, but that's not always bad. His cheesiness is what keeps pushing him forward. The kid never gives up! Even when he's drunk, he can still fight extraordinarily, and it's quite humorous!

He's so dedicated! I mean, he had all the makings of being a total wimp and brooder, but he turned himself around and committed 110% to learning the only thing he really could. And he did a good job of it! He's still one of the strongest characters in the show, despite not having the range of abilities that everyone else does. Not to mention he never lets his disabilities affect his optimism. And the weights are awesome too. A well rounded BADASS!

He's got to be in the top 5. He's just so inspirational- and for me to be inspired by an anime character is very hard. It was just so sad seeing him struggle after his fight with Gaara, it made me just want to jump in the screen and hug him to death. Plus, he's hilarious, sweet, and an extremely hard worker. Love him.

They said his days as a ninja were after he lost his fight to Gaara, but he's still fighting, which shows how strong and determined he is. He is impressive, indeed. Go Lee!

Rock Lee manages to hold his own with almost nothing BUT ninja prodigies through sheer willpower, with no talent to speak of. He is the most passionate and kind soul in the series and probably throughout anime as a whole. He's EASILY the best character in Naruto

So much willpower and determination, he never loses sight of his own convictions or his ninja way. A truly inspirational character that deserves recognition.

Lee alone inspired me to push myself to do my best in school. He influenced me in a way nobody else could

Rock Lee is one of the most enjoyable characters in my opinion. He is so adorable, funny, hard working, intelligent, and sweet. Who wouldn't want a guy that says that he will protect you with his life!? His and Guy's relationship is so sweet and cute. He is one of the fastest, and just because he uses only Taijutsu makes him even better. His little dance and puppy eyes are the cutest things I have ever seen!

He may not be the most powerful out of Naruto characters but he has the best spirit that if paired with any sort of ninjutsu or genjutsu would make him more powerful than any sage that ever lived by the time he reached Itachi's age (obviously his taijutsu is enough to make up for it). Based on BEST CHARACTER alone, Lee is a boss. His character is the most unique and extreme among all the characters of Naruto (apart from Gai Sensei (which still has slight differences). He's the most; perseverant, energetic, strong, righteous (which doesn't always make the best character but who in their right mind would want Lee any other way), (not quite fastest but he'll get there)... He's not yet the most powerful but he's the best character even based on unique personality alone and makes 'Naruto' so much better!

THIS is a character who achieves through will. He wasn't a reincarnation of god, want a child of prophecy. The closet thing he had to destiny was being destined to fail. But through his determination, he achieves. He puts all on the line for his friends, but doesn't have some fox to bail him out.

He is the manliest character of them all. Some say that Naruto is the coolest because of his sheer will and determination, but Rock Lee is the only character that does everything by the sheer power of his persistence. Go rocky! Woo!

Is it weird that I have a huge crush on him? I know he has some...eyebrows, but he's always ready to risk his life to save a comrade and come on, how adorable is he!

A character that's not as talented as everyone else but catches up with them with his extreme dedication and training. This guy right there taught me to not give up no matter how hard your goal seemingly is. Thank you Rock Lee

His Childhood in my opinion is one of the saddest plus he's so cute as a kid Most people think his character was just made up as a punchline but if you really look at his past and the drastic difference between his and Naruto's fighting ability (Without the fox, Naruto would get his butt kicked. ) why would Kishimoto make a punch line stronger than almost all of the other characters?!

If I were to pick any character from the Naruto series to be my friend, it would totally be Rock Lee! He's nice, sweet, funny, cute, hard working, etc. You Rock Lee!

I just wish that he took off those weights every time he fought I mean come on, who is actually fast enough to counter his attacks... He was the first to lay a finger on him, not to mention the fury of kicks

Can't shoot fire out of his face like sasuke or create clones like Naruto, but even without the most essential ninja tools, he was one of the greatest of all ninja.

Awesome everything. His design, his strength, his fighting style, personality, bonds with his sensei, and even his comedy factor. What does this guy NOT have!?

Rock lee is really cool in my opinion he is strong and doesn't even need jutsu to fight also he also trains harder than anyone plus I also like how he is always being himself

Whenever Lee showed up, I just get into high level of excitement because I know something really fun is going to be happen.

This guy's taught me never to give up, and that being born with lack of some traits doesn't mean you are less than anyone, now I train, (workout and run) as hard as I've never been, no excuses, and failure is not an option.

This is the third list I've seen where Lee ranks 8th. He is one of my favorite characters. He even got his own spin off series. I can't ever watch it without dying.

Lee is the fire of youth that burns within us all. Seriously Lee is such a loveable hardworking character and he deserved that little spin off show!

This dude is the epitome of hard work and dedication! Having no natural ability he's had to work 100 times harder than any and everyone else.. And his drunken style is savage!