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Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


I love Sasuke, I see a lot of hate on the internet about him, but I've got my own opinion. I can understand why he's in the dark side right now. But I believe he will come through and Naruto will save him. :) I find Sasuke to be one of the most interesting characters. And although he tries to be evil. It's really not part of his true nature, it's obvious. Have to watch the movie Bonds and see the episodes where he doesn't kill anyone, he just injures them. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens at the end. *Spoiler* Although he says he's going to destroy Konoha, I doubt when the time comes he will have the heart to do so. Yay for Naruto :)))

I feel the most connection to sasuke's story, because he experienced the death of his parents and his entire family as a kid, and I experienced the death of my first cousin who drowned in a lake at camp in front of me when I was a child, but the person who drowned my cousin was never punished because I was the only witness, so in a way seeing him getting revenge helped me to remove the burden of my cousins death. He's like my hero.

SASUKE is the best, I mean he really has had a hard life. He had the best clan and one day he saw his clan dead. In the series they are really trying hard to make him the bad guy but I think he should be the good guy. But it will never happen I mean we know that there will be a battle between Naruto and Sasuke and Naruto will win and become a hokage beacause it is called naruto. Or sasuke will help naruto become hokage and than take revenge as madara did with the first hokage. I want to see Sasuke become a hokage. I mean the uchiha was a founder of the hidden leaf, there should be a uchiha hokage. Madara was a founder of hidden leaf. Itachi died for the hidden leaf and protected it better than the hokages. I think that the second hokage and the third hokage are the true evil ones not the uchiha clan. I want the uchicha clan back!

Sasuke is the best character in Naruto! The show would be so boring without him! I'm like all caught up in the manga (chapter 553) where Sasuke finally shows up again and I'm so excited. It's been so boring without him! Plus, he's a way more strategic fighter than Naruto can ever be! He in my opinion should be the main character! Oh, and I hate that their making Naruto so much like Goku nowadays, like so invincible. Still, I think Sasuke will kick ass!

He's awesome. Naruto would lose against him. Even with the Kyuubi's power, Sasuke now has the power to suppress it ten times over. I'm not saying this because I am a fangirl, cause I'm not, I'm a guy. He just kicks ass.

I know people who often call him a 'whiny emo crybaby', but I think he's quite the opposite. He may have had a rather cold personality in part 1 but he's the most realistic character Naruto has to offer in my opinion. Itachi is great too but I really wish he hadn't gone and killed the Uchiha clan, peace was possible in other ways. If he had at least gone to Sasuke or Hiruzen they probably would've been able to stop the coup, Sasuke probably could've stopped Fugaku and Hiruzen Definitely could've stopped it. I hope that now that he's over his anger after learning the truth about Itachi and hearing the opinions of Itachi and Hashirama about it that he will continue to be the great guy that he is (he's already shown a little of his good side again). My favourite quote from him is "Whatever, loser. "

Sasuke's story is just so sad. He is the true victum of all this hate and fighting inn the shinobi world. Just imagine what his life could have been like. Think of the Road to Ninja movie. I die every time seeing him smile. He could have had such a bright future with that talent that surpasses even Itachi. Tragic for both brothers. Anyways. GO SASUKE!

Sasuke like killed danzo and his susano is amazingly epic plus he has the best sharingan amateretsu and mangekyo. He would also destroy naruto and I think that he should be number 1 naruto should be like 4th and madara should be second then itachi uchiha... Posted by the same guy who said that sasuke would beat naruto in every battle. For the record nine taild fox sucks.

Sasuke for life! I've done about 3 different rants about Sasuke today, so I'm at my end. He has so much character depth, there's no way I couldn't love him. If anyone is worried about what happens to him, don't worry, it all evens itself out. He ends up fine. (Trust me, I've seen all the anime, read all the books (72) and read all the side stories. He is taken care of.) I've always felt so emotionally attached to Sasuke, and Kakashi, and Gaara. (Around halfway through the series, when Naruto becomes at least 25% serious, I get some respect for him and understand him. But I've always understood those three.) But out of all the three, I've worried about Sasuke the most. (Why I read all 72 books and the side stories. It was a huge pain.)

Sure Sasuke can be a prick sometimes but he is good character. He had a lot of people at the edge of there seats in some situations and you have to appreciate someone like this. He is cold for a reason. His clan got slaughtered and instead of trying to see why he decided on revenge until he was told the real reason. He defended Naruto when Sakura was talking, he always comes back hard and he is one of the best fighters. Sure he is petty sometimes like not caring about Taka or Sakura's feelings-don't really care too much about that. He is just cool and makes Naruto what he is today. - narutoallday

Sasuke is one of the most interesting characters in Naruto Shippudden besides being the a cool and composed ninja. His own way of growing up despite of the losing of his clan has shaped up his enigmatic self. Sasuke as everyone knows is the only character who can give you the same thrill and power and excitement which only legendary anime characters have been able to provide over the years! In comparison with Naruto Sasuke sometimes outshines him and that in turn shapes the series allowing Naruto to move forward despite the sadness and sorrow he faces, despite his troubles. At first it looks like he is a jerk but in the current Episodes of the anime and manga we can easily discern the difference between the two forms of sasuke I.E. One before He transforms after talking to Itachi, his beloved brother and swears to change the system of The Hidden Leaf Village by becoming the Hokage and a rival to Naruto once again! Sasuke was the REAL victim of Konoha Yet he decides to follow his ...more

The uchihas have the best story. Sasuke should be able to restore his clan and become hokage. Hope my sex years of following the anime and manga will have a nice end, where it favours the uchiha. A following up with a new anime/ manga with the name uchiha, where Sasuke has restored his clan and it is about them and sasuke. What I want to say is that I got hooked on the serie just because of sasuke and I have followed him six years. I don't want to see him die. Then I will be pissed and dissapointed at Kishi. Just because a person has black hair doesn't mean that you have to be Portrait as the bad character!

Sasuke kicks total but and he technically kills naruto in every battle they fight he even escaped from deidara

may be sasuke is in the darkside but that the reality. I like him because of his hatred it rules him. anybody in his place would do the same. but in the series I want him to recover and to kill madara and become the hero of konoha as itachi's wish.

Sasuke is definitely my favorite character in the series. He is achingly human; a complicated and conflicted character with many facets. No other character went through as much reflection and character development than Sasuke which made him a beautifully layered character. Every one of his words and expressions have a subtle undercurrent. He does not talk for 98% of the time, but when he does, it's like the clouds split open, sunlight hits them in the face and he out-talk-no-jutsus Naruto. He provides a different perspective of the shinobi world than others. Without a doubt the best character in the series.

Sasuke is the best character in the whole story. Without him the story would never have been as famous as it is now. As for me, I don't feel any sort of interest in any of the episodes where Sasuke is not present/ mentioned. His character undergoes transformation throughout the story I.E. his is not a flat character. As compared with him, Naruto is simply nothing. Love you Sasuke Uchiha.

My list would defiantly be Sasuke and his older brother (Itachi), and Madara, that's the only thing I can say. Basically people from the Uchiha Clan, I would consider better than the rest of the Naruto world. But don't get me twisted, there is some people I would classify in my list not from the Uchiha Clan, like the Raikage, and Bee.

So far in the Naruto series, I have three favorite characters Naruto, kakashi and sasuke. Even though I love all three with a burning passion, I have a soft spot for sasuke. I empathize with him a lot and I get his emotional side too. Sasuke does not deserve all the hate he's getting, I mean just imagine if you had gone through the same past as sasuke, experienced the same pain he did... I don't you'd be half as strong as he is

I love sasuke because I can really feel his pain. The confusion his going through on which is the right path to take can be a challenge and it's a very painful path too I know anyone can relate to his problem right now, I know I can.

I think that sasuke is the best because for one he literally destroyed killer bee and he even sucked in the amateratsu and he will soon destroy madara or tobi then kill the elders of the leaf village

I understand sasuke, he has suffered a lot. Suffering in the long run makes you colder and can turn you evil. I'm not justifying hatred and his actions but you can't blame somebody's hatred when that person had suffered that much. Despite all his hatred I can still see good in him. I hope he turns good :(
I like him because he is strong as hell, no matter how powerful his rival is he always fights like a master and manages to win or critically damage his adversary. He is BADASS

Many people may hate him, but he is a strong character and he has his reasons.
He's not an ice cube, be he that way, would he want to break his bonds? Would he want revenge? I don't think so. He's just hurt and deep inside he's a little child who needs protection.

A complex, interesting, smart and hot character.

Hater just gonna hate.

Sasuke is amazing I think he better than kakashi people say Kakashi is better than him because they fought and sasuke lost Sasuke is character that will get the ultimate power which would be itachi eyes and then he will kill Naruto with it ps Kakashi lost to pain

I think sasuke has a great story and is strong. I don't think he would be as strong as he is if it weren't for itachi and Naruto but he is a main character love it or not who has a great story plus he is not just a average fighter I think if Naruto didn't gain full control of the nine-tails sasuke would win not by much but I think he still would win but now Naruto is stronger

Huge sasuke and uchiha fan. Sasuke is the only one who deserves to be hokage. Common, he was the one who had the string to choice the destiny of the hidden leaf and he chose to save it. I don't want to see anything else but him being hokage. what the war ends and now there will be a battle between sasuke and Naruto. It is so predictable: Naruto will talk sasuke through and say think about the good times we had, think about your brother, bla bla. Then Naruto will win and become hokage. Boring, hope Kishi makes the ending unpredictable, like something in favour for the uchihas for once. Like sasuke becoming hokage. The uchihas have suffered enough, I mean madaras brothers got killed in front of him, madara created hidde leaf and got it taken from him eg. I want you to be the first hokage oh no sorry they want me and my brother (hashirama and tobitama), obito sacrificed his eyes and life for his friend just to see his true love be killed by his friend, itachi was ordered to kill at young ...more

Uchiha Sasuke rocks, have you seen the latest manga it is awesome! I can predict the whole manga just because of the manga namne. Konoha will win the war and Naruto will be the next hokage cause he is acknowledged, but Sasuke will not give up that easily he will want to fight Naruto for the title. He will lose ( but really he should win cause he is much, much stronger and smarter than Naruto) and then he will want to take revenge on Konoha. The history (Madara - Hashirma) will repeat itself. It will be the same as it was between Madara and Hashirama. However I think that is stupid, if Sasuke is going to take revenge on Konoha he should take it now, during the fourth war, when he has the power on his side. I mean Sasuke, Madara, Obito, Orochimaru and the hokages (controlled by Orochimaru) will easily win against the others!