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1 Susanoo

Nope, Hashirama's Sage Art- Wood Release True Thousand hands is the most powerful jutsu. It's size is so immense that even a full sized SussanO created by Madara is pretty small compared to it. It can even overpower the ten tails easily but due to it's size it can cause a lot of casualties in battlefield hence Hashirama rarely uses it - aayushgiri

Susanoo is number one without a doubt just think of haveing a giant swordsman, spearman, archer etc. Made entirely out of pure fire that can block any attack or suck you into a different dimension entirely with just one swing of the sword and plus its made with the power of sharingan the most powerful doujutsu with that combination I think I've made my point

Susanoo must not be at the first place because the range of susanoo is not as powerful as the expansive truth seeking ball used by kaguya otsutsuki.
The attack range of susanoo can be a small or large stadium where as the attack range of the expansive truth seeking ball is a small or large planet.
So according to me the expansive truth seeking ball must be at the first place.


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2 Rasengan

Clearly rasengan is the most badass jutsu in Naruto because of it's pure destructive power

I'm guessing that this includes all the types of rasengan, not just the normal one Naruto could do from the first series. If this is so, then it is at least in the top 3.

Its's more accurate more powerful has a bigger blast radius and made a bigger hole in the water storage than the Chidori. anyways what about the tailed beast bomb Rasegan when Naruto merged with Kurama? Or the planetary Rasengan? Dude come on!

It's the best in naruto

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3 Wind Style: Rasen-Shuriken

THIS IS UNBELIEVEABLE! Rasen-shuriken has got to be the most powerful ninjutsu naruto has ever performed. Except tail beast rasengan. Rasen-shuriken kills even the strongest ninjas, even if they suvive (which is impossible), they have lost their ability to control chakra, making them powerless. Rasen-shuriken should be among the top ten, something like 2nd or 3rd place.

The Rasen-Shuriken simply has to be the best Jutsu in the whole of Naruto. I agree the the plain Rasen-Shuriken is pretty boss but its obviously not worth top spot but when Naruto was fighting Six Paths Madara he made the center of the rasen-shuriken Shukaku's Magnetization thing and after that he used Kurama's tailed beast bomb as the core, it was just to OP and that is why it deserves top spot!

This thing is unbelievably strong did you see what he did to Pain no questions place. No5

This is literally a better version of the rasengan whh is above this jutsu. LOGIC

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4 Reaper Death Seal

This should be lower on the list, yes it is quote powerful, but not only is it powerful at the extent of the users life, keep in mind that you can't always one hit kill them, remember the fight between the third homage and orochimaru, the third was only able to take orochimaru's arms at the cost of his life, is it worth it?

You kidding. This jutsu and suck out all your chakra. I'll have no more chakra. I'll be a normal person. But you die too.

Reaper seal is hands down the most powerful jutsu

Clearly it is very strong because the hokage risked his life

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5 Reanimation Jutsu

Edo Tensei could give you a nearly unstoppable and potentially limitless army. Every enemy you defeat is another pawn on the board.

The Necromancy of the Naruto series.

You can get anyone from ninja history get an army of hokage the possibility is limitless

Any one else hear play Call of Duty Zombies... it's like that except you have no guns and instead of Zombies well I mean dumb zombies you have to fight limitless Shinobi who have power enough to surpass hokage. RIP Itachi

Resurrect Kaguya if you had her blood

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6 Amaterasu

Only the wielder can extinguish the flames with difficulty, it is very powerful, nothing can survive amaterasu, the wielder only needs to look at the thing he wants to burn and it will keep on burning till it dies, if you look logically, amaterasu can kill obito even when he is using space time manipulation jutsu.

One of the most pwerfull jutsu in Naruto it's the perfect killing method. Think about it a flame that can never be put out

Come on, you have to admit that burning something or someone just by looking at them is awesome. Plus, the flames never run out? Are you serious? You cannot say that isn't at least cool.


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7 8 Inner Gates

Um Guy used this almost killed Madara solo and didn't have to draw power from anyone or anything else. Best move in Naruto.

The 8 gates formation is the strongest technique ever created because it gives you the power beyond the 5 kage also it was the only technique that could hurt madara

Look what it did to "unbeatable" enemies gaara and madara

People think best means powerful. No, I don't think this is the most powerful jutsu but it looks so cool and is so strong. (I think Edo-Tensei is the most powerful, bring back the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, Atasuki, Madara, Jiraeiya, Orochimaru, Uchiha clan, Kimimaro, Obito, the Kages, anyone else.)

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8 Space-Time Migration

It is the ultimate jutsu. By using it obito can travel to any part of the world within seconds. This is also the Ultimate defense. No one can touch obito while this jutsu is active. He can go ghost and everything just phases through him. Can also be uesd in offense just as easily. Most versatile jutsu ever. This is the Ultimate jutsu no doubt. Should be number 1

I mean really. You can dodge ANYTHING you want and you can't get hurt. Kakashi and Naruto were only lucky when they "defeated" Obito using Kamui, and that's because Kakashi's Sharingan was given to him by Obito. It should at least be second or third place, not eighth.

Yeah apart from Shisui's eys this is the most OP Jutsu there is because number 1 can touch you + you can teleport + I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a time limit unless you run out of chakra but then you can just teleport your self to a different dimension or place.

This is a kamui move

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9 Chidori


I'll assume you include Raikiri in the whole chidori thing, since it is just a stronger chidori. Kakashi is famous for his lightning power, and is smarter than sasuke, don't you think he would've invented all of those other forms? I personally think it's because Raikiri is more powerful than chidori, and harder to control into those other forms, but if kakashi copied them from sasuke he could modify it into Raikiri, like sasuke did with lion combo.

No did you see Itachi easily just grabbed Sasuke's hand chidori can easily be beat.

Lightning blade is just a different form of chidori

Chidori I think is underrated sometimes, ITS OPOPOPOP

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10 Kamui

Kamui is definitely the most powerful jutsu of all. It lets you teleport anything you want including yourself as long as you can see it. This means you can avoid any attack, and when the enemy attacks, you can teleport the attack so that it hits them instead.

Obito can dodge any attack by transporting himself to a different world. They only beat him because Kakashi has the same technique. Nothing can touch him. If he's losing just chil in the other world.

Its Kamui people come on

You can teleport anything in your dimension and teleport your self so nobody could hit you.

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11 Mangekyou Sharingan

It is a better form of sharingan (advanced form) so anyway should be placed above at least the sharingan.

The Mangekyou Sharingan is cool you summon Susanoo with that and you can control Nine Tail with that

I'm gonna guess some people didn't notice this. You'd think it would be placed over the sharingan.

All in one!

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12 Kirin

Summoning a giant lightning creature from the sky and honing in on a target and smiting it with said creature is easily the most OP jutsu.

Although it needs a lot of preparation (at least if a mid-class Shinobi like Sasuke uses it) Kirin is Firetrucking strong, basically undodgeable and - if used by a stronger shinobi with more chakra - probably wouldn't require any preparation and would have even greater power.

Shots lighting from the sky whats not to love about it,

it's cool

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13 Izanagi

Nobody can hit you!

Even Juubi Bomb couldn't kill the user of Izanagi when he uses it and Obito survived Konan's strongest attack.

Top 1 because it controls your faith

Just remind me with Danzo Izanami,that just keep redoing things

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14 Almighty Push

Almighty Push can strike everything around you without moving a muscle, put out Amaterasu flames and destroy a village. Before Pain destroyed the village, he was levitating into the sky! Does that mean that almighty push can make you levitate?

I mean, nothing can go near it because of its almighty push so it is basically the best

I think that this is more powerful because you can destroy an entire village with a wave of the hand plus this would require the rinnegan meaning that you would have the rinnegan


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15 8 Trigrams 64 Palms

This is one of the most powerful jutsu of the whole Naruto series. I am not under estimating the power of other jutsu. The are fine too but no one can over see this jutsu. it is the jutsu developed by the hyuga clan. It includes striking of the 64 chakra points that can stop an enemy from using his or her own chakra and thus weakening them. It is one type of paralysis jutsu. Even in certain cases this jutsu can cause death to the enemy. However this jutsu also has one higher version that is eight trigrams 128 palms that can cause severe internal damage and can kill the enemy. One can train hard to increase the physical abilities but no one can strengthen their internal organs or powers. So strong enemies like itachi, or nagato can do nothing rather than to dodge this attack or to die.

This thing has tons of power speed and awesomeness I think this jutsu should be place At least 7 or 8 its just so cool

You can stop the flow of someone chakra amazing right

It's good because reasons

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16 Summoning Jutsu

Depending on the creature it can be super versatile. Can be used for tracking, fighting, backup, etc.

Just choose creature carefully that suits you and you will become the ass kicker of all badass ninjas

Depending on what u summon

17 Summoning Gedo Mazo

It can legit wipe 100 people out in 3 seconds

You gotta be kidding me. It's GEDO MAZO

It is the best move

The gedo statue can kill people instantly with one jut su. a nd the rinnegan is op allready even without this op summoni ng. t his thing evolves into the ten tails what more do you bloody need?

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18 Chibaku Tensei

This is a joke pains jutsu should be up there

You get to repel every thing

This jutsu is crazy so I give it credit

Even a relatively minor application was only dispelled by a Rasenshuriken, Yasaka Magatama of Itachi's Susanoo, and a tailed beast ball from Killer B. It takes all of that to dispel a minor one? (So 3, a technique of 1, and a technique that should be on here anyways.)

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19 Minato's Rasengan

Duh it minato rasengan he mad it he best well naruto is.

He is the best at wielding it to.

Rasengan is really powerful

Combo'd with Flying Raijin Jutsu and your basically a god, the speed, the damage, Minato is an all around power house

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20 Infinite Tsukuyomi

It puts the world under a dream, it should be number 1, You need the flipping 10 tails power to perform it.

Definitely. It allows you to control the entire world! If that is not powerful, I don't know what is.

You need rinne sharingan to perform this which automatically makes this number 1

You need the third eye to cast it if that's not powerful u have no idea what is

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21 Yin Seal

I mean when Tsunade used it she was able to survive being split in half and survived being stabbed by the susanoo, which was the most powerful technique.

The best for sure!


22 Super Expansion Jutsu

You become extra fat


Quality - Ayazo

23 One Thousand Years of Death

How naruto should've beat nagato

This is a technique that, when Naruto was in his childhood, beat Naruto. Naruto went on to become a God among Shinobi.

Heck, this technique scared, and likely could have beaten Kakashi, the Leaf's Copy Ninja! And when you consider that Kakashi became Hokage without his sharingan, and was scared of the 1KYears of Death even when he HAD sharingan?


One thousand years of death is really funny in the first few episodes


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24 Fireball Jutsu

Spitting out a giant fireball now that's cool

It is the best move the kids use

25 Summoning a Meteor

Its called Planetary Devastation

This is completely different from Planetary Devastation. In that just, you make a meteor, not summon a meteor. by the way this just is called Shattered Heaven. It can summon a meteor which can shake the entire world. Its parent justu, along with Totsuka blade and Indra's Arrow is Susano'o, which is maybe why it is number 1.

This is Tengai Sinshei

26 Chidori Stream

The time sasuke was training with flashbacks of itachi was amazing and then he brings out chidori stream and reks all the targets


27 Sexy Jutsu

You enemies will never see it coming and then you can strike them down.

Makes people fall back and there nose bleed

Listen it worked on god

yeah boy

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28 Shadow Clone Jutsu

Good when the user is powerful, but not good when the user is weak.

You can be anywhere, fastest way to learn something

Dude it is the most iconic

Naruto's first jutsu it is his almighty tactic with out it he cannot perform rasengan or rasen shuriken

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29 Minato's flying thunder God technique

Transport transcending the space-time continuum from a current position to a previously marked location or kunai. Distance is unlimited, low chakra demand and the ability to dodge and attack INSTANTANEOUSLY. There is no doubt that this Jutsu is the peak of what ninjas should be - and Minato is just that, the best.

I've always wanted the ability for years...

Endless attack possibilities...

Should be at the TOP TEN!

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30 Shadow Possesion Jutsu

You can posses almost anyone with this! You can become powerful even if you must be careful!


You can even control people when they're wielding Susanoo, then you basically control Susanoo, Plus the hand sign isn't complicated like the fireball jutsu

31 Curse Mark Second State

This is a form which contains inhumane Chakra. Sasuke In part 1 made it out alive from Naruto because of 2nd state

32 Fire Dragon Jutsu
33 Sage Mode of Hashirama Senju

The sage art of the God of Shinobi enables him to use the strongest jutsu ever: The Buddha statue with a thousand arms.

That is probably one of the most powerful jutsu in the whole of Naruto.

This is undoubtedly the strongest sage mode among naruto's, jiraiya's and kabuto's. this gives him the ability to summon a gian wooden Buddha that could restrain a tailed beast including the ten tails


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34 Sand Burial

I remember when gaara used this in the chunin exams. But the idiot who said that Gaara could kill the entire cast of DBZ is absolute bull.

Sand burial is so awesome

Lots of damage

Not just this technique the whole idea of controling sand is amazing

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35 Izanami

This jutsu makes a bad guy become good

Best and strongest to me

36 God: Nativity of a World of Trees

It can destroy the word man!

It Binds everyone to massive tress and eats there chakra making them white zetsu it might even be stronger then infinite tsukiyomi.

That is the infinite tsukiyomi people

37 Sharingan

The most powerful of the doujutsu without a doubt and can trap you in your nightmares copy any jutsu summon a huge guardian of death burn you with a never ending black fire can change your destiny completely and can warp your foe into a different dimension there is nothing that can too that

Lol meant to say without the sage if the six paths

Bro This Should Be in the top at least 20's

Awesome signature move!

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38 Kyuubi & Susanoo Combination

A Kyuubi and Susanoo... guys look at the name. Susanoo is currently number 1. What about Susanoo AND a kyuubi? That's way stronger than susanoo by itself! Why is this so low? Using logic, right now it should be number 1, beating just regular susanoo!

Kyuubi and Susanoo Combination isn't an attack; it is a formation. The attack is striking the enemy with a Kyuubi-Susanoo sage sword.

I don't think I have to explain why I vote for kyuubi and susanoo combination I think you all know why

Its like nine tails plus susanoo its like Naruto's power plus Sasuke's

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39 Talk No Jutsu

God tier will kill the ten tails and anybody dumb enough to try and stop it. It should be on the negative 1 spot

It stopped everything

very op


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40 Rinnegan

It's powerful, but it's an eye, not a jutsu.

I tottaly think rinnegan should be in top ten I mean it comes from the sage of six paths

(Doujutsu) is the name for the ocular powers such as rinnegan, sharingan, and byakugan. So the visual powers are jutsu. And rinnegan is the strongest.

It should be on top 5 because it's lime the strongest kekkai genkai in the show and with ot pain destroyed the leaf village and all the paths are super op

41 Tailed Beast Planetary Rasenshuriken

Strongest move in terms of damage deserves top 3

Should be top 5

Why is this not top 5

Top 5 at least

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42 Truth-Seeking Ball

Ultimate expansive truth seeking ball look it up

43 Sage Mode

It's basically having the same abilities, but on a much larger scale.

44 Byakugan

The byakugan let's you observe your opponent chakra and strick

If byakugan is in real life you can go peeping without any risk

Lets be serious: It enables you to see more and further, different then the beloved sharingan it allowes you to see through any gen-jutsu, you can see almost 360 degrees arround you so there are no supprise attacks while activated and it builds the fundament of the most effective kind of tai-jutsu: The gentle fist style of the hyuga clan!
Any more questions?

45 Night Guy

This is probably the most powerful attack in the entire series I don't think any character can survive it

This should be No. 1 honestly

In terms of pure power this jutsu is at least in the top 3 of all Jutsus.
There never was a move which could bend space purely to it's power alone, except for this one.

Honestly madera is one of the strongest ninjas and got beaten. Big time!

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46 Heaven Concealed

They are meteors not stars pal

Madara can pull stars literally out of orbit. If Itachi's Susanoo can barely stop the blast of Kirin... Just imagine two stars stacked (one bigger than last) coming. Plus it requires the Rennigan and Susanoo... Just saying - bigballer_7

47 Kotoamatsukami

It should be top ten

This is the strongest jutdu 'cause it can manipulate anyone without them realising it!

"Kotoamatsukami " is the most powerful genjutsu ever performed by Shisui Uchiha and It is number 58.I mean is the sexy jutsu even me powerful then this!

It beat the ido tensei,Like come onn

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48 Feather Illusion Jutsu
49 Tailed Beast Bomb

Why is this not above Rasengan. I mean, this is way more op then Rasengan, especially Naruto's. His Tailed Beast bomb countered 5 other Tailed beast bombs. It even has a bigger blast, explosion, and damage radius. Come on people, this jutsu is overpowered as crap. Like, only ten tails was like, known to be "unharmed" from a tailed beast bomb.

It should be stronger then a lot of the other ones it's a really big bomb caused by one of the most powerful creatures

This is way way better then rasengan or chidori it pure tailed beast chakra

You are right.

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50 Yasaka Magatama
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