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21 Infinite Tsukuyomi

It puts the world under a dream, it should be number 1, You need the flipping 10 tails power to perform it.

Definitely. It allows you to control the entire world! If that is not powerful, I don't know what is.

One second outside can be years in side this Jutsu

Should be in the top 5s

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22 Fireball Jutsu

Spitting out a giant fireball now that's cool

23 Chidori Stream

The time sasuke was training with flashbacks of itachi was amazing and then he brings out chidori stream and reks all the targets


24 Summoning a Meteor

Its called Planetary Devastation

This is completely different from Planetary Devastation. In that just, you make a meteor, not summon a meteor. by the way this just is called Shattered Heaven. It can summon a meteor which can shake the entire world. Its parent justu, along with Totsuka blade and Indra's Arrow is Susano'o, which is maybe why it is number 1.

25 Shadow Possesion Jutsu

You can posses almost anyone with this! You can become powerful even if you must be careful!

You can even control people when they're wielding Susanoo, then you basically control Susanoo, Plus the hand sign isn't complicated like the fireball jutsu

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26 Sage Mode of Hashirama Senju

That is probably one of the most powerful jutsu in the whole of Naruto.

This is undoubtedly the strongest sage mode among naruto's, jiraiya's and kabuto's. this gives him the ability to summon a gian wooden Buddha that could restrain a tailed beast including the ten tails

Shinsu senju

27 Curse Mark Second State

This is a form which contains inhumane Chakra. Sasuke In part 1 made it out alive from Naruto because of 2nd state

28 Sand Burial

I remember when gaara used this in the chunin exams. But the idiot who said that Gaara could kill the entire cast of DBZ is absolute bull.

Gaara could probably kill the entire cast of DBZ. That's because Gaara is the strongest anime character ever.

Not just this technique the whole idea of controling sand is amazing

Lots of damage

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29 Super Expansion Jutsu V 2 Comments
30 Fire Dragon Jutsu
31 God: Nativity of a World of Trees

It Binds everyone to massive tress and eats there chakra making them white zetsu it might even be stronger then infinite tsukiyomi.

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32 Izanami

This jutsu makes a bad guy become good

33 Minato's flying thunder God technique

Transport transcending the space-time continuum from a current position to a previously marked location or kunai. Distance is unlimited, low chakra demand and the ability to dodge and attack INSTANTANEOUSLY. There is no doubt that this Jutsu is the peak of what ninjas should be - and Minato is just that, the best.

I've always wanted the ability for years...

Just knw that with this technique minato can teleport Indra's blade to strike sakuke...just tink about what he did to the ten tails chakra bomb..just think

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34 Shadow Clone Jutsu

Good when the user is powerful, but not good when the user is weak.

You can be anywhere, fastest way to learn something

Naruto's first jutsu it is his almighty tactic with out it he cannot perform rasengan or rasen shuriken

Uses of this technique are near infinite. almost all of Naruto's jutsus are boosted by this jutsu. imagine fighting fighting 1000 enemies at once.
only down side is it requires hell lot of chakra

35 Sharingan

The most powerful of the doujutsu without a doubt and can trap you in your nightmares copy any jutsu summon a huge guardian of death burn you with a never ending black fire can change your destiny completely and can warp your foe into a different dimension there is nothing that can too that

Lol meant to say without the sage if the six paths

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36 Truth-Seeking Ball

Ultimate expansive truth seeking ball look it up

37 Kyuubi & Susanoo Combination

A Kyuubi and Susanoo... guys look at the name. Susanoo is currently number 1. What about Susanoo AND a kyuubi? That's way stronger than susanoo by itself! Why is this so low? Using logic, right now it should be number 1, beating just regular susanoo!

Kyuubi and Susanoo Combination isn't an attack; it is a formation. The attack is striking the enemy with a Kyuubi-Susanoo sage sword.

I don't think I have to explain why I vote for kyuubi and susanoo combination I think you all know why

Susanoo is up is the top why wouldn't this be

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38 Heaven Concealed

Madara can pull stars literally out of orbit. If Itachi's Susanoo can barely stop the blast of Kirin... Just imagine two stars stacked (one bigger than last) coming. Plus it requires the Rennigan and Susanoo... Just saying - bigballer_7

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39 Feather Illusion Jutsu
40 Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push)
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