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61 Planetary Devastation

It summons holders around you as it slowly crushes you and absorbs your chakra. It is impossible to escape. Even all of the tailed beasts couldn't escape it. And the coolest part of it was that you can combine it with sny other jutsu imagine this jutsu "reaper death seal planetary devastation tailed beast bomb rasen-shirking." I guess I went a little overboard with the name but that would be pretty hardcore. This should at least be in the top 15.

I think it's a pretty good jutsu I mean come on pain/Nagato has able kyubi naruto still for a minute

62 600 Billion Paper Bombs

Olit is op bros

Almost killed tobi But ofc we have to go on with arc so he was saved by his eye Nevertheless if he wasnt important he would be dead by all of those paper bombs bish Slay everyoneM KOnan sexiest memeber of the atkatsuki

Konan beats all slutty jutsus with this. - pernz98

63 RasenShuriken

Because its more powerful than rasengan

The best

It's the best jutsu ever and also hardest to learn and master. When Jiraya taught naruto the rasengan, he said it. Since rasengan is the second hardest to master, rashen-shuriken is its bigger and more powerful form it's the best jutsu.

64 Mystical Palm Technique
65 Tengai Shinsei

Pretty much a meteor that destroys the whole area in two seconds. Can't be stopped either because if one meteor can't make it, then the use can just drop another one until the jutsu works.

A gigantic meteor capable of destroying large landscapes... Should be a highly notable mention at least.. It's crazy

Ultimate jutsu of Uchiha Madara in which he draws to meteors in quick succession which destros everything just like a nuke. Ultimate jutsu of Uchiha Madara. Enough Said :P

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66 Limbo

Limbo henhogku, took down every tailed beast, which left them vulnreble to the gedo statue... Also with the sage of the six paths Naruto and sasuke could not damage madara because of limbo

67 Sasuke's Rinnegan
68 Deidara C4 karura

It spreads miniscule bombs in a radius of 5km and destroys every part of the body

69 Hashirama's Thousand Hands

This has to be in the top 5 at least this is stronger that his Wooden Dragon that defeated Madara's Perfect Susanoo.This jutsu can contain any tailed beast including the Ten Tails very few Jutsus can defeat this jutsu like Nagato's Edo tensei but that's about it. I don't know why a susano or a simple rasengan are at the top of this voting list probably little brats that just pick for the fun of it with no idea whatsoever of what true power is in this story

70 Limbo: Border Jail

Amazing Jutsu, you have clones of yourself so powerful they can block six paths powers and defend you anytime...

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71 Frill Necked Lizard

The greatest jutsu of all times.

The ultimate justsu tobi stands downside and then his akatsuki robe flips that's all. What, what do you want rasen-chidori.

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72 Tsukuyomi

I can't take this list seriously if this jutsu is down here. Itachi defeated kakashi in a blink with this. Total control of someones mind, you can cause the victim extreme pain, fear, everything. I can't see how someone can survive this jutsu. Itachi's ulimate jutsu.

Umm, I don't know why this isn't up there at all. It's basically one of the strongest Genjutsus ever! You get stuck in a world and get tortured for 72 hours. Then when it's over you have serious mental damage.

1 WORD:This is awesome it took down kakashi sensei in less than a milisecond without even trying and 1 milisecond in the outside world is about more than 3 days in TSUKUYOMI and when Itachi uses it he can slow down the time so about 1 minute is 1 second as observed when he uses it on Kakashi but the only downside is that it slightly blurs the left eye

*1 second is 1 minute. Sorry

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73 Earth Grudge Fear

A secret kinjutsu of Takigakure which transforms the user's body into something similar to that of a rag-doll's, held together by hundreds of thick black threads.

74 Rinne Art of Rebirth

A jutsu Nagato uses to revive everyone who died in a battle that destroyed a good portion of the hidden leaf.

75 Sand Coffin

This should be much higher on the list. You surround your enemies with sand and suffocate them while squishing them to nothingness. This is really good for a quick, easy cleanup after sweeping a battle.

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76 Harem Technique
77 Secret Crystal Ice Mirrors Jutsu

Sasuke and Naruto pretty much wouldn't have beat this if Naruto hadn't gone crazy. It's pretty OP

78 Particle Style Atomic Dismantling

Can only be harnessed by a Kekkei Tota yielder... The only way to survive from it is to evade it real quick or absorb it using Rinnegan... Otherwise, one will turn into dust... Crazy!

79 Final Truth Seeking Orb
80 Amenominaka
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