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81 Juubi Rinnegan
82 Tsukinome

This move is so bad ass all you do is look in there eyes and boom your unconius

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83 Kuchiyose No Jutsu
84 Rasengan Beam V 2 Comments
85 Atomic Dismantling Jutsu

Do you have a problem, well not any more, how many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop? What tootsie pop

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86 8 Trigrams Air Palms
87 Spider Bow Fierce Rip
88 Water Dragon Jutsu V 1 Comment
89 Mind Transfer Jutsu

Ino is so hot, and her mind transfer jutsu is rly useful! -

90 Cherry Blossom Impact

Laugh out loud it just blow the roof of you know!

Have you seen how she cracked the earth?!
Enough said don't you think?
Yeah I think this is the best jutsu ever and not as easy as some might think.

This is a technique which can only be used by the 1st hokage, this is a powerful technique that could kill millions of ninjas in just one seal

Sakura uses this jutsu

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91 Striking Shadow Snake
92 Sabaku Taiso

It is a massive jutsu that can destroy villages in 1sec.. Gaara sucks!

It is a massive jutsu that can destroy villages in 1 second.. GAARA RULES!

93 Big Ball Rasenshuriken

Hey people watch top 20 strongest rasengans on YouTube and look at this and vote

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94 Mind Switch Jutsu
95 Pain's Animal Path

Now that is something else, imagine being able to summon any large or Small animal without even having signed a contract... AWESOME!?!

96 Lariat
97 Sand Tsunami
98 Kurama Mode (Naruto)

It is the nine tailed beasts power infused with naruto

Kurama mode nearly competes with sasuke's susanoo and its badass

99 Katon: Gouka Mekkyaku

Your site is a jerk

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100 Kujaku

This is a really strong jutsu, I know its not the strongest but I think you can agree with me when I say its cool. This jutsu is good for defense as well as attack, you can also fly,create chakra beasts.

There is only really 2 problems with this.
Problem 1: A higher leveled ninja who uses the kujaku can absorb you kujaku chakra and then you pass out, of course a while you will regain consciousness however while you are are knocked out they could kill you.
Problem 2: By doing the star training and using the kujaku you could die at any time.

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