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81 Secret Crystal Ice Mirrors Jutsu

Sasuke and Naruto pretty much wouldn't have beat this if Naruto hadn't gone crazy. It's pretty OP

82 Rasengan Beam V 2 Comments
83 Particle Style Atomic Dismantling

Can only be harnessed by a Kekkei Tota yielder... The only way to survive from it is to evade it real quick or absorb it using Rinnegan... Otherwise, one will turn into dust... Crazy!

84 8 Trigrams Air Palms
85 Spider Bow Fierce Rip
86 Sabaku Taiso

It is a massive jutsu that can destroy villages in 1sec.. Gaara sucks!

It is a massive jutsu that can destroy villages in 1 second.. GAARA RULES!

87 Mind Switch Jutsu
88 Pain's Animal Path

Now that is something else, imagine being able to summon any large or Small animal without even having signed a contract... AWESOME!?!

89 Lariat
90 Sand Tsunami
91 Atomic Dismantling Jutsu

Do you have a problem, well not any more, how many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop? What tootsie pop

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92 Katon: Gouka Mekkyaku

Your site is a jerk

V 1 Comment
93 Kujaku

This is a really strong jutsu, I know its not the strongest but I think you can agree with me when I say its cool. This jutsu is good for defense as well as attack, you can also fly,create chakra beasts.

There is only really 2 problems with this.
Problem 1: A higher leveled ninja who uses the kujaku can absorb you kujaku chakra and then you pass out, of course a while you will regain consciousness however while you are are knocked out they could kill you.
Problem 2: By doing the star training and using the kujaku you could die at any time.

94 Kurama Mode (Naruto)

It is the nine tailed beasts power infused with naruto

Kurama mode nearly competes with sasuke's susanoo and its badass

95 Mind Transfer Jutsu

Ino is so hot, and her mind transfer jutsu is rly useful! -

96 Big Ball Rasenshuriken

Hey people watch top 20 strongest rasengans on YouTube and look at this and vote

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97 Water Dragon Jutsu V 1 Comment
98 Cherry Blossom Impact

Laugh out loud it just blow the roof of you know!

Have you seen how she cracked the earth?!
Enough said don't you think?
Yeah I think this is the best jutsu ever and not as easy as some might think.

This is a technique which can only be used by the 1st hokage, this is a powerful technique that could kill millions of ninjas in just one seal

Sakura uses this jutsu

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99 Striking Shadow Snake
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