Best Naruto Kages

Some of the strongest kages of Naruto. Please vote. Ya don't have to agree with others

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1 Hashirama Senju Hashirama Senju

Able to tame the tailed beasts. Hashirama was able to fight Madara for an entire day and in the end win. He is considered the "God of Shinobi." Even Minato was sweating when he saw Hashirama's power.

Hashirama is known as "The perfect ninja." He defeated Madara while taking on the 9 tails. that's pure power right there. He could tame 7/9 of the tail beasts as well.

He took down madara+nine tails. Minato fought to a draw with the nine tails. Hashirama is clearly stronger by far.

-Subdued multiple Tailed Beasts. Other kages only able to handle one at a time. (3rd Kazekage against 1 Tails, 3rd Raikage against 8 Tails, 4th Hokage against 9 Tails)
-Defeated Madara twice. (Second time Madara had the 9 Tails)
-Created and is the only natural Wood Style user.
-Started the ninja village system

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2 Minato

He is one of the fastest shinobi, the creator of rasengan, and he knows the teleportation jutsu. He moves almost or as fast as the speed of light

Fastest shinobi, has access to the nine tails, and has sage mode. If he had lived to at least 40 he would be nearing madara levels of strength

Minato should be first as known as the strongest kage

he hotter

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3 Naruto - The Sixth Hokage

To be honest, by the end of the manga, Naruto is easily the strongest. He was already acknowledged by Tobirama to be on par with Hashirama; he even received Asura blessing from Hagoromo and Sync with all 9 tailed beasts after that. Not to mention, he also learned Minato's body flicker (and probably more in the latter years).

He should be higher up in the list because he is stronger than some of the kages previous on this list.

Are you kidding me? Naruto is awesome! He should be at the top, honestly. Look what he's done!

Naruto is Easy the strongest living kage just right now

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4 Hiruzen Sarutobi Hiruzen Sarutobi

He is so old and still moves so fast and almost beat orochimaru and the first and second hokage's. Sorry about my grammar

The list is for the best Kages and not the strongest. So, Hiruzen deserves the top spot.

I think this should be tobirama

Ororchimaru said if Hiruzen was 20 years younger he would have no chance of beating Hiruzen.

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5 Tobirama Senju Tobirama Senju

He's a seriously underrated character. He is almost on par with Minato and Hashirama

He is the brother of one of the strongest kage. He can reincarnate people or reanimate what ever floats everyone's boat :D

He was able to feel the number enemies around, by only touching the floor with his fingers

Without him most characters wouldn't have their great moves

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6 Tsunade Tsunade

Tsunade is better than Kakashi. She improved the medical facilities of the village to great extend which lead to more healthy shinobi. For example she healed Rock Lee, Choji (during Sasuke's recovery mission) etc. She even turned Sakura into something useful which Kakashi couldn't. She has vast knowledge of not only medical but other things as well. Kakashi has one jutsu I.E., chidori and others are derived from the sharingan from Obito. Tsunade has achieved so much on her own like summoning a giant slug, super strength, 100 sealing jutsu (which I think is superior to chidori). In the fight of kages vs Madara, all of the kages would have been dead if Kakashi was there instead of Tsunade. She is the best medic ninja, strongest Kunoichi in Naruto world and one of the legendary sanins. Even Orochimaru once said that one punch from Tsunade is all that it takes for death.

Kakashi is stronger but not better and kakashi is not a hokage and every other person on this list is stronger than tsunade but well not in arm reselling but you know what I mean

Tsunade is powerful ya know that

Rebuilt Konaha.

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7 The 3rd Raikage

He chopped off all of 8 tails tentacles and is said to be the only one to be able to fight Tailed Beasts hand-to-hand.

Impenetrable defense, and the best offense, he is the best. The only reason why he died was because he killed himself with his spear

A was the only force that could penetrate his own defense. Naruto is the best but A follows closely!

He took on 10, 000 shinobi and lasted 3 days. He has a vey high chakra level

8 The 3rd Tsukikage

He has dust particle style which can turn people into dust. He almost killed sasuke but madara stopped it and he can make him and others fly

When the five kages fight madara he is the one that madara fears the most and tries to get rid of - also the fact that he is really old (only third tsuchikage and Konoha, Suna, and Kiri are on their fifth kages) but is still a beast (he's older than hiruzen)

No I think the 2nd taiko kage is stronger or at the same strength

9 Kakashi Hatake Kakashi Hatake Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Kakashi was the sixth hokage after the fourth shinobi world war and I think he should be in the top 8

He's far better than Tsunade!

How can you miss him?
He is far stronger than others on this list

Kakashi raiton shiden

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10 Second Mizukage

The Contenders

11 Third Raikage

How is he not on the list? If anything he is first due to his great defense and even better offense. His strength is unbelievable

How is 3rd Raikage and third Raikage different?! He is already on d list!

12 Gaara Gaara Gaara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is the jinchuuriki of the one-tailed shukaku and can control sand that is stored in his gourd.

He's very young yet he is able to hold ground against the strongest people. Now just think of how much stronger he can be in a couple years or so.

He is the wielder of sand and has one of the best defenses

Best character in Naruto! He is so young but Over Powered! (Gangsters say OP these days! )

he has magnet release also which he inherented from his father which means that he can use gold sand also
Which makes him tons more stronger
For the record he hasn't used it in anime

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13 Yagura

Yagura is the 3 tails

Done end of story

He was the three tails jinchuuriki. He was one of those special jinchuuriki that actually knew how to control his beast. He has the bjuu bomb

14 Mu-Sama

Well,he can split his body into two, he can fly, looks badass,Kekkei Touta(Jinton Realase) and a teacher of well known Oonoki(3rd Tsuchikage).

15 Third Kazekage
16 Mei

Mei is hot and can use three chakra natures. She already has 2 kekke genkai and is capable of producing wood using water and earth as well as producing her own kekke tota. She is also just and worked really hard to bring the mist village out of the shadows of the bloody mist title.

Mei Terumi is a very skilled kunoichi. She also had a Kekkei Genkai like Lava Release and Boil Release. In the anime, she showed Water Style Justus. Using her Boil Release, she could melt the Susanoo ribcage of Sasuke in the Kage Summit and she could minimize the acidity of her jutsu so that it will not leak out to the other Kages.

I think Mei is super cool
And should be like 5th
She has two kekkei genkai witch is powerful enough to melt even itachi's trumpet card
#Ishrat. P

Mei should be like 5th
She has two kekkei genkai witch can
Melt Itachi's trumpet card
#Ishrat. P
# Wakeel. M

17 The Last Raikage

His lariat is cool. He is the brother of the 8 tails and has good fighting

He was so cool then Masashi Kishimoto ruined him like every character - SunGoku

18 Black Guy Kage

He is fast

19 Danzo Shimura Danzo Shimura

What the hell!? Why is danzo not even on the list. I agree he lost to sasuke but that is only because his right eye did not recover from the kage's summit. and if madara or karin were not there I am pretty sure he would have crushed sasuke. The ability to turn whatever you don't like into a dream! What an amazing power!

Check your facts mate. You are mostly right but he only got his power from Orochimaru through illegal means. That's how he got 10 Sharingan and Senju cells.

20 Third Mizukage
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