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Naruto is best known as one of most popular Anime nowadays! And to be this popular, there are a bunches of factor that made it. One of that is the Opening Song! Here in this list, you can show your opinion by voting any song you like and enjoy the most in Naruto! What's your MOST FAVORITE NARUTO OPENING of all time? Both Original Naruto & Shippuden version, that is... anyways, FEEL FREE TO VOTE ^_^

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1 Sign by Flow - Shippuden #6

This song... Oh my god! It's amazing! Fantastic! The graphics are really good, the song itself is incredibly catchy, and the lyrics... They mean so much to me. I'm always singing this song every day and I find that the placement of the song and lyrics linking with Sasuke vs Itachi... So emotional too... The feels! Inventive graphics again and a creative and amazing spin on Naruto. There is so much more I want to say but I'd probably end up repeating myself. I LOVE THIS SONG!

The best anime opening theme maybe ever. The song has amazing graphics with very emotional lyrics. This arc (which is my favorite) easily became the peak of Intensity within Naruto. I almost start crying whenever I hear this song. The nostalgia is REAL.

The song lyrics are so good that first time it filled me with warmth in my bottom heart.

No other intro in the show has you feeling the loss of the characters quite like this one. Jiraiya’s rise and fall to the beat of the music is epic and emotional. It blows the other intros out of the water

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2 Silhouette by KANA-BOON - Naruto Shippuden #16

I LOVE the part where naruto is running through the battle chasing after sasuke and growing into a total boss

Yes, it's true that Sign In Flow is amazing but I love Silhouette more. It's really catchy and beautiful. - Haterssuck

The graphics and the animation of it is just so cool. The song itself is amazing!

The music fits in well with the animation

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3 DIVER by NICO Touches The Walls - Shippuden #8

Best Naruto Opening song with the best meaning of what Naruto is all about! A child falling into darkness, then saved by friends and loved ones and once saved he gets ready and goes back to this darkness to save one friend! Definitely the Best!

I ally like diver because it remind me of many things also it shows no matter what when Naruto will loose hope his friends will always be there for him and will help him not to fall in the darkness like sasuke

Nico touches the wall Rocks

Naruto in 1 minute

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4 Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung-fu Generation - Naruto #2

The Song has just about every thing you need to know about the show

This song reminds me of the time I discovered Naruto.
Already nine years of love - irismatidia

I'm here to bring my AKFG support!
You guys don't understand how OFTEN I am singing this song!
So catchy!
We need more songs like this!

5 GO!!! by Flow - Naruto #4

Favorite arc and I don't this opening just gives you like the energy to dance and sing to it. Plus the graphic are perfectly match with the song. I just love it.

No song fits Naruto better than this one! It really sets the mood for the show, and the graphics go with it perfectly!

Such a hype song. You can't help but feel pumped for an episode after listening to this.

This song should be in number 3

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6 Blue Bird by Ikimonogakari - Shippuden #3

Love this song, great memories about it... I've never watched Naruto and I love this song!

Guys this songs really good it should be higher

Great song in general. Catchy and beautiful

Best one

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7 Namikaze Satellite by Snowkel - Naruto #7

Best best best best


8 Hero's Come Back by Nobodyknows+ - Shippuden #1

The song is just pure hype in every way

The best opening ever

Man that's damn good! loved it! already 6 years of love

9 Moshimo - Shippuden #12

Best Opening in my opinion


10 Lovers by 7!!! Oops - Shippuden #9

While there definitely are some better openings on this list, I feel like this one is incredibly underrated. Seriously surprised it isn't higher up

So much in the song and visuals this song needs to be higher on this list

This song should we way higher on this list!

This song is amazing

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The Contenders

11 Tomei Datta Sekai by Motohiro Hata - Shippuden #7

Best one! Best opening ever! It's the first and only one that made me get so excited that I would start dancing and singing along with it every time.
Its build is phenomenal: from Jaraiya writing to Naruto clashing with Pain, everything gets intensified.



The only one opening equals to Sign,absolutely love this,the drama so epic

12 Re:member by Flow - Naruto #8

This is childhood and the dreams... guys why did we forget?

why none

13 Niwaka Ame Nimo Makezu by NICO Touches the Wall - Naruto Shippuden #13

Both visually stunning and musically appealing! Telling us to "seize the moment for yourself," this embodies Naruto as a whole.

This song Rocks! For me is the best opening of all time for Naruto.

Awesome music and motivatonal

Honestly I prefer Diver, Haruka Kanata and Silhouette but this one needs more love especially when it has such an amazingly animated action scene.
Also, can someone please tell me why Hero's Come Back is so high up becasue I just find it crigney with generally (not 100%) bad visuals.

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14 Hotaru no Hikari by Ikimono-gakari - Shippuden #5

This is my favorite

15 Yurayura - Hearts Grow

Only reason this isn't number 1 is cause most people didn't watch the original series til the end.

16 Wavering - OP 9

Great song, great visuals and amazing arc. This is where the anime is started to first heat up for the war

love it

17 Far Away - OP 2
18 CLOSER by Joe Inoue - Shippuden #4

Catchy, Inspirational and the lyrics fits perfectly for that arc. Best Naruto Shippuden Opening for me

This song came at the right arc, pretty motivational lyrics and catchy.

The tune of this song symbolizes freedom to do whatever you want

Amazing lyrics, it was great that they gave someone that’s not called Naruto or Sasuke some protagonism
Shikamaru’s face and Asuma’s silhouette made it for me

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19 Seishun Kyosokyoku by Sambomaster - Naruto #5

Very underrated, I see. - irismatidia

Love the guitar riffs

The pure emotion of this one is excellent. it's a really good way of showing the irreparable rift growing between naruto and sasuke as well as the introduction to the mission to bring him back. also seeing the intro change with all the changes in the arc is awesome as well.

20 Distance - Shippuden OP 2


I like the visuals and the song!
It's my favorite because that and the energie I get from watching this intro!

21 Kara No Kokoro - Anly #20

Best opening song. It is awesome song.

22 Kanashimi Wo Yasashisa Ni - Naruto #3
23 Blood Circulator by Asian Kung-fu Generation - Shippuden #19

The best opening - Riverstone

Brings back memories of the past series before going to Boruto

24 Guren - Does Shippuden #15

This one is the real best of all

Best song

25 Rise Tsuyosa by Jeremy Sweet - Naruto #1

The original.

I mean... who actually skipped this theme song.


26 Size of the Moon - Shipped #14

It's the best other than blue bird and silhouette

27 Glow of a Firefly - Ikimono Gakari

This song is amazing! I honestly thought this would be number 1. If you haven't heard this yet, I suggest you do it and change your vote!

28 Wave Wind Satellite - OP 7
29 ROCKS by Hound Dog - Naruto #1

I mean its like the basic opening so I didn't like the musi so much but still amzing

30 Baton Road - KANA BOON Boruto opening #1

Just putting it out there now that the Boruto series is out. In case if you people are living under a rock, it's basically about naruto's son, boruto

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