Best Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Openings

Naruto is best known as one of most popular Anime nowadays! And to be this popular, there are a bunches of factor that made it. One of that is the Opening Song! Here in this list, you can show your opinion by voting any song you like and enjoy the most in Naruto! What's your MOST FAVORITE NARUTO OPENING of all time? Both Original Naruto & Shippuden version, that is... anyways, FEEL FREE TO VOTE ^_^

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21 Guren - Does Shippuden #15

This one is the real best of all

22 Lovers by 7!!! Oops - Shippuden #9

While there definitely are some better openings on this list, I feel like this one is incredibly underrated. Seriously surprised it isn't higher up

So much in the song and visuals this song needs to be higher on this list


23 Kara No Kokoro - Anly #20

Best opening song. It is awesome song.

24 Size of the Moon - Shipped #14
25 Glow of a Firefly - Ikimono Gakari
26 Tomei Datta Sekai by Motohiro Hata - Shippuden #7

Best one! Best opening ever! It's the first and only one that made me get so excited that I would start dancing and singing along with it every time.
Its build is phenomenal: from Jaraiya writing to Naruto clashing with Pain, everything gets intensified.

The only one opening equals to Sign,absolutely love this,the drama so epic

27 ROCKS by Hound Dog - Naruto #1
28 Wave Wind Satellite - OP 7
29 Baton Road - KANA BOON Boruto opening #1

Just putting it out there now that the Boruto series is out. In case if you people are living under a rock, it's basically about naruto's son, boruto

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2. Yurayura - Hearts Grow
3. Niwaka Ame Nimo Makezu by NICO Touches the Wall - Naruto Shippuden #13
1. Blue Bird by Ikimonogakari - Shippuden #3
2. Hotaru no Hikari by Ikimono-gakari - Shippuden #5
3. Tomei Datta Sekai by Motohiro Hata - Shippuden #7

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