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1 N.Y. State of Mind N.Y. State of Mind Cover Art


Nas goes hardcore and spits sick lyrics through the entire song, making it a performance to remember! His best work by far!

The greatest rap song in history! It is a true classic beyond rap and was way ahead of its prime!

Nas best song ever! And quite possibly the greatest hip hop song of all time!

Classic and legendary song, that beat it's just a masterpiece from the classic urban style.

2 The World is Yours The World is Yours Cover Art

One Mic is a Great Song but the World is Yours has really everything that a Great Song Dead!
-Lyrically can't it better
-Greatest Flow
-one of the Best Beats ever made in the hip Hop history

My all time favorite Nas song- and since Nas is my favorite rapper I guess this is my favorite rap song overall. The lyrics are unmatched by any other rap and the beat is out of this world.. Which, by the way, is yours.

The beat and the lyrics are amazing, even the title just tells you about it, The world is yours what a song!

The best piece of work I have ever heard from Nas and the best track from Illmatic, so good, listen to the lyrics, Nas is the best lyricist!

3 One Mic One Mic Cover Art

Best thing in Stillmatic and probably one of the Top Na's charts ever.

Best song ever the lyrical content in this song is so deep it is difficult to work out but that added to the greatness. It takes skill to rap slowly and get louder.

World class, shows the resurrection of Nas after Nastradamus

His lyrics in this are amazing and I love how his flow changes, 1 of my favourite songs ever

4 It Ain't Hard to Tell It Ain't Hard to Tell Cover Art

The beat in the background when he is rapping makes this my favourite Nas song and smart catchy lyrics, but I love all of his songs!

Godlike lyrical content, smooth beat that you can never get out of your head and flow that rides the beat like Benz. My personal favourite from the greatest album of all time "Illmatic".

"Deep like the shining, sparkle like a diamond, sneak a uzi on the island in my army jacket linin' "..

Best song of Nas and one of the best in the history of hip-hop.The lyrics, the beat, his flow...everything is godlike


Witty rhymes, dope beat with a lot of bass, and the best song (commercially) on Illmatic! A classic that really sums up the whole album! What else do you need in a song?

5 Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) Cover Art

A dope beat, awesome and catchy chorus line, nice lyrics, this is what Nas is about! The best track from 'Illmatic'

This song should be above Hero and The world is yours. This is Nas' best hit and it is so much better than One Mic!

memory lane... nuff said
the greatness of this song is extreme. should be in first place if you ask me.

YES! Finally a list with this so high! This song is perfect. The beat is 10/10, the lyrics 10/10, the flow 10/10, heck the entire song 11/10

6 Nas is Like Nas is Like Cover Art



The best is amazing and the lyrical skill of Nas is also amazing! The greatest performance made by Nas, and the album I Am... is one of the best works ever made!

Can't go past this song
Nas is genius
Fluent and eloquent
Everything artists now wish they could be!

Every verse in this song is incredible, and this is definitely up there with memory lane, ny state of mind, ether, and one mic. This song deserves much more credit. An exceptional song from a mediocre album.

7 The Message The Message Cover Art

Love the background music, awesome lyrics, One of Nas's best tracks. Awesome! I never sleep, because sleep is the cousin of death!

Deep song and great lyrics.

Sick beat, great flow, raw lyrics and masterful storytelling making this song leave a haunting impression even after listening countless times and cementing itself as one of the greatest rap songs of all time.

As much as everyone likes the beat its actually a sample from Sting's song 'Shape of my heart' so. Still a great song though

8 If I Ruled the World If I Ruled the World Cover Art

One of the greatest songs of all time. Lyrically the most amazing rap song. A real classic and thank god it is in the top ten

One of the greatest songs of all time, and better than any song on this list by a long shot! Lyrically it is a masterpiece of Nas and has a nice flow!

Greatest song of all time, not just rap but of all time! It has a nice beat and amazing lyrics, he talks about the worlds problems

Should definitely be number one hands down. Greatest rap song ever. Flow, Beat, Delivery, Hook, Chorus, and I don't even have to talk about how lyrical this is, because every Nas fan already knows.

9 Ether Ether Cover Art

He absolutely destroyed Jay-Z on this track, and I think this is arguably one of the greatest rap songs of all time. It is definitely my favorite dis song, that is without a doubt. Great work with this one, Nas! PS, I just wish I knew what "Ether" meant.

One of the most lyrical tracks in history, it totally pawned Jay-Z in the ultimate battle for New York

The song that started NAs' reign as the king of New York. It has some nice beats and amazing lyrics, plus he disses Jay-Z

I agree with #1 but I'm voting for this because this needs to be much higher. He absolutely killed Jay-Z on this track, my favourite diss song of all time.

10 Represent Represent Cover Art

awesome song...lyrically good and love the beat

Damn this song is great, the lyrics are insane and the beat is cool!

My favourite beat ever, this song is amazing! Should easily be top 5

The damn beat is retarded. One of the best songs I've ever heard

The Contenders

11 Life's a Bitch Life's a Bitch Cover Art

Az really mad the song so good but nas had the best line "that buck that bought a bottle coulda struck the lotto"

That's why we get high, 'cause you never know when you gonna go

It looks at how life can be bad but also how they have hope.

Why is this so low? I voted for "The Message" but this should be top 6

12 One Love One Love Cover Art

Relaxing beat and You'll head bop to these lyrics all day.

Should be higher, dope beat with a message, really got that nyc feel

Great beat, plus it's in Illmatic so it just counts as the best.

One of favorite songs from nas and the beat is dope

13 I Gave You Power I Gave You Power Cover Art

He raps about what a gun goes through. His lyrical messages are unbelievable and he is one of the best rappers of all time.

Probably one of the most lyrical songs crafted by Nas which birthed an equally great track by Tupac.

The most original concept and dope storytelling already listened like a 1000 times

When Pac feels obliged to borrow the theme, nothing more need be said.

14 Halftime Halftime Cover Art

"Nas, why did you do it? You know you got the mad phat fluid when you rhyme... It's half-time." - the line that describes itself

This song is so sick, for sure my favorite. As well as represent and it ain't hard to tell

Unreal song, lyricism is top notch as always and the beat is just something else!

So UNDERRATED. Flow is sick, lyrics are sick, beat is sick, creative flow as well. Amazing track.

15 Hate Me Now Hate Me Now Cover Art

Why do so many people not like this song? The beat is really good and the lyrics are great too.. Should be top 3 along with ny state of mind and one mic.

Best song with best lyrics better than all the above mentioned. Where he shares all the frustration with people about how people started hating him...

Damn good man!

He's so intense and ferocious on this song you can hear his passion through the mic you gotta love this song

This song is amazing, needs to be top 10. Sick beat and lyrics. Puff Daddy does good as well

16 Made You Look Made You Look Cover Art

Newness here's the anthem put ya hands up that ya shoot wit count ya loot wit push the pool stick in ya new crib same hand that ya hoop wit swing around like ya stupid king of the town yeah I been that u know I click clack where u and ya mens at do the smurf do the wop baseball bat rooftop like we bringin '88 back

Nas is the best half man half amazing

"Newness Anthem", just shows how superior Nas is over any other rapper!

I personal think this is the best. Because in this song he goes into complete gangsta mode.

This should be at least in the top 5, one of his best songs

17 Purple Purple Cover Art

Yo gotta listen to this man, the flow is sick, instrumental is sick, lyrics is sick, seriously what more do you need man

One of the songs that makes you think Nas is the most lyrical rapper ever

look it up its on the lost tapes

Should be way higher, flawless flow, crazy instrumental and just a lyrical masterpiece

18 Street Dreams Street Dreams Cover Art

Maybe I'm the only one but I think this song's better than 2pac's

Should be top three. Hear this song then you will know.

Great song enough said

Such an amazing beat, he tears apart every bar.

19 Hip Hop is Dead Hip Hop is Dead Cover Art

The beat is so good, so are the lyrics. Great hip hop song.

That one is amazing and it has some kind of pop appeal, I really love it

Good concept, good sampling, but he can't even stay on topic very well. It shows off the weak side of nas lyricism, rather than the strong side shown in I gave you power, the message, N.Y. State of mind, etc. One of his worst in my opinion

Great song, not his best, but still good

20 I Can I Can Cover Art

Nas nailed it with this song, it is one of the best rap songs I have ever heard! It has a good beat, good lyrics, and meaning this combination is very rare.

Nas delivers a song with a good message while keeping his musical personality and without being corny or unoriginal.

Prime example of Nas incredible story telling ability. All tree verses are just unreal.

Great message, great song. Even with all of the children, it's a great song

21 Rule Rule Cover Art

I can't believe this isn't in the top 10. Maybe its just me, but I think this is clearly one of Nas' Best songs ever. Great flow, and vibes

I don't understand how this isn't in the top 10. Rule is by far my favorite Nas song. very mellow song, got a nice flow and the lyrics are well written. It's a song that you can listen to all the time, just gets you vibin'. I love it.

Definitely a top 10 song

22 Dance Dance Cover Art

Beautiful song about his moms death. Great emotion and one of the best rap songs eve

An absolutely touching song dedicated to the deceased mother of the King of New York. Definitely deserves to be higher on this list.

One of the most touching songs I've heard. He does Dear Mama better than Dear Mama

This deserves to be higher on that list to be honest.

23 Last Real N**** Alive Last Real N**** Alive Cover Art

This song should get some credit he spoke true on this song about other rappers in the game. The one and only king of New York.

One of nas most underrated songs, lyrics on point, beat on point!

24 Nasty Nasty Cover Art

It shows everyone that Nas is back to take the throne as best Rapper once more!

Nas hasn't aged a bit with this filthy street anthem

25 N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. II N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. II Cover Art

Beautiful production and great storytelling. Not the best but I would put it in top 15. Memory Lane and Get Down are the best

This is a pretty good song, nowhere near as good as N.Y. Sate of Mind (part 1) but still good

As good as pt 1

In my opinion one of the best hip hop songs ever made

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