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21 Rule Rule

I can't believe this isn't in the top 10. Maybe its just me, but I think this is clearly one of Nas' Best songs ever. Great flow, and vibes

I don't understand how this isn't in the top 10. Rule is by far my favorite Nas song. very mellow song, got a nice flow and the lyrics are well written. It's a song that you can listen to all the time, just gets you vibin'. I love it.

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22 Daughters Daughters

His best song with a great story that he tells in years it definitely deserves to be in the top 20 at least

Dope and touching! Wonderful story-telling skills from the best of all time!

23 Nasty Nasty

It shows everyone that Nas is back to take the throne as best Rapper once more!

24 Got Ur Self a Gun

How is this so low I love this song

Hard to get in the top ten with a guy like nas, but I honestly think it could be, if not only for the beat alone. Nas sounds do engaged and motivated in this track and the thumping beat just fits perfectly with Nas' flow and rhymes. Nas' lyrics don't blow you away here, but he dosen't ever get cheesy or off topic. - Themusicman

Nas goes pretty hard here. Not too lyrical but something you can bump to feel more thick-skinned and fierce. - JiggaMan

Should be top 10 at least! Love this song

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25 Rewind Rewind

This is a great song, the lyrics are truly remarkable, must be Nas at his best - roblist

Complete lyricism at the absolute best.

Shocked to see it this low. Nas spits better than most rappers do forwards - Themusicman

Should be higher, only a genius can do a song like this. - EMBIGNASPAC

26 Doo Rags Doo Rags

Man this song is just superb. One just cannot match Nas when it comes to poetry.

Best track in TLP, just over Purple. This song so s beautiful, relaxing beat, amazing lyrics, really superb. Should be top ten for sure

27 Affirmative Action Affirmative Action

Unbelievable drop, nas at his best along with the whole Firm crew. The beat just turns it into an absolute banger which is impossible not to blast out.

The drops and lyrical composure of this song makes it an absolute JAM. Real cool, mellow vibe that makes your head bump up and down before you even realize it.

All the rappers fit so well together, not too mention the unreal beat. deserves way higher!

One of the best song of nas

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28 Surviving the Times Surviving the Times

One of the best nas tracks, shows other inspiring rappers that it isn't easy making it into the big leagues

Definitely deserves higher, unreal beat!

This deserves higher. If you haven't yet, give it a listen and you'll undoubtedly vote for this one. So underrated.

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29 N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. 2 N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. 2

Beautiful production and great storytelling. Not the best but I would put it in top 15. Memory Lane and Get Down are the best

This is a pretty good song, nowhere near as good as N.Y. Sate of Mind (part 1) but still good

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30 The Flyest The Flyest

Another great song with AZ, totally underrated, you need to listen to this!

31 Just a Moment Just a Moment

This is such a beautiful song, should easily be top 10, by far the best song from Streets Disciple

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32 Trust Trust

Twenty plus years in the game, and Nas continues to stay true to his roots. This track is a lyrical NASterpiece, and is arguably one of his greatest raps.

33 Drunk By Myself Drunk By Myself

Drunk by myself is the song that I could relate to the most when I was depressed. It kind of got me through the hard times, I felt like Nas had my back even though I'm insignificant to him, in fact he doesn't even know I exist. Still, I felt like I could connect to his words. Makes me wish I could see him, because I feel like he did in the song right about now.

Such a good song to sit down and listen to by yourself, really gets you thinking, could definitely be higher on this list!

34 Patience Patience

Good lyrics, good instrumental good chorus, good flow and both nas and damian go in hard and deep it's like a lesson listening to that song.

One of his late classic, dope beat super lyrics

35 The Don

Heavy Duty produced a masterful track. Nas shines. The bridge, smooth.

Just listen to it a couple times and tell me its not worth a spot

Awesome song with the best beats

Certified banger

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36 Take It In Blood Take It In Blood

The best song by far, heard this song on the radio and been a Nas fan ever since. The most underrated songs.

37 Heaven Heaven
38 The Cross The Cross

Nas uses his arsenal to create a masterpiece. His most underrated song, this should easily be in the top 10!

39 Every Ghetto Every Ghetto
40 Undying Love Undying Love

In my opinion, number 1.. It's sad that people skip over a song like this so much that it's not even top 10

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