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41 Every Ghetto
42 Undying Love

In my opinion, number 1.. It's sad that people skip over a song like this so much that it's not even top 10

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43 2nd Childhood

I love the storytelling in this song, the beat is a nice change of pace and the flow is dope as always. The second verse is especially good in my opinion

This is the best beat NaS has, probably the best beat of all the songs I have heard. It represents the NYC style crazy! - AZ-TheMostUnderrated

44 One Time 4 Your Mind

I think and best song is ether because it made him win his feud with jay-z wich till now puts him always in that top 5 list

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45 Stillmatic (The Intro)

The unique beat and lyrical content was amazing

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46 No Introduction

Most underrated nas song. You really see where he's been and where he's going.

47 What Goes Around V 1 Comment
48 You're Da Man

I agree, could not believe it was not in the top 5. Guess its mainstream music brains nowadays. This is one of his sickest songs no doubt.

This is by far the best Nas song of all time, but I guess only legends can relate

This is not just Nas' best song but maybe THE most beautiful, spiritual rap song I have ever heard.

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49 Loco-Motive

How is this not in the top 30 at least? Best song on "Life is Good"

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50 Queens Day
51 Shootouts

It's so good how is it this far back?

52 Can't Forget About You

Remix of an amazing track and not just his typical deep lyrics (no hate). It's emotional but in an uplifting and sentimental way. If you haven't heard it check it out now.

53 Get Down

Awesome Storytelling with DOPE production - GoodCowPerson

Don't know how this is 51? Should be in top 5 at least

It has the best tune a rap song can ever have.

This is the GOAT

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54 Last Real N**** Alive

This song should get some credit he spoke true on this song about other rappers in the game. The one and only king of New York.

One of nas most underrated songs, lyrics on point, beat on point!

55 As We Enter
56 Destroy and Rebuild

I don't believe this so low on the list

57 Warrior Song

Why is this song so low, it is not the best song but it should be higher

58 Book of Rhymes
59 Triple Beam Dreams

The most grimy song Nas has ever done since the 90's. He really killed it on this track. - robertoantonioortuso

60 Mastermind V 1 Comment
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