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61 Thief's Theme
62 Thugz Mansion

This song is amazing, Nas and 2Pac, this has got to be higher. Amazing acoustics, lyrics and meaning.

It features 2pac. Surely one of his most underrated songs. Must hear

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63 Mastermind V 1 Comment
64 Star Wars (Illmatic 10th Anniversary Edition)

This song randomly gets stuck in your head when you haven't heard it for over a year. This means something.

65 The Set Up
66 Ghetto Prisoners
67 Not Going back

Underrated song about not going back to the hood. Lots of rappers get criticism for not giving back to their hood, but Nas addresses it here by saying he will take care of the hood, but he's not going back

68 Life is What You Make It

Nasty Nas and Dark Man X on one song, what more could you ask for? Criminally underrated..

Great song: Nas and DMX are truly OG

69 We Will Survive
70 Cherry Wine
71 No Idea's Original

What's better protection, god or guns? That's a hard one...

72 New World
73 Suspect
74 Family V 1 Comment
75 Black Girl Lost

A song that has such a powerful message from his album 'It Was Written'. He speaks about the problems that Black girls have but it can be applied to the majority of women today.

76 Black President
77 Revolutionary Warfare

Should at least top 30

78 Accident Murderer
79 My Way
80 Shine On 'Em

It is featured in the movie Blood Diamond. Love the Afro beat.

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