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81 U Gotta Love It
82 Black Zombie
83 Hip-Hop
84 Big Things
85 Queens Get the Money

Slick poetry.. This whole album was fantastic. I liked it more than all his others besides Illmatic.

Everyman sleeps on this track. It's unreal

86 Money Is My Bitch

This is a genius song lyrically. Really medaphoric and it has meaning. Great song should be top ten!

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87 Roses

It is the best song of Nas, It should be in top 10.
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88 Bridging the Gap
89 Play Me

Great song he did with Korn.

90 N.I.*.*.E.R. (The Slave & the Master)
91 Watch Dem N*****
92 The Genesis

Greatest song ever

93 Fried Chicken
94 Affirmative Action

Unbelievable drop, nas at his best along with the whole Firm crew. The beat just turns it into an absolute banger which is impossible not to blast out.

The drops and lyrical composure of this song makes it an absolute JAM. Real cool, mellow vibe that makes your head bump up and down before you even realize it.

All the rappers fit so well together, not too mention the unreal beat. deserves way higher!

One of the best song of nas

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95 Just a Moment

This is such a beautiful song, should easily be top 10, by far the best song from Streets Disciple

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96 Leaders
97 Amongst Kings
98 Be a N***** Too

This has the passion and lyrical style that the old Nas had.

99 Fetus
100 Everybody's Crazy
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