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101 Make the World Go Round
102 Last Words
103 Poppa Was a Playa
104 Blaze a 50
105 Project Windows
106 Big Girl

Worst song by far by Nas. He goes full-on pedophile in this song. Don't know what he was trying to do here, but this is offal - Themusicman

107 Life We Chose

The love for Money can bring the evil out the most purest soul. Anyone who has experinced some sort of fame, noteriety or a major financial increase can relate to this song. Rather it be yourself or the people around you that change because of wealth. "Nas is a TRUE poet and his vision will paint a picture for you."

108 K-I-S-S-I-N-G
109 I'm a Villain

Great song from nas pre illmatic demo

110 Life Is Like a Dice Game
111 Untitled

This is a great strong with a strong message nice beat have not anyone heard this song? It will change you

112 Nastradamus

Who cares about how good the album was. This beat is sick. So feel good

113 U Wanna Be Me

Screw off jay-z. You called out nas name and he destroyed you without even mentioning yours. He is the king of New York, your just the guy that sucks so much you make him look even better than he already does

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114 A Queens Story
115 Favor for a Favor
116 Small World
117 Sly Fox

Watch what you're watchin'

118 World's an Addiction
119 Let There Be Light
120 Too Many Rappers
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