Best Nascar Drivers of 2013


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1 Jimmie Johnson Jimmie Johnson Jimmie Kenneth Johnson is an American professional stock car racing driver and a six-time champion in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

He has the most points this year he should be #1 - htoutlaws2012

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2 Matt Kenseth Matt Kenseth

I like matt Kenneth because he raced for bill Elliot but he is In a good car

We has the most wins, 30 in his career, and is currently leading in points.

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3 Jeff Gordon

This guy needs a break Jeff is just trying to be the driver that he used to be hope his season turns around

I hope jeff gordon never gives up.

4 Brad Keselowski Brad Keselowski
5 Tony Stewart
6 Kyle Busch Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch by far should be number 1 he is the best driver in NASCAR and I don't care what people say about him but I know for a fact he is the face of the sport and he really knows how to control a racecar just like he did at Daytona now that is what you call racing and I know he will win the championship this year of course that's my opinion Kyle Busch is the man and you cannot never ever take that away from him also he is better than a lot of the drivers out there so yeah the best driver in NASCAR GO KYLE! - michaelwalton

I think Kyle is the best driver out there and he is a awesome driver out on the track and he knows how to control racecars really good

7 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr., known professionally as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dale Jr., or just Junior, is an American professional stock car racing driver and champion team owner.

The reason Dale Jr. Is second on the list is because I think he is an excellent driver and that he is the most popular driver in NASCAR

Matt kenseth sucks Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is amazing

8 Carl Edwards Carl Edwards

This driver is another one everyone's favorite driver he is a fantastic driver but by far not my favorite the one thing that is awesome about him is his backflips and going up into the grandstands with the fans

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9 Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick
10 Kasey Kahne

Kasey is a very talented driver and has a lot of fans just like his Hendrick Motorsports teammates

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11 Joey Logano Joey Logano

Joey has run MUCH better than the points and finishes show. Minues a few bad breaks they're a top 5-7 team.

12 Kurt Busch Kurt Busch Kurt Thomas Busch is an American professional stock car racing driver. He currently competes full-time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.
13 Denny Hamlin Denny Hamlin
14 Clint Bowyer
15 Kyle Larson Kyle Larson

This rookie driver will show everyone what he's got because of all the talent that he has

16 A. J. Allmendinger
17 Austin Dillon

The reason that I put Austin Dillon on this list is that I think that he has shown himself what he can do also with him driving the #3 in the Nationwide series

18 Ryan Newman Ryan Newman
19 Michael Waltrip
20 Danica Patrick Danica Patrick

I like Danica because she is another good driver but to some people she is not all that good well sorry to say but she is also with her relationship with Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

I like her so much for she got a new last at tuseday august 18 at stewart haas for the 2016 NASCAR session

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