Best Natalie Imbruglia Songs


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1 Goodbye

Such a sad song. One of a few songs that bring a tear to my eye. So beautifully written and beautifully sang.

2 Torn

What makes it her best is obviously not about Torn being Natalie Imbruglia's debut song, but what it achieves in doing is what makes it her best. This song is a cover that actually took the original from Ednaswap and made its message speak louder than ever before. The rhythm and tone of this song makes you want to sing and almost cry because it really has sounds so beautiful, yet so emotional. Also, if you watch the music video, be aware that you are almost guaranteed to cry. For a cover, Natalie Imbruglia really grew more into the meaning of Torn, and it should be a song that would overall, be remembered as one of the best songs of the 1990s.

Number one by a mile! Great tune, check out the mime version it's the best!

The big hit from her first album "Left of the Middle" - MatrixGuy

You guys know it's a cover right?

3 Shiver

This song should be number 1 above torn. It is just so beautiful

4 Beauty on the Fire
5 Big Mistake

Outstanding track should be number 1

6 Flirting
7 Wishing I Was There
8 That Day
9 Smoke
10 Want

The Contenders

11 Wrong Impression

This is absolutely her best video and song... She seems so happy and DAMNN Gorgeous in the video!
Everyone on youtube says at the video that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

12 My God
13 Scars
14 City

This is an addicting song when your driving your bike in the rain :D

Should be # 1 good lyrics kick ass rock song

15 Counting Down the Days
16 Leave Me Alone
17 Fun

Co written with Cold Play very well could've been a Cold Play song

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