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21 Armenia

Armenia's flag catches the eye of any viewer with incredible and mysterious beauty, not to mention the meaning behind the flag. Red for the blood shed for the Armenian land. Blue, symbolizing the sky. Orange, symbolizing agriculture and the soil.

Hate the colors

I'm not a huge fan of tricolours but I have to give credit to Armenia for their interesting color choice - Coolfox04

Beauty? Ha that why everyone is leaving the country!

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22 Italy

It's Simple, Elegant and Natural. How life should be.

Yep, Italy has a great flag. - TwilightKitsune

Italy is simply the best at everything.

Italy is superior

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23 Iran Iran Iran, also known as Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a sovereign state in Western Asia.

Iran's flag is just amazing with warm colors and sign of Allah at center of it. It looks like Mexico and Italy flag of course but with 45 degree rotation to right. It is also a historical flag

I love my country flag and it's the best flag in the world and when I see it I fell so good. Persian Gulf for Ever

The best flag, very nice colors, symbols, reasons for the symbols, and the symbols and colors are not dull or stupid. - floridiancat

I don't even understand what ghis test is gonna say. of course everyone is going to vote for her or his country's flag. this just makes no sense

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24 Pakistan

Pakistan flag is very beautiful flag in the world & Pakistani flag create a relationship, love between the people

The color scheme of the flag is excellent, mind blowing and attractive + eye catching. It represents peace and above all rights to minorities through its white colour.

I love this flag very beautiful

Pakistani flag is the beautiful and attractive flag of the world. its green represent Islam and white represent non Muslim minorities while moon represents peace and star represents five pillars of Islam.

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25 Wales

The welsh flag is the coolest, most bad-ass flag in the world. Come On! It has a big red dragon. Not to mention the history and story behind it. It is mystical, magical and amazing. I imagine that children all around the world see the flag in an atlas and think "WOW, where is that place?!? "

Easily the best flag, has a red dragon representing it not just stripes and and columns like most other flags

Wales should be much higher. It has to be the best flag, it has so much history, and it also looks great. Its only lower down because we only have 3 million people living here.

Best Flag ever, unique memorable and cool

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26 Kiribati

If this list was purely based on aesthetics, there no way it would be outside the top 5.

Unfortunately this Country maybe underwater in the future due to climate change and global warming.
However they were the First Nation to enter the new millennium which actually started in the 2001.

Never seen this one before... Now I'm having second thoughts.

The most exotic flag in the world!

27 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, officially the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a country in the Transcaucasian region, situated at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe.

Because When Everybody look at this flag, they can see nation's description on this beautiful flag. Blue color is sky, Red color is sun's shine and green color is green nation. And Of Course These Colors have private meanings. Moon and Star ion the flag shows that We are TURK!

Three coloured flag with a cresent and star this flag is amazing!

The Most Beautiful Flag in the world!

For colours mean

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28 Norway

Such a neat design. Excellent composition. Good colour contrast. Bold appearance. The best. And cool on outdoor gear. My no ONE.

I love the red and white and all the jazzy colours come together. Norway should be at the top because it's nice.

Norway's flag is beautiful!

I mean.. Have you seen it? Damn!

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29 Finland

To the idiot who said that the Finnish flag is a copy of Sweden's - all of the five Nordic countries have the Nordic Cross flag.

Lakes and sky! That's the Finland

The Finnish flag looks pure and beautiful. And the Swedish flag is horrible

So Beautiful! Absolutely the most Beautiful flag in the World!

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30 Sweden

Yellow is an ugly color and it means that Swedish flag is ugly. Why people is voting for this flag? Finnish flag has the same form like Swedish flag, but Finnish flag colors (White and Blue) are more better than Swedish flag. Maybe you guys are jealous about Finnish flag, 'cause it's so beautiful.

It was risky adding yellow to the flag, but the Swedes know how to rock it. Neutral colors like white are boring and too simple. I'm glad they made it bold and stand out. It doesn't look bad at all on official uniforms and advertisements too!

The Sweedish Flag has no real meaning, but it does look beautiful!

Sweden's flag rocks, it should be at least in the top ten, since it's colors are beautiful. - darthvadern

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31 Soviet Union

It looks really cool. Shame it carries such a negative meaning.

I know communism is bad and all, but this flag looks pretty cool in my opinion.

Communism is bad? Communism saved our asses in WW2
- From a British person - MagmaFox

32 Macedonia Macedonia

A yellow sun (the Sun of Liberty) with eight broadening rays extending to the edges of the red field; the red and yellow colors have long been associated with Macedonia

You all have to be joking. Macedonia had at beautiful flag, but was forced to change it to this crime against aesthetics. Looking at it literally hurts my eyes. - qupp

The red base represents the blood of the Macedonian freedom fighters during the centuries and the sun represents the freedom.

Original best!

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33 Estonia

I just love the colors of this flag. It really is my favorite flag, maybe not the most creative, but the nicest looking in my opinion.

It looks the best, even if it is quite simple. Lots of flags are too complex and look cluttered

Simple, unique colours and meaningful. Great flag.

I like how the flag appears naturally in the landscape, easily the best tricolor flag

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34 Israel

Why Israel? Israel is not a country, their are just colonialist who take territory of Palestine

The only flag with the Star of David (perhaps together with the ulster flag). A tiny country with a powerful flag yet simple and pretty as well.

Rip off of Greece flag

The most ancient people, with the the most ancient Bible.
Simple flag that holds so much meaning.

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35 Portugal

Green represents our hope, that lead the country to discover South America and the first who navigated across Africa with the purpose of reaching India, Red represents the blood of the ones who died for the country, like when we helped Europe by expelling the Muslims out of Spain. A great combination of colours with a beutiful symbol. Simply the best. the ones on top are only there because there are more people from their countries...

The green of the portugal flag represents Prince Henry, the navigator. The red part represents revoulution. The armillary sphere in the centre is an emblem of Henrey The Navigator, and the five blue sheilds commemorate Alphonso Henriques, who established Portugal as an independent Kingdom

It's Christmas Everyday with that flag. Love the Portuguese flag, always have.

Best and beautiful flag

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36 Denmark

Simple and nice. Red and White are two great colors obviously because many countries seem to have those 2 colors. I chose Denmark however because it is the oldest flag and it has a cool origin. - Penpineappleapplepen

Why is the Danish flag so low? It should be top 1 because it has its own legend and the cross represents christianity. It is also known as the oldest flag in the world

The danish flag is the oldest national flag in the world

The Danish flag is the Oldest flag in the world to be still used as a national flag. It inspired the flags of it's Nordic neighbours, i.e. Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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37 Barbados

Just I'm quaking in my boots at how epicle this is. Just pure amazing. I've never seen the flag but it's just what I heard

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38 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and known from the beginning of British colonial rule until 1972 as Ceylon, is an island country in South Asia near south-east India.

Sri Lankan flag is filled with message of ancient legacy and its democractic and social face. Ancestors of Sri Lankans
(sinhalese) are believed to be from a lion which is symbolized in lion in flag. Bravery of people by sword. Red, orange, green behalf of different ethnicity. All three colours are are surrounded with yellow colour to point that all ethnicities are living peacefully. Four bo leaves to symbolize Buddhist heritage.

The most beautiful flag in the world. No doubt about that.

Lion flag in world best national flag vote for - kasun37

Why this is most beautiful flag in the must be on top of list... - MadhawaW

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39 Spain

Its The country the Revolutionized the world the most, I mean beyond the flag looking mighty sweet if it wasn't for Spain many Latin countries wouldn't exist, apart from being Spanish myself I love my country I believe that we have a flag with A LOT of history behind it

I really like it, it's bright colourful and strong! And also the coat of arm looks very good on the red and yellow background. It also gives out a royal vibe to it

Now THAT is one country to vote for. - RedDiamond

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40 Uganda

To me the Ugandan flag is the most beautiful. Look at the beautiful arrangement of the black yellow and red colors. The meaning behind these colors depict a true African country. Black for black people, yellow for the sunshine received throughout the year, red for the blood that unites all people. The crane surrounded by the white color also depicts the peaceful nature of the country

I love its makeup, so beautiful

To me also Uganda flag is the best the decorations

Friend is from uganda and the flag is the best - natestjohn

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