Best National Football Teams of 2011


The Top Ten

1 Netherlands

Europe's second force, won their Euro 2012 qualifying group with 9 wins and 1 loss - MatrixGuy

2 Germany


Germany - 13 games in 2011:

Germany 1:1 Italy
Germany 4 Kazakhstan
Germany 1:2 Australia
Germany 2:1 Uruguay
Austria 1:2 Germany
Azerbaijan 1 Germany
Germany 3:2 Brazil
Germany 6:2 Austria
Poland 2:2 Germany
Turkey 1 Germany
Germany 3:1 Belgium
Ukraine 3 Germany
Germany 3 Netherlands

9 Wins, 3 Draws, 1 Loss; Goals: 36:18 ( 18) - DonBilbo1

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3 Spain

The 2010 world champions remain the world force, they won their Euro 2012 qualifying group with 8 wins out of 8, fought back from a 2-0 deficit to defeat Chile in a superb friendly in Switzerland in September with the 3rd goal coming in the 90+2' minute from Fabregas - MatrixGuy

4 Argentina
5 Portugal
6 Brazil

The Best of all of the following Teams... Surely The best in the world... And the team with the most number of world cups... A 5 star team with great skills and never backing down squad... Brazil players are all time best... Because of their excellent skills... And the most number of player of the years are owned by Brazil players.. Sop suck all the others Brazil is the number one...

7 Uruguay
8 Ivory Coast
9 France
10 Japan

The Contenders

11 United States
12 Russia

Russia is not very strong, but still ahead of. Dzagoev th

13 Romania
14 Turkey
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