I am from India, Here peoples support Brazil mostly with Germany and Argentina resting at no. 2 position with tie... Definitely Argentina is not best right now but I feel special bonding with their team and attack of Argentina is by far the best... Argentina has shown good defense in FIFA 2014 wc in Brazil and its goalkeeper is not bad, he showed his skills against Netherlands in Semifinal... GO Argentina... FOREVER Argentina IN HEARTS OF MILLIONS OF IndianS

Diego Maradonna and Lionel Messi, say it all for this club, as both of them led Argentina to an excellent World Cup (2010) Campaign.

- roblist

My favorite player is the Messi and he is one of the best in the world. I have his Jersey on right now and I never take it off. In my opinion they are the best in the world.

Had great players such as Maradona and Messi. Have dribblers but can also play tiki taka. They have the connection with each other to give a great pass and the know where to be on the field.

Argentina! Argentina! Go go go! I hope you beet the Germans so they look like San Marino!

Best in the world with such players like messi, tevez, aguero, and di maria... And the best part is that all these players are really young

They play as one unit... They win as one unit. The best players playing with their team always wins.

Well I'm a big fan of Messi but I wished that Argentina won the the world cup so they could tie with Germany with 3 titles

The best team ever. I love Argentina and I'm sure they the most beautiful team in the world

Argentina is the because they have the best player in the world

They are amazing and better than Spain, Germany, and Brazil

Argentina is going to make the Germans look like Brazil.

I think without Messi and maradona, Argentina would not even be one of the top 10

Argentina for the win against Germany. Go Argentina!

This list is not true Argentina is best cause its status and everything else they just lose World Cup cause there players get injured to much in it

They have got the best layers ever like messi, aguero, higuan and other beast stars. They have won the world cup twice what legends! They will win FIFA world cup 2014 because they are the best

The best team to watch, pure skilled players... entertainment guaranteed.

They will always be the best. Their will win the 2014 world cup

Messi is there best player Argentina should be number 1

Best Team & Worlds number 1 player LIONEL Messi is there.

Argentina has good players with talents like messi

I'm not from there but I would probably vote for them

I think that messi is best player then other player

I think argentine is a best football team ever

Messi is going to murder those players watch