Mexico is an underrated team the could make it to the finals if they didn't get unlucky to fight with the best teams in the round of 16, they have been way more better than Brazil beating them most of the time

Mexico has an incredible youth system that is very quickly beginning to take shape and they will become world champions in 2022!

How is Spain up there and they have only won one FIFA world cup? Mexico is way better although they haven't won a world cup they should be in the top 10

Hi I'm a really big fan of Mexico and I play competitive soccer to and I wish I can probably make it Mexico nation soccer team when I'm older

Mexico should be the best they have won 7 golden cups and beat Canada just yesterday. Also, they beat USA 2-3 and Paul Aguilar got the best goal of the year award

Mexico deserves to be in the top ten they won the gold medal on the 2012 olympics

No no no no at least put Mexico rank four because this is not reasonable

Mexico won gold at the olympics that's number 1 who cares what other teams did 30 years ago Mexico are gold today

Why the hell is Venezuela on top of Mexico!? They haven't gone to a world cup in their life, while Mexico has gone to all of them except 2!

They have been doing better than before and deserve to be in the top 10 place

Mexico should be like in 5th place lets go Mexico

Mexico is the second best team in the world without a world cup after the Netherlands. We have won almost every single trophy except for the world cup. Gold Cup x 10 (CONCACAF regional championship 1965, 1971, 1993, 1996, 2003, 2009, 2011, 2015), Confederations Cup x 1 (1999), and Olympic Gold (2012).

This team should be in the top ten, they have been the team to defeat Brazil the most, 24 trophies they have won

Mexico is the best in the North American Region and they will beat Holland in their own home on November 12.

I think that the Mexican soccer team is way better than the team in the United States, because the U.S. is sometimes more focused on football and
I also think that Mexico should be ahead of the United States.

Mexico is the best team between France and American

They have a powerful goalkeeper. Brazil is the best

Mexico should be the best team ever because they haven't lost a game since the the copa America.

Mexico is the best soccer team in the world

Very proud of their accomplishments!

Mexico is great its beaten so many teams. I don't know why Mexico is top 12, it should be top 1

Mexico deserves to be on the top ten.

Mexico is the best in the world it can beat brasil any day also the dumb U.S. team

I think Mexico is the best team because they are winning all lot of times.

There is no words to describe the best team ever and that's MEXICO