Holland are one of the best teams in the world. They have been in the world cup finals 3 times and in the top 4 in the world cup 4 times. They have very talented players and their country has great love for the game.

The Netherlands aka Holland, have been runners up in the World Cup four times, including an amzing performance in the 2010 World Cup. This effort goes towards the great players of Netherlands.

- roblist

The Netherlands should be at least number 4 because th3er not like Brazil Italy or Germany but there better than everybody else. I'm not dutch but I still think they have the best players. PS I'm GREEK Italian ArmeniaN AND Irish. But look at their past players like Johan Cruyff and Marco Van Basten. Also they could win both 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups. So it wont take long for the Netherlands to win the world cup.

Holland is history team, good technical speed super dress and strategy.

Same as the Netherlands if there wasn't two suggestions than Holland/Netherlands would be in 7th not slumping in 9th and 11th

Nether lands is going to get better be cause robbed is the best right mid in the world and van Persie is a really good striker

Yeah if you see it in the big picture they are the best ever, because the 1974 and 1978 squads are said to be the best national team ever excisted together with the 1970 Brazil squad.

They need to be in the top 5 because they have van persie and robben and I thought they were going to win the World Cup

I am dutch the Netherlands are great this world championship they win everything

They great players like robin van persie, robben, van basten, van bommel and I think they should in the top 5

The Netherlands are the same thing as holland. Holland is in east Netherlands!

They are very good, it's sad they usually some second, they deserve more

You do realize that The Netherlands and Holland are the same country? - Dodgers27

Dutch are awesome at soccer. The best player of all time Johan Cruyff, is Dutch, they deserve to be 3rd/4th. Robin Van Persie, so many good players are Dutch. It's in our blood.

I hate to say but I Think holland cheated when playing with Mexico

They should go a place higher. They have had legendary players!

Netherlands is one of the best nations in the world at football. Having a great team of friendship and compassion for the sport. Having a great attack with Robin Van Persie, Arjien Robben, and Huntalar. And then having a great manager, obviously from the Netherlands to good at what the do, they should at least be in front of Italy.

Guys come on place 5 is where they should be

Holland is the same thing as Netherlands

Netherlands should be higher than Italy just beacause they didn't win a World Cup doesn't mean they are worse then Italy at the 2014 World Cup they made it to the semifinals and destroyed Spain

Your right they are awesome and the best

Holland is the Same as The Netherlands.

Holland has a good team, but bad luck.

Got fantastic players... Love robben

Love the dutch. A bunch of amazing footballers - Ark-M