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21 Croatia

Come one Croatia should be in top 15. They have amazing players and they could have made to the second round but The ref was terrible and made calls that should have made Croatia win 3-2.

I have no idea how Croatia ended up all the way down here. I mean, I'm not Croatian, but this country deserves something much better than 104th.

I reckon Croatia should at least be close to Australia and Russia. Having Croatia 104th national team in the world is not right, should at least 23rd. And as most people may have seen in the World Cup Croatia actually made it into the second round while Spain did not make it into the second round. Croatia also has quite a good few midfielders like Modric, and Rakatic. In the Croatia should be close to Australia and Russia.

Should be higher then Japan on the have rakatic modric perisic and mandzukic

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22 Russia

Lost to Slovakia ( 2 - 1 ) also lost to Wales ( 3 - 0 ) in Euro 2016

Russia should be in the top 10s at least

The national soccer team of Russia is a great team. Just look at how the beat Holland 3-1 in 2008. I agree the USSR was better but still Russia has a great team with rising young stars like Kokorin, Fayzulin, etc. - BIllybobjoeMW2

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23 Australia

Australia, has only been in the world cup a few times, in 2006 they made National history by making it into the finals for the first time.

2006 was Australia's best year at the World Cup

They have won the OFC Championship 4 times

and their biggest win was against American Samoa

31 - 0 - roblist

Aussies are the best

I love soccer don't play the sport play FIFA 15 ultimate team that's as close as I get to it I love watching it don't make fun of me If I have this wrong but didn't we win the Asian cup this year 2015 so out of all the tournaments in the world I'm pretty sure that's one of them so I do believe that should make our Australians a little bit higher than 35


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24 Iran

Only team that the players play for their people... Iranian players do every thing that they can (for example:Iran - Argentina (FIFA World Cup 2014) or Iran - Australia (Road to World Cup 98)... I know Iran is not the best team but Iran have something Amazing...

Sensational performance against Iraq (Asian cup 2015) proves their players' special power and determination. Good on them!

I ran is the best national team in Asia

As soon as u can't imagine they'll be the shining star of every competitions... ❤️

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25 Cameroon

Cameroon are not that good and a lot of the countries like Bosnia and Croatia and the Ivory coast should be above them.

Cammaroon should be first there my favourite even do I'm not from cammaroon

26 Ghana

Ghana played 2-2 against Germany in the world cup of 2014 and lost to 2-1 to Portugal too. But I would overlook that last goal because of it was made by Christiano Ronaldo in 5 min overtime! They got great players and on a good day they can play with some of the best!

I made a mistake and remembered wrong... That didn't happen against Portugal... their own player made a goal for Portugal but if that didn't happen then they'd have had a draw or actually maybe even a victory because Ronaldo's goal was still a little lucky and they had a hard time getting it!


They are amazing going down in penalties to Uruguay in world cup 2010

Asamoah gyan kevin prince boating sully mustard and adrè are the Good team because they make 5 top 5 rated in Ghana natina team in FIFA15. Rate 80

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27 Haiti

They are a team of great passing. They play collectively as Spain and Barcelona. They have a team that can become as great as the top teams in the world but their problems are two things: they need good finishers and good defenders. Again, they pass the ball good and have good stamina. Jean Sony Alcenat and Joseph Peterson as well as Leonel Saint-preux, Maurice and Guerriers are fantastic players. They won the caribean cup and they have been recently analyzsed as the fourth technical team in America after Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico, in term of collective play. When they come back they will move 10 in placement and they will be one of the world rivals in soccer. Mark my word!

Such a great team! Very proud to be Haitian!

This country is the dark knight rising of soccer in Ameica. They are disciplined and trained to play for the sake of the game and they pass the ball well and with precision. Maurice, Saint-preux and Alcenat and Guerrier and Peterson and Tiga will rain next year in any friendly that the fifa might suggest with haiti.

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28 Turkey

Because they always surprise the other team by coming on hard when they seem to lose ;). They kick more than just ballz.

Greetings from U.S.

Great team! Beautiful play but can be a little lazy ;( other than that they play great football and went onto the finals in 2010.

They might've lost to us but they're the best team you've ever seen

How is Turkey behind Haiti. Haiti isn't even a tiny bit of a pro football team. Turkey deserves to be in top 15. I don't truly like this list. Turkey has Arda Turan however Haiti lost to Brazil so badly this Copa America and doesn't have a player who is nearly as good as Arda Turan. Turkey does lose but Haiti and some of the stinking teams in front of it don't deserve to be there.

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29 Poland

Third place in two world cups. And we are in 70th place, something wrong here.

Lewandowski one of the best player in the world and poland is better than england and you will change your mind when the 2018 world cup comes up

Well. We are certainly better then russia or usa... come on today is different

Lewandowski best striker in world

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30 Egypt

Egypt have never won a World Cup but have won the Africa Nations Cup Seven Times! their biggest win is currently 15 - 0 and I think in the near future, this Nation might be a big contender - roblist

Many Egyptian players are very skilled and they do a great job against Asian and African teams. In 2007 and Egyptian soccer team beat real madrid of Spain 1-0.

I don't really know why Egypt has never won a world cup although they have won the African cup 7 times and people think that this country is crap at football

I really wonder why this team is on the bottom. They may have never won a World cup, but still...

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31 Ivory Coast

They have good players and play with passion, I'm German.

Best African Team of the decade and nothing is gonna change that

3 players drogba, ya ya toure and kolo toure enough said

32 Bosnia and Herzegovina

We suppose to be higher than that because Bosnia has a lot of good players and they have improved allot we should be like in 18 or 19

Bosnia is technically one of the best Teams

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33 Canada

Canada needs to make it to a final soon otherwise they'll keep watching stupid American football! Canada! Amazing people amazing country!

I do not think Canada will win the FIFA world cup for 2014, but I believe they will improve for the next couple of years.

Canada is not even playing in the 2014 world cup. But maybe they are strong.

Canada will improve and will one day win the World Cup and qualify for all the world cups

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34 Czech Republic

Czech Republic is beautiful dress and good football point. One point to best goal keeper in world Petr Cech. Czech Republic be last team Czechoslovakia, this team have one silver medal on masters world. To day is best guard to Petr Cech.

They are very under rated. Should be higher. Have one of the best goalies as well

Czech Rep should be much much higher on this list. They were runners up at the World Cup twice (as Czechoslovakia) played in third place at World Cup. Runners ups at the Euro. Have been ranked 2nd, always make most big tournaments and have some of the best players. Cech, Medved, Baros and many more.

35 Lebanon

They are a very good side and hard to beat

They aren't that good of team but there okay.

Lebanon is awesome now they almost beat Brazil

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36 Peru

They have a really good team and almost got to the world cup all they needed to do was beat one of the best teams, Brazil so yeah they are a lot better than they get credit for.

They are a very good team and should be Number 3 in the world.

They have the best goalie and beat Brazil once 2-0, so, yeah.

Peru is beast at soccer

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37 Romania

Very underrated country of some of the most technical players in the world. Coaches from abroad have noticed that.. the biggest problem has been corruption in the FA, bad owners and agents, etc.. but with a new FA president and a great generation of youth, there shouldn't be as many talents wasted in the coming years! Romania should always be a top 10-15 country...

Romania had one of the best teams in Europe in the 1990's. Hagi was undoubtedly a football legend. They still produce many talented players and in a few years they may be able to cause serious damage in major tournaments.

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38 Nigeria

Has players in all top leagues of the world. Besides, those players are cool and very professional on the field of play. Other teams have foreign players and not professional

I think Nigeria should be better than Haiti

Nigeria is great football state, beautiful dress and of player his manny speed and intellect man and Nigeria is in football werry playable.

Nigeria has a fast paced offense and is the best soccer club in all of Africa.

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39 Scotland

An Amazing team throughout the years. Unfortuantly Scotland did not managed to suceed in tournaments as expected and if they did, Scotland would definatly be up there with Brazil, Holland ect. - allqueen

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40 Wales

Wales beat many and are going to the semi-finals in the euros

Bale is obviously one of the fastest players in football

Any team with Bale is a good team am I right

Bale and Ramsey I mean that's awesome!

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