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41 Scotland

An Amazing team throughout the years. Unfortuantly Scotland did not managed to suceed in tournaments as expected and if they did, Scotland would definatly be up there with Brazil, Holland ect. - allqueen

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42 Wales

Wales beat many and are going to the semi-finals in the euros

Bale is obviously one of the fastest players in football

Any team with Bale is a good team am I right

Bale and Ramsey I mean that's awesome!

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43 Algeria

In 2013 the algerian soccer team get much better than they was and if they keep going like this they gonna be the best soccer team in africa and that's word.

Algeria participated in the 2014 world cup whereas many other powerful teams didn't.

Algerian football is just incredible they are much better than they were back in 2010

Best African team

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44 New Zealand

They should be higher and be better ranked

They aren't very good, they can't even beat China. P.S I am part Chinese and New Zealand

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45 Bulgaria

Please Bulgaria is better than all of the 10 teams infront of her

Bulgaria finished fourth in 1994 on the World Cup but deserved maybe even to win it with players such as Stoichkov, Kostadinov, Lechkov and others we should have beaten Italy and got in the final but the French referee didn't let us. Even now Bulgaria still gives good quality players such as Berbatov, Martin Petrov, Stilyan Petrov, Milanov, Manolev and I think if Berbo returns to the Bulgarian national team we will do very good on the upcoming World Cup in Brazil and even if he doesn't we can still do good. We almost beat Italy in 2012 and could've done it but maybe we had no luck cause the match finished 2:2 but even then squadra was still shaking from fear. I think Bulgaria may have a future in football if the black Toto stops and our footballers be more disciplined.

46 Albania

Albania should be first best team ever

It plays football with passion. - Engli

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47 Thailand V 2 Comments
48 Northern Ireland

A tiny country that have made the q/finals of the World Cup twice an have beaten Portugal, Spain, Russia, Germany, England, Sweden. Awesome!

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49 Iceland

They should be way better, 20-25. They won England a few times.

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50 Pakistan

Amazing team, with talent young and old just waiting to flourish. Mark my words, THEY WILL SOON BE A POWERHoUSE.

Amazing team, they can do much better than what they are doing. ! They just need some more practice.. !

Ah not pakistani from england once went to pakistan in my time in layari spain vs pakistan pak won 3-2 I was amazed of seeing such a local nationel team that people say poo they will qualify

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51 Ireland

Robbie Keane. Nobody else in Ireland is good.

Seriously Ireland should be in the top 20.They have beaten Germany

Ireland was great in the mid 2000s but one it's the Keane show they will bounce back.

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52 Jamaica

The team has been improving over the years. They were goal cup finalists in 20015

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53 Malaysia

Malaysia football is getting worse and worse

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54 Serbia

If you were to play Serbia's defense and Brazil's offense... IT WOULD BE ALL OVER

Because Serbia got some of the most best defenders and players in the world and because we have Neven Subotic 'Borussia Dortmund' Branislav Ivanovic 'Chelsea' Aleksandar Kolarov 'Manchester City' Matija Nastasic 'Manchester City' and also Filip Duricic' Benefica' and other great great players.

55 Somalia

The player are suck they should get great player their is a lot young good players

Somalia could be one of the best team in world.

Somila is the best team in the world

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56 Bangladesh

We're so much above India. Yay! - Ark-M

57 Switzerland

They are an amazing team they almost beat Argentina

Why the Switzerland can be the top 49.

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58 Vietnam

This one can easily beat how many countries now,not like the Malaysians.This one should be higher than Malaysia,Kemboja,Myanmmar and how many mote countries from Asia except Korean

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59 Armenia

Any nationality that I am are the best!

Ararat 78, the Armenia national football team at the time of the Soviet Union, became the champion in all 15 Soviet Union countries in year 1978!

Armenia won czech republic 2 -1 they won guatemela 7-1 they won denmark and slovakia 4-0 armenia is the 9 the best

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60 China

They're good. They can't see the goal

They can't see the ball but they are good

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