Best National Soccer Teams

Which county has the best current soccer squad and don't base your choices on the world cup.

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61 Ukraine

Ukrane is Grat footbal nations with great players - Silverstone95

62 Israel

I am a skilled player who was born there

Can play and win any Asian team and second rank European teams

They have great players in the country

Israel can't even beet poop

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63 El Salvador

Watch them play when they are at there best. The are getting there but not at the top of the list yet they will be at the top one day. Go check them out turn your T.V. On and look at them trying to work there butts off to try to go to 2014 Brazil

There good but they just need some people to help them out like money or something like that give them you approval please

They can do this but more practice and money I know this because I'm Salvadorion

64 South Africa

I'm in the Philippines but I think its South Africa because you know in the hole world the South Africa have a many many Appearance of the Championship but only have 3 Worlod cups CHAMPION you know because The NIGERS is the best so WAVIN FLAG 2010.

This team is the best it even defeated Mexico from over seas

65 Guatemala

The have a lot of heart and have beaten the "top" teams quite a few times. The have a lot of great players like "Pescadito" and "El Tanque"

I'm Agentine and I really like the Guats. They play with heart and beat a lot of their competition.

66 Kenya

Uganda is better

Its are not good

The Best team in East Africa

Should be in top 20 infact number 19.

67 Ecuador

One of the best in thew world but always put into the shadows because of Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia, but this team is becoming increasingly good and I hope they make they world cup. ECUADOR!

Ecuador is a good team they just need to sprout it out

Ecuador should be in like 10 th place they sure are better than El Salvador

top 10 man

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68 Nepal
69 Honduras

Honduras is doing good now other teams be in better places and they shouldn't be. Honduras has beaten Brazil, Spain, USA, Mexico and other big countries.

They suck but you know, give them a chance

Give Honduras credit they made it to the World Cup and you give them 80

Should not be here - PopGeorge1678

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70 Sri Lanka

NO - PopGeorge1678

71 Singapore

You are a sad team no one likes you

72 Maldives

Maldivians are good and football. But they never qualified to the world cup. They are very near to the 2018 world cup Russia.

73 Venezuela

Venezuela have proved in the copa america that they are one of the best teams of the americas. They made it to the quarter finals in the copa america losing to Argentina, I think that they have very good chances to become one of the top 25 best teams that qualify for the world cup in Russia.

This nation is good but deserve position 15

74 American Samoa

We are the best team in the world, like we lost 31-0! We are the BEST

Lost to Australia 31 - 0! We're that good.

75 Panama

Panama they're skill has been getting better in the last 7 years!

They upset the US in the Gold Cup and they have won all of their world cup qualifiers

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76 San Marino

Managed to get a win Luxembourg once who are an amaizing team they are even better than Brazil only losing 5 nil to england

77 Senegal Senegal Senegal (French: Sénégal), officially the Republic of Senegal (French: République du Sénéga), is a country in West Africa . Senegal is bordered by Mauritania in the north, Mali to the east, Guinea to the southeast, and Guinea-Bissau to the southwest . more.

They have beaten the World Cup winner France


78 Zambia

I think Zambia is by far much beter than these other teams placed higher remember Zambia is The only African team that has maneged to beat one of the top defencive team in the world Italy 4-0 in 1988. Besides it's the only team that lost all its players in 1993 but re-organised in 1994 and went to play the African final in The same year. Zambia is the only team in southern Africa that has ever Produced African Footballer of the year in 1988 Kalusha bwalya Zambia has one of the best defenders of this world stopherer sunzu truly this can tell that it is a footballing nation times in memorial.

79 Morocco

Ok they barely ever make it to the World Cup but they have some skills

80 Denmark

I am from Denmark and would say that our national team is at the moment a bit messed up! But has great potential for the future and should also currently be ranked at the top 30 too.

They are better then most of these teams up till 12

They are a great team and there biggest win was 17-1 against France.

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