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81 San Marino

Managed to get a win Luxembourg once who are an amaizing team they are even better than Brazil only losing 5 nil to england

82 Sudan

I think Sudan are the best.

83 Syria

They are a great team but they need more care

84 Slovenia
85 Morocco

Ok they barely ever make it to the World Cup but they have some skills

86 Austria

I am a country where people suck at soccer

Austria should not be this far down

You can't say that there is no good Australian soccer players as there is good players through england and most of Europe two of the best are Tim Cahill and Mark Shwarzer

87 Afghanistan

Boo Boo you suck

You guys suck

Current South Asian football federation champions... with the country and its FA targetting to qualify for FIFA world cup 2022 Qatar... Its under 21 and u19 and lower levels looking strong. Afghanistan will soon be amongst the top side Asian football.

88 Bolivia

Bolivia did an amazing job in copa america 2015

Though they haven't had as much publicity as other South American countries at all, the obviously have some undiscovered gems hiding.
Sadly, they didn't qualify for the World Cup this year. Hopefully in 2018.

They Beat Argentina once 6-1

89 Saudi Arabia V 3 Comments
90 Malta Malta Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.
91 Cuba V 1 Comment
92 Ukraine V 1 Comment
93 Tunisia V 1 Comment
94 Tahiti
95 Kosovo

A team with young talents. - Engli

96 Zimbabwe

Despite the economic situation and political instability in that country, ZIMBABWE has been one of the successful teams in the African continent.I hope in the near future team ZIM will be successful than ever.

97 Saint Lucia

Keep an eye out for this team, amazing young talent for the new generation. One of the best teams in the caribbean but we are just lacking capital. As you can tell I am from this tiny island but trust me, but trust me next 5 years, we will be making headlines all scouts will be coming here for our amazing talent.

98 Paraguay

Paraguay should not be in the 94 they are better than everyone above then except the top 22

99 Chinese Taipei

I come from Taiwan and honestly I don't think Taiwan is good at football, but I still looking forward for Taiwan's team to pick up with other competitors.

V 1 Comment
100 Guyana Guyana
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