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101 Kosovo

A team with young talents. - Engli

102 Zimbabwe

Despite the economic situation and political instability in that country, ZIMBABWE has been one of the successful teams in the African continent.I hope in the near future team ZIM will be successful than ever.

103 Saint Lucia

Keep an eye out for this team, amazing young talent for the new generation. One of the best teams in the caribbean but we are just lacking capital. As you can tell I am from this tiny island but trust me, but trust me next 5 years, we will be making headlines all scouts will be coming here for our amazing talent.

104 Paraguay

Paraguay should not be in the 94 they are better than everyone above then except the top 22

105 Chinese Taipei

I come from Taiwan and honestly I don't think Taiwan is good at football, but I still looking forward for Taiwan's team to pick up with other competitors.

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106 Guyana Guyana
107 Fiji

Fiji is an small country but I imagine them as a good team

Cyclones and sick people keep it polite for crumbs

Fiji lost 10-0 and 5-1.

Fiji is one of the future superpowers.. wait and see.

108 Vatican City

With the help of the pope and jesus christ can dominate everything

They are not a FIFA member!

Vatican is on this list. 0__o

109 Faroe Islands
110 Norway

Norway is better then Pakistan Faroe Islands and Vatican City Taiwan and Guyana so this is uncool

Played 4 times against Brazil and never lost

Played 4 times against Brazil, and never lost.

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111 Greenland V 2 Comments
112 Angola
113 Nicaragua

They should go to every World Cup

They should go to every world cup

114 Democratic Republic of the Congo
115 Trinidad and Tobago
116 Gibraltar

Really Gibraltar ahead of Ireland. Are you kidding me?

Are you kiding me? Gibraltar above Ukraine, Croatia etc.
It should be in the last place. - Engli

117 Latvia Latvia Latvia, officially the Republic of Latvia, is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, one of the three Baltic states. V 1 Comment
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