They have a team full of stars: Casillas, Puyol, Ramos, Pique, Iniesta, Xavi, Villa and Torres are all among the best players at their positions, if not any! They have proven their excellence by winning both the latest EURO and World Cup. They are ranked number 1. They are simply the best. (Remember, this is current, not all time! ) - Blueyays

I'm not Spanish, but the Spanish soccer team is amazing. Oh, another thing, I'm Swiss, and the only team to beat Spain in the 2010 World Cup was Switzerland! Ha.

Euro cup tournaments are probably more competitve than confederations cups.

Spain is the only team ever to win 3 major tournaments in a row.

Historically Spain does not match Brazil, but that does not mean the current Spanish team isn't better than any team Brazil ever had. If Spain win another World Cup it will be impossible to deny Spain is the best international team of all team. That says how much they've accomplished already.

In the last 10 years they have been the most dominating ever. They have no weakness as they are so well rounded. Even their bench is better than most team's starters. I hope they win Euro 2012 and on to take World Cup 2014.

Spain should be # 1 Iniesta, Torres, Casillas, Puyol, Villa, and Sergio Ramos. They also have a great bench. Almost all of their players are in the prime of their careers. They are amazing and they won the cup in '08. Nothing is gonna stop them from a repeat.

The only nation in the world that has won three major tournaments in a row!
This is a FACT, completely objective, therefore nothing to do with personal opinions.

It's a delight for the eyes to see them playing and defeating everyone. Their mastery and control, not to mention the way they pass the ball is unique.

Juan J Cogolludo from Miami

Spain is the first team in history that has won Euro Cup, then World Championship and Euro Cup again, and the first who has won 4-0 in the Euro Cup Final... And playing like celestial creatures, in an incredible match...

when they took the Europe cup I realized that spain was the number one time in the world next to the always strong brazil and I hope them to play in the final but my team well always brazil spain you are ok

Spain is better because they have most of the good people on Barcelona and Real Madrid they kind of have the best goalkeeper and good defense and good midfielders and good forwards

Spanish team does it easy. And has so many talented players that could do a second team and beat themselves. With no one able to beat the second team but the first one and only sometimes.

Come on how is Brazil first? Spain has been first in the official FIFA rankings for the past 5 years. They're tiki-taka offense has proved very successful in the past few years.

Right now, they are dominating the world of men's soccer. It will be interesting to see how they progress in the coming years and see if they can continue to dominate soccer.

Spain is easily the best team of all time, who cares about successful counties in the 50's, 60's, 70's etc, we are talking one team with a consistent roster, within several years. We may never see this again.

Winning three major tournaments in a row really secured them as being the best national team ever. That's just one of the many records they set.

Their older team in 2010 was way better, but now their younger team is like they don't know how to play their type of football. Such as quick one two play and making the runs.

Spain has one many recent world cups they have beat Germany many many times so they deserve to be the best.

Spain is my favourite team of football I am shocked that the team of Spain got the rank three I know the Spain team won the FIFA world cup and become first

Okay! I agree with that because Spain has maximize football skills. Why isn't it on the top. The player Iker Cassilas the world's best goal keeper is in Spain's team. The player Xavi the world's best midfielder is in Spain's team. Brazil is just popular but the best is Spain...

The best team in the world without any doubt. Brazil will have evidence of that when Spain wins the Confederations Cup final tomorrow.

They are no good, they aren't in all World Cup, they don't won five Cups, they just have lucky and, the fame of "good" of him is just becauses of Neymar and the other teens that plays on the Clubs of Spain. Anyway, I do not agree and I do not believe that they are in 2 place!

I think that Spain has a really good team because Iniesta is a really good player

Spain is the best in the world just face! They won a world cup, euros and more. Plus they got the best players!

Best ever. They have been invincible for the past 4 years!

You kidding Spain is the best they should be at the top...!

Spain is number one because they have a stacked team.