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21 Five

This map is brilliant I mean the pentagon playing as the prez and his men is just totally the right idea. I mean the map is hard because of the scientists that steal your gun but it's so cool. What I really like the most is the elevators the secret rooms and the perk machines all put in to a great level.

The map is not bad just all the stuff creepy cralwers.Pentagon thief.the players probuley going to die finding the large numbers Easter eggs.

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22 Paris

Paris was suppose to be a zombie map. This is true because the files were named Paris

Samantha was supposed to have her base in Paris.

This was suppose to be shadows of evil

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23 Zetsubou No Shima

Solid map, right up there with the best DLC maps. A lot of content, well thought out, great Easter egg. A few strange glitches at the moment however.

An old classic but still a fantastic playing experience

24 Revelation
25 Shadows of Evil

A very challenging map at first but once you know what to do it is quite fun

It is very hard but also very fun

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26 Dead Ops Arcade

I like it a lot. Good to have fun on. And blow off steam.

This map is just a joke. It's no fun and I just don't understand why people like it. Darn it Trollarch...

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27 Dead Ops Arcade II

Funner than The first

28 Nuk3town

Vote for this ever great map or download it for bo2 my first zombie map I've ever done make sure you subscribe to my utube channel archie davenport3.7 and I wish you a merry christmas you can also download it for multiplayer and zombies and you can have the first ever nuketown from bo1 for multiplayer and zombies hope you enjoy my ever free creations buy it on bo1 2 and 3 merry christmas

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