My Top 50 NBA Players of All Time Part 6 (25-21)

Hey guys. Ready for some more NBA Player Rankings? By the way, if you like to be in posts and if you like basketball please message me to be in a basketball tournament post for toptenners. (see my profile page for details.) I would also like to point out that if a current player is on this list, he is ranked where I think he will be by the end of his career.

#25. Elgin Baylor SF Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Jazz
Elgin Baylor is not the first player to dunk, but he is the first player to master the dunk. Baylor was probably the most exciting player in the early 60's. Baylor averaged a whopping 27 PPG and 14 RPG, so statistically he is among the best. Though Jerry West is the logo of the NBA, Baylor deserves as much glory as West does. Maybe even a bit more. . .

#24. Derrick Rose PG Chicago Bulls
Now, before you unfriend me and make a list about why I should not be on the toptens anymore, let me explain. Derrick Rose is the most explosive player in NBA history. He is also one of the most clutch players in NBA history. Rose is super fast and quick as he can zip around players and put the ball in the hoop before anyone figures out where he went. He can spin and pull ankle breakers quicker than anyone I've watched. He is an awesome player that may end up being the second best Chicago Bulls player of all time.

#23. Scottie Pippen SF Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers
First of all, let's not get into that discussion of who's overrated between Jordan and Pippen. All I am going to say right now is that he was robbed of a lot more championships than the six that he won. He is a spectacular play maker and an incredible finesse player. I really liked to watch him play. Pippen truly deserves to be among the all time greats.

#22. Patrick Ewing C New York Knicks, Seattle Supersonics, Orlando Magic
If you take away MJ, Shaq, the Bad Boys, and Larry Bird, Ewing would have had at least three rings on his fingers. He is one of the most dominant centers of all time. Though the Chicago Bulls claimed the spotlight in the 90's, Patrick Ewing could not be overlooked. He averaged 21 PPG and nearly 10 RPG. He is one of the greatest players of all time.

#21. Kevin Durant SF Seattle Supersonics/Oklahoma City Thunder
Durant is one of the greatest players in the league today. In fact, if it weren't for Miami's Big 3, Durant would have had a championship ring. Durant is tall and has a large wingspan, which enables him to be a great defender. Durant is an amazing scorer too, as one year he averaged 32 PPG. Kevin Durant will go down as one of the best to ever play the game.

Let me know if you disagree or not. Here is the next hint: My dogs always bark at the "Mailman"


The Mailman is next why Kevin Durant - 2storm

Durant is a very good player. He might be able to pass LeBron before his career is over with. - Bronson