Top Ten Best NCAA Basketball Teams of All Time


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21 2008 Kansas Jayhawks V 1 Comment
22 2012 Kentucky Wildcats

Anthony Davis. Ncaa championship. There were six players drafted, that's 11 eye brows (if you didn't know)

This team was made up of 6 NBA players with a chemistry unlike anything anybody has ever seen.

This team was ridiculous not a single team could get in their way

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23 1983 North Carolina State Wolfpack

Didn't lose between the first game of the ACC tournament and the nation championship game. Defeated the great Ralph Sampson an the Virginia Cavaliers twice in postseason play. They also defeated Guy Lewis's Houston Cougars for the championship.

24 1956 San Francisco Dons
25 1998 North Carolina Tar Heels

The players on this team never had to go to class. This team should be removed from this list.

This team was amazing. It did get upset in the Final Four but was clearly the best team in the country that year and would have beat anyone in a best of 7 at least 4-1. Jamison (National Player of the Year), Carter, Cota, Williams, Haywood, Okalaja, NDiaye etc. Sad they lost.

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26 2013 Louisville Cardinals

Awesome end of story

27 1991 Michigan Wolverines

Big Michigan fan, but that team didn't even make the tournament.

28 2007 Florida Gators

2 in a row, can't argue with that

29 1957 North Carolina Tar Heels V 1 Comment
30 1997 Arizona Wildcats
31 2014 Kentucky Wildcats


32 2012 Clemson Tigers

If I can recall, this list is about basketball not football. - OhioStateBuckeyes

33 2013 Wisconsin Badgers

They've got such a diverse team that can do everything to beat you. Each player contributes just as much as the rest. They pass and work together well, too. - Packer221

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34 2014 Wichita State Shockers
35 2013 Florida Gulf Coast Eagles

Only #15 seed to ever make it into the Sweet 16 ever

I was wondering 'WHAT THE WHAT! ' when they made it to the sweet 16

36 2015 Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky was way better than Wisconsin it was just that Wisconsin was better that day.

Didn't win the title, but you can't take away a 38-0 start and an exit in the Final Four

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37 2015 Duke Blue Devils
38 2014 U-Conn Huskies
39 2013 Michigan State Spartans
40 1965 Texas Western V 1 Comment
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