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1 So Sick

Nice song.. First song of his I heard.. N liked it the first time.. Good lyrics as well.. - anuragjain

Yaa.. Some of the sexiest song of ne yo
I think this one deserves to be at top...
Guys please vote for this song and take this to the top

Truly an awesome song.., made me remember how it used to be between us.., so nw wy can't I turn off the radio

"So Sick" is arguably Ne-Yo's best song and it was definitely his biggest hit. Ne-Yo's vocals on this song are very emotional and memorable. The slow, smooth instrumental makes his voice stand out and compliments him in this masterpiece of a song about heartbreak. - rapaddict97

2 Miss Independent

Yeah! This is my all time favorite Ne-Yo song! I definitely agree with the way the list turned out, but man, I can't get enough Miss Independent!

Just awesome... Just can't get tired of hearing this classic... Love this song so much
... Neyo!

It was the first and the best that I heard of Ne Yo tracks
you rock Ne Yo
Just cannot let my ears go somewhere else except the lyrics and the beats

Very motivating and just good music. Ne Yo always has the best productions and lyrics and he beats Chris Brown in every way :) This song is the evidence for that. Amazing beats.

3 Closer

Great beats and exceptionally addicting rhythm. One of Ne-Yo's greatest hits from his best album to date. I just can't stop listening!

Not a real fan of ne-yo but like this song - decorulez97

NE-YO's best song...
I like it very much, can't stop listening...
I wonder why "Closer" became the second best...

This song is SO good. Probably his best song. It highlights his voice perfectly. Everything about this song is perfection. So why is it not a the top?

4 Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)

Should be number 2 - Zombieworldcomix

Very good song... Ne yo has a great voice...

This song is amazing! The lyrics and the beat make it what's it is.

It should get top five now its a awesome song and suppose to be there the songs got everything to be there I don't know what is it doing on 15th positon every lyric of the song makes it awesome

5 Mad

I like the song it draws my attention

I love this song it's so cute and it's so catchy and it has a nice beat

love this song very much!

This is Ne-Yo's best song but other songs which need more votes are Because of You and to a lesser extent Miss Independent (it's better than Beautiful Monster at least).

6 Because of You

I am so addicted to this song... I don't know what this guy put into this... But it caught me man.. Love it to the core... Damn...

This song is the best! So catchy and you will definitely get addicted to it. Should at least be in the top 10.

I thought this song is number 1. What's wrong?

Without a doubt my favorite song of all time. It's kept me coming back since its release in 2007 until now on August 2, 2015. It's just so sad he doesn't make stuff like this anymore.

7 One in a Million

The best lyrics, best dance steps
It should be number 1
Ne yo

Love the beginning how he puts a little bit of a rap feel into it. And the video is SICK, THE best video out there today, You can't top this one.. Ne-yo all day every day

That beat always gets to me, brings this soft emotional feling into my heart. I would love to hear more music like this, keep it up Ne-Yo!

Very much like this song... Never get boring when I hear it again and again.. I wonder any song can ever do it... Great song..

8 Give Me Everything

Gimme everything... Just catchy!

Give me everything is the best song ever
Grab somebody sexy tell em hey

Pitbull Ne-yo Afrojack Nayer
Just too rocking best of all of 'em

"on't care what they say
All the games they play
Nothing is enough
'Til they handle love" - shouryakhichariya

Thank you for making this list!

9 Sexy Love

It's a good song. It relates to the emotions that people out there are feeling. The beat is also very addictive.

I choose that song, because that's the reason of my love to Ne-Yo. Uhh.. I want to be that girl from the video! Stay with him in flat for a loong time!

So sexy cool video, I really like this peace makes neyo look really sexy and the lady in the video, the one playing with the chair, really hot

Oh My sexy love... She make... I fell in love with this song when I saw 1st time in MTV

10 Never Knew I Needed

Geez I can't believe this song is not on the number 1 top song.. I think it is the best song Ne-Yo could ever sing! It is the most romantic song as well.. I could listen to it forever. Definitely all-time favorite! The point is, it is the best song of Ne-Yo ever!

Yeah.. Yeah.. This should be at the top of the list.. Thi song is just AWESOME! You guys gotta try to listen to this one!

This song is the best of the of the top list

This is the best song I just love the message in it

The Contenders

11 Hate that I Love You

It so awesome move, it one of the best song I never heard

Lovely duet from Ne-yo and Rihanna. I so love the lyrics and the rhythm. One of the best songs he has!

This song has such a nice beat and is so damned catchy I can't stop listening to it

12 Beautiful Monster

This song is just so melodious..! His voice is as usual brilliant!

I so get this song I feel like this about the guy I like

Love Love Love this song Its carry the weight today Still Makes want to dance

The song is the best

13 Single

Best Ne Yo song in my opinion.

14 Go on Girl

How is this not at least on the top ten? I read an interview that MJ, king of pop loved this song and was his favorite song of Ne-yo. #realneyotalent

How could this not even be in the top 5 this song was amazing one of his best this song deserves much more respect

Should be on no 2.

15 Do You

Love! Do You absolutely helped me get my extremely difficult emotions deep down out by quoting the song when I last spoke to my literate first true-love. He absolutely refuses to be in any kind of relationship with me, and I was the one that continuously tried for literally 5 years to force a romantic relationship. This song always helps my extremely strong, strong obsession feelings for him that refuse to go away. Do You was also how I found Ne-Yo, so this song is extra special to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ne-Yo, for this song.

This is Ne-yo's best song. This are part of the list are it for me

It should be on top 3 ;))))))

16 Part of the List

This song stole my soul. The Lady In My Life MJ tribute will be number 2.

ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY?! Just listen to the intro of this song and I guarantee you will fall in love with it. - JazHoney3

The message in this song is one of a kind! Most of his song's lyrics are deep and a true fan finds something you enjoy in each of his songs!

Laugh out loud... This song is way better than so sick... This song is jump amazing... I can live a hundred years just listening to this one

17 Crazy

I love this song so much every time listen to it I want to put the repeat button on

18 Forever Now

Great song just can't stop listening to it please people out there give a thumbs up to this song vote for it such a nice song you won't regret it

His new single after let me love you! Awesome

I love this song... I just can't stop listening to I.. It's m one of my 5 top songs of neyo... Awesome lyrics, music and beats

19 Angels Cry

You have to listen it! I swear, that's amazing!

Love that song with mariah carey - aliya15

Damn! What a beautiful song!


20 Play Hard

Ne yo voice is so awesome and perfectly matched this song..Vote it up..

This song should be in the top 5, although Ne-Yo is featured

His voice just blends with the song... They were made for each other damn! Guys, this one should be in the top 7! Vote for it guys ^_^

21 Lonely Again

My favorite Ne-Yo song. Great beat and rhythm and lyrics are amazing! Should be much higher than #17.

New song yeah, need much vote to be in the top tens... For me this song is not truly bad, so you may vote this song!

Amazing song! Listened many times and never got tired! Its so fresh

Deserves a better rank...!

22 Together

This is my all time favorite!

Why this song is not on the list?! This song is great!


23 She Knows

Damn, this is the best song ever. It's at 24th rank! No, it should be first. Best masterpiece by Neyo

24 Lie to Me
25 Better Today

Hm.. I like the rhythm..

26 The Best Part Is You

Come on! This is one of the best songs of Ne-yo. I love the rhythm and his voice (his range is amazing).

27 Bust It Baby (Pt. 2)

This song should be higher, hands down one of the best Ne-Yo songs ever

28 My Diamond
29 When You're Mad

NO WAY THIS isn't ON THE LIST! This is what you call REAL R&B

30 Be on You
31 Turn Around
32 Don't Make Em Like You

Ne-yo feat wiz khalifa. Superb combination. This song is really awesome from ne-yo's latest album R.E.D.

33 Stop This World
34 Over My Head

I listen to a lot of Ne-yo. This is the only song I can listen to non stop. This song you need to listen to. Check it out now peeps!

Love love love this song! so catchy and that hook is amazing!

That was awesome beat song.

This song is beast and I kinda like

35 Religious
36 Back Like That

Mostly a rap song but Ne-Yo delivers with that dope ass hook! Ghostface with the smooth as bars!

37 Shut Me Down
38 Just Can't Help Myself
39 I Love You

This the song that I love.. Simple lyrics, but can take the ladies inlove

40 Say It

Love this song. The melody. The tempo. The words. It all just connects so wonderfully

Thi is aws can't stop listening to it cool ne yo

41 Tonight

It's so very amazing and when you hear this song you can dance. I so love this song because the singers are my idol Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo

42 Time of Our Lives
43 A Little Space

Need a little space? Then song is for U. No need 2 Say it, Play it!

44 Make It Work

Great song great lyrics, should listen to it, wont regret.

45 Lonely

I really love this song, I'm not saying it should be number 1, but it should be at least in the top 20, it's not really a song that most Ne-Yo fans have heard, but I would recommend it to everyone

46 Baby by Me
47 Get In
48 Jealous

One of his best

Back to his R&B and the song is far way better than mis right this song deserves more attention

49 So You Can Cry

Underrated song
the best song from the Year of the Gentleman

50 Alone With You (Maddie's Song)
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