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61 Jealous

Back to his R&B and the song is far way better than mis right this song deserves more attention

62 Can We Chill
63 Higher Place

This is good - BaronHelmutJZemo

64 I'm In Love

This is the song that make you fall in love with your partner more and more everyday, it is the best song for someone who is in love with his/her partner. You don't have to play it when you have a broken heart I really don't recommend it at all. Lovers enjoy this super loving song... I dedicate it to all the lovers mwah

I consider this as neyo's best song and he should have released it on his own rather than give it to lionel richie. The song inspire people specially those who are in love and those who just got their heart broken, it gives hope specially for people like me who are expecting real love in the future

Love this song... Only heard it today ( 3 - 25 - 2013 ) Hey Neo, put this on one of your CD's it really is some of your best work! Oh, and by the way, there is not 1 song you wrote that I wouldn't listen to!

Great song, should be voted higher

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