Best Need For Speed Most Wanted Cars

Best Cars from EA Games' vastly popular 2005 game Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

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21 Pontiac Firebird

This car is of Grand Theft Auto 5

22 Audi R8

Although, Audi R8 was not in the 2005 version but it is an awesome car. In the 2012 version of NFS: Most Wanted, this car is just amazing. My favourite car.. Superior design.

Audi8 is the best car overally because police can't stand the hit!

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23 Toyota Supra

I've had the Supra (one of my all time favourite cars) since I defeated Vic. I got up to Bull with just this car.

I'm already up to Blacklist #3 using just this car, amazing speed and handling gets you out of any sticky situation, and great utilization of the NOS can get you through any blockade of cops. Perfect car.

Epic car. Started using it from blacklist 13 to 1. Beat razor with it

My all time favourite, the Supra. Once upgraded and tuned correctly, not only it will haul in the races, it's also a beast against the 5-0! Started playing the game again yesterday on PC and I'm currently using it for the cops, heat level 5 and not busted once :3

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24 Ford Mustang GT

This car is best for BOUNTY

Yes this car is good for Police chases and it is so powerful.I like this car a lot but can't use it to win races... :(

Seriously speaking, this car is made for advanced players due to its handling.
Overall, this looks PHENOMENAL. You look good in pursuits, you look good in races, you look good as a rival.
Useful after blacklist 9. Good straight line acceleration.
I literally felt jealous when I saw Razor in that in the beginning..

Depending on what kind of races you drive, the Mustang is perfect in dragraces and sprintraces. Absolutely the best car in the game

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25 Porsche 911 Turbo S (996)

It's a cop car murderer. Highly agile, strong, acts like a tank. Most stable car of the game. It will never spin on you or get out of hand.

This car is great for pursuits along with a "lower" price

In my opinion the best car of the game: Won all the races from blacklist 4 to 1 with it, got about 4m bounty and beat Razor. This car is marvelous!

26 Mustang GT

For me the mustang gt was always the go to. I love muscle cars. it may handle like a boat, but it's a fast boat. plus the engine sound id beast

27 Ford Raptor

Put some nitrous on this baby and you will be zooming at 140mph into some cop cars

It's not very fast but you can ram rhino units and take them down easily. - railfan99

28 Chevrolet Corvette C6.R

It's a very powerful car this car have a speed and acceleration which smoke eveyone and also is a Bonus Car a rare car...

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29 Mazda RX-8

Underrated car, it has wonderful handling and drives like dream. I used it after beating Izzy, till I got the Gallardo from Ming.

The Mazda RX-8 is the best one for me because it has a very high revving wankel 1.3 liters engine. Sure, it does not hold true for an arcade that an engine would last too much while racing in the game's level, still, it's amazing to hear it roaring at higher tunning levels, simply because this car was meant to be fully customized by all sorts of parts, and altough I don't change the performance modifiers much, I still do not think there are much better vehicles for the price you pay if you do it like me and buy all upgrades first hands up when playing NFS MW. You can't go wrong with this car, unless you're thinking into doing pursuits then you're better off with something else, but for racing and sprints this is definitely one of the best options: Think about it: Front engine rear traction, highly customizable and (despite what people might think otherwise), it has a cool smile in it's front hood, so go for the Mazda.

Amazing the best but viper wins it 4 me!

Why is it ranked 30
I won't say it's the best but this car has pretty good handling which pays up for other stats... Good for corners if you know how to use this...

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30 McLaren F1
31 Lexus LFA

I've outrun so many cops with this thing and the Viper SRT10. - railfan99

32 Hennessey Venom GT

Tops over 320 mph with mods but you have to beat the top ten which is a little hard

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33 Audi A4

If you tune it, its always the best car at a level (Up to #3)

Waste car I have seen in my life cost is better

34 Porsche 918 Spyder Concept
35 Ford Focus RS500
36 Nissan GT-R Egoist

Great for race

Good speed & good control
Best for drift apart from fiesta

37 Camaro ZL1


38 Ferrari Enzo

Nice car in sprint races

The best car of this game witch make first

39 Renault Clio V6 Sport

This car! With it I passed everything ( after I unlocked, of course ). It is simply the BEST! Perfect handling, awesome speed and great acceleration.

The best car in most wanted I believe, I got everything I needed with this car... "God of handling" is what I call it.

The best car in the game I think I've completed the game with it

Excellent cornering and acceleration (Even tops the M3 GTR in my opinion). Been replaying this game without NOS and the Clio has been pwning everything.

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40 Lamborghini Veneno

It's got great speed and acceleration as well as a awesome handle at high speeds. It also has such a awesome design. Definitely the best car in NFS:RIVALS for sure

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