Best NeedToBreathe Songs

NeedToBreathe is a Christian Rock band. Which of their songs do you think is the most Amazing?

The Top Ten

1 Something Beautiful

I listen to this song when I'm running, It's the most amazing song and most motivational song ever.

2 Slumber V 1 Comment
3 Lay 'Em Down
4 Drive All Night
5 Brother

This should be #1 or #2 Not 6

6 Stones Under Rushing Water

Wow what a song - should be closer to number 1. But I understand given the quality of the songs above. Can't understand why NTB aren't a world phenomena. A bit like Mumford but I think even better.

7 The Heart
8 Washed by the Water V 1 Comment
9 Signature of Divine (Yahweh)
10 Keep Your Eyes Open V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 State I'm In
12 White Fences

Really cool song about a boy that wishes he had a more money and could live in a big white house surounded by white fences.

13 The Reckoning
14 Difference Maker
15 Multiplied
16 The Outsiders
17 We Could Run Away
18 Wanted Man
19 Able
20 Streets of Gold
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