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1 Sweet Caroline

I heard it the first time in glee, and I think is awesome, Neil Diamond was, is, and will always be a legend

I agree about the singing, but few came up to the magic of the lyrics in his songs.

Very good song, I am, I said, and Play Me are right there for great songs.

His singing was ok, but his songs will live forever

2 Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
3 Cracklin' Rosie

Really nice song! A classic

Cracklin' Rosie was my favorite. I'm not sure why, but maybe because of the lyrics, plus it was happy and his voice got so low!

4 Holly Holy

There is so much emotion in this song, definitely his best.

5 Solitary Man
6 America

I feel that the song "America" should have been rated number 2 because it really is a song of freedom and has an incredible outburst of Neil Diamonds striking singing skills.

Great song

7 I Am...I Said

This one might need to be moved to #1-I think it ranks top 5 best songs ever. It is loneliness, sorrow, pain and independence-set to music;-)

Great lyrics along beautiful music by Neil

Sweet Caroline is the best, but this has to be a lot higher

This is the greatest all time.

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8 Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
9 Song Sung Blue
10 September Morn

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11 Play Me

You can't listen to Neil Diamond's songs and not have this song in his top ten.

Really, #27, no way this should not be in his top 10.

What great lyrics

12 Shilo
13 Forever In Blue Jeans

I love this song so much. I'm not going to say my age, but let's just say I'm an older millennial. Everyone these days is listening to rap and pop songs (though I still like those kinds of songs), this is what I'd prefer to listen to. It always brings me into a good mood, even at the worst of times

Love the chorus.

Top 5 at least!

14 Heartlight
15 Longfellow Serenade
16 If You Know What I Mean
17 Stones
18 Beautiful Noise
19 Yes I Will
20 Cherry, Cherry

Are you kidding me. This is one of the few Neil Diamond songs that they play on the radio and that because it is great. it is undoubtedly in his top three. DISGUSTING.

Disgusting? Or perhaps most people think he's created numerous great songs- dozens worthy of "top ten"'consideration.

If you think its "disgusting" that people don't think exactly like you on something like this, then you're likely to encounter a lot of problems with the everyday world, and I hope you can somehow turn the point of view around into something positive. - Billyv

21 Soolaimoon
22 You Don't Bring Me Flowers
23 Hello Again
24 Love On the Rocks
25 I'm a Believer
26 He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

Love this song

27 If I Don't See You Again
28 Hell Yeah
29 Kentucky Woman

Neil sings this with such feeling. Beautifully done. My favorite by him.

Good Song for Neil-better one for Waylan

30 Be
31 Porcupine Pie

The catchiest song ever made!

32 Canta Libre
33 Songs of Life
34 Desiree
35 Yesterday's Songs
36 You're So Sweet
37 Something Blue

This is an underrated song because Neil Diamond was older when he sung it.

38 A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You
39 Long Gone

Give it a try - great song.

40 Brooklyn Roads

Top 15

41 Crunchy Granola Suite
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1. Sweet Caroline
2. Holly Holy
3. Cracklin' Rosie
1. Holly Holy
2. Solitary Man
3. Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
1. America
2. Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
3. Sweet Caroline

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