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61 Running Dry (Requiem for the Rockets)
62 Love and War
63 Cocaine Eyes
64 Fontainebleau
65 Dreamin' Man
66 Roll Another Number
67 Let's Impeach the President

The expression shut up and sing comes to mind here, except please sing something else... The lefty's are often the best musicians, sadly we have to put up with the marketing of bad ideas. In this case the idea and the song stinks. Direct word for word politics in song, really blows. Whether one agrees or not the song Ohio has energy and a profound message, this does not.

You cannot agree or disagree with "Ohio". It's not a song about opinion, it's a factual song about things that actually happened. Maybe lefties are the best musicians because they come from states that haven't slashed education funding to shreds and they are still able to teach music in their schools.

Neil Young has written many political songs in his career. It's a big part of who he is. To suggest that he "shut up and sing" demonstrates a degree of ignorance as to who the man is.

The expression shut up and sing does not come to mind. The expression freedom of speech does. If it doesn't agree with your politics, don't buy it.

68 Country Home

The whole album is guitar heaven! Great tune, in my opinion it is the absolute wheel House for Neil, little country rockish mid-tempo with massive grunge guitar solos. Better vocals than Over N Over the other huge guitar tune on the album...

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69 Mansion On the Hill
70 Love and Only Love

The Whizzer has four distortion presets, at one point he finds a 5th and has the delay in the pre-amp side, seems like the earth moves when he hits that on the middle solo... Smoking song live!

71 You Never Call
72 Borrowed Tune
73 You and Me
74 Bad Fog of Loneliness

A much overlooked, melencholic young lost love song that really is one of the gems in Neils impressive body of work

75 Walk On

Underrated and obscure to some, a traditional rock song from the '70s with some seldom-heard guitar, and what sounds like slide. It's the message and lyrics that take you on a bit of a journey into the real world. And no matter how strange life gets, Walk On. Don't look back, keep plowing ahead is a great idea for a song, and nicely done. Not like any other song I've heard from Neil Young, and I have a ton of Neil. It helps set a nice tone as the first song for On the Beach, a moody but fabulous album. It, too, is different from most Neil music.

76 Hitchhiker

A quite extraordinary, pounding, driving, hypnotic, autobiographical track that sends tingles down my spine every time I hear it.

77 Stupid Girl
78 What Did You Do to My Life
79 Be the Rain
80 Crime in the City (Sixty to Zero Part. 1)
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