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21 Bucket List

A very catchy song and one which stays in your head the whole day! Should at least be in top 15!

Awesome song with meaningful lyrics that explain feelings we all face as humans and things we want to acheive before we die. It also has a very dreamy video.

I think this song's amazing! Made me realise that YES even I gotta make my bucket list.I always listen to it when I'm lw and this song never failes to lift my spirit. Love it!

22 Jump

This song is damn cool, it should be in top ten

23 Afraid
24 The Grass is Green

Although the Folklore era has always been considered a financial drop from Woah, Nelly! But this is Nelly's best album lyrically. So nostalgic. It reminds me of that 2003-05 era when I was very young child, and it reminds me of my home country - Ireland. The Grass IS Green. I love it. It's personally my favourite song and will stay close to me forever. "Oh yeah, the grass is green! " So powerful. Her mellow voice really goes with it. It's several different life experiences from a decade ago in one song. Impeccable. Love it! Great job, Nelly!

It's a shame it was only released in Germany because this song defines FREEDOM.

Very special to me in my heart. The best song ever made. Enchanting.

I love this song so much. Her best song for me.

25 S*** on the Radio (Remember the Days)
26 Is Anybody Out There?

This is one of the knaan's melodious songs
A very catchy song and one which stays in your head whole day

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27 Forca
28 Morning After Dark
29 Te Busque

Just fallen in love? Then this song is for you!

30 Do It
31 Mas
32 Hot-N-fun
33 Glow
34 Pipe Dreams
35 Sticks and Stones
36 No Hay Igual
37 Cold Hard Truth
38 Flatline
39 Carnival Games
40 Paris Sun
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