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1 Just a Dream

This is a great song that was in my opinion in the top 3 songs of 2010. It is very catchy especially the chorus and... it's... just... awesome!

Dilemma should be second because that's great and Over and Over should be third.

This song is so amazing... I always listen to it, and it never gets tiring. I guess I love this song so much that I have decided to play this song on guitar and sing to it for my music performance assessment. I know that because of this song I WILL get an amazing mark. :P

This I very good song great lyrics and music composed by Cornell Haynes and of course magical vocals of Nelly make this song tremendous. I really love this song a lot.

This song is called as Nelly's comeback in the Billboard charts after 5 years. It is definitely the Best song written and performed by Nelly and no doubt it is one of the best songs ever made and written

2 Dilemma

Absolute classic, if you look up duet in the dictionary, nelly and kelly's picstures would be in there, I mean come on even their names rhyme!

Love this song, this shows how versatile of an artist Nelly is!

Fantastic song, this is one of the best song of all time. Is should be ranked first. The chorus is amazing Probably the catchiest chorus ever. The chorus makes the song rock. Kelly Rowland has a nice voice and together with Nelly came out with one of the best song of the decade.

I'm video to vote for this song of the year of 2013 and I want to see the here when it come on I can't wait to see it ok I like nelly he is a good sing writer and a good father to his kids that's whey he his to work to take care of his famliy that he has now

3 Hot in Herre

"Hot in Herre" is Nelly's best song in my opinion. His flow, the hook, and the beat of this song all come together to create one of the catchiest rap songs of all time.

It an amazing song ever

Hot in here is the most famous nelly song ever what are yall talking about

He's good in this

4 Ride Wit Me

It is my fist best english song "nelly-ride with me is very very awesome some ahh

This is the best Nelly song ever whoop whoop.

Pretty crazy that sound can not be stopped

I'm still bumping to this song and its 16 years later

5 Air Force Ones

It's so cool because it's like the song Jays, but it is about Air Force Ones.

This song is the best song from nelly ever

Best song from nelly ever

This song is the best song from Nelly Ever and Murpey Lee

6 Shake Ya Tailfeather

The beat blows me away... Masterpiece of nelly.. This one..

It has such a good beat and is so good.

Nice song

7 E.I.

Simply the best song

8 Country Grammar

Really this is the last song on the list not only should this be in the top 3 this song lauched a new era in hip hop and is by far his most widely known song please can I get some votes for country grammar

I absolutely love this song and agree with the previous comment

Last?! Glitch in the system?

This should without a doubt be in the top 3

9 My Place

Good song to get drunk to.

10 Over and Over


Why is this not number 1? This song is GENUS


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11 Here Comes the Boom

Are you serious 21 this is like the greatest song ever

Great adrenalin rush song


12 Hey Porsche

Another nice song by Nelly. This song is just awesome. Nice beats and nellys fantastic voice quality makes it so attractive. I think it should be in top 2.

This is the best song ever, this song just makes me wanna sit back and party all night! But this is also a song that I listen to just get in a good mood in the morning or someday!

Simply the Best! You can't stop yourself from singing it... Totally addictive. It should be in top 5. Pleaze vote this song guys!

Best song out, nice beat to it all the way through and this song is his best, belongs at the top of the list

13 Maryland Massachusetts
14 Heart of a Champion

How is this not in the top ten!? Greatest work out song of all time!

So dang good! It gets you pumped up so easy!

Should be top ten

My favourite song ever! Gets you pumped up! Does exactly what a hip-hop song should do! Love L.U.V. E's contirubtion as well!

15 Number 1

Are you kidding me? Number 1 is the number 1 song by far

16 Luven Me

Sweet, perfect. This is nelly at his most internal you can get, when he still delivered love to who helped him to get he where he now is

17 Grillz

Mean song gee meet me I live across the road from you

I think this is one of the best hip-hop songs ever

Paul wall did a great verse by the way

This is best hip-hop song ever

18 Tilt Ya Head Back

Nelly and Christina? It's a perfect match! As not being in the top 10?

19 Fly Away

Simply awesome.. Especially the lyrics of this song is just great.. Should be in Top 5.

Very underrated song from the film "The Longest Yard"

20 The Champ

Its a great inspirational song. Goosebumps!

21 Oh Nelly

Whoa nelson

22 Body on Me

It's just amazing... One of best R&B songs of all time... It should've deserved top 10 place

Col song brilliant chorus by akon and nelly has rapped it ashnthi was very special as well...

23 Thicky Thick Girl
24 Party People

Best party song from Nelly

25 St. Louie
26 Gone

Nelly ft kellyrowland these song was so amazing. The video was looking so awesome. I hear these songs many times. I think why these song is not in top 10 list. Surely friends if you hear these songs the lyrics and music was amazing

This is top 5 type of a song needs to be upvoted more

27 Wadsyaname

I just heard this song and am addicted, I mean this song would be so much more popular if the song was called What's Ya Name.

Like this song much more

28 Move that Body
29 Liv Tonight

Absolutely brilliant! Such a party tonight that has never got enough credit in my eyes! Probably Nelly's best song by a country mile! First heard it in 90210 and loved it! Still a regular on my playlist on iPod. Get voting people!

30 Nellyville
31 Work It

How's this not top 10! This is one of his best songs! Him and timberlake killed it and the music video was awesome!

This song should be in the top five, him and JT kill it

32 The Fix

I think that THIS is the best Nelly song EVER!

33 Giving Her the Grind
34 Where the Party At
35 Stepped On My J'z

Hell no Ain't No way... I can't believe this sh't

Hold on I don't think this should be top 10, but 41? Yall foreal!

36 Die a Happy Man
37 Cruise

This isn't a nelly song this is Florida Georgia LIne FEATURING NELLY not Neelly ft. Florida Georgia Line its called best NELLY songs

38 Get Like Me
39 On the Grind
40 Pimp Juice
41 The Gank

Good beat, should be in the Top 10.

42 Errtime
43 My Kinda Girl

One of the best songs to ever be recorded by both artists

44 One & Only
45 N Dey Say
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